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Song of the week for 7/4/2016

What track are you looking forward to hearing this week. Mark your vote this poll will end on July 9, 2016.

This week we have the lovely ballad I Don't Love You from 2015 and the unreleased bass heavy version to Vanity Case from 1996 when this single was going to be issued as a single by his new group New Model Army. We have the Grammy award nominee track When Will You Learn (Marcus Smooth Piano Mix) which was entered in the competition for remixing the track and entered in by by Philly's own Marcus who almost won the competition but camein 2nd place. We have his version for the remix he did for When Will You Learn from 1999. 

So select which track you want to hear and by next week will have it posted for you to download. Enjoy and cast your vote!

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04-Jul-16 Song of the week for 7/4/2016 12 votes

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