US Promotional Press Kits 1982 - 2001
Boy George & Culture Club



Culture Club: Kissing To Be Clever (Press Photo's 1982) 

Photo By: Mark Lebon 

Photo By: Mark Lebon 

Photo By: Mark Lebon 

Culture Club: Colour By Numbers (Press Photo's 1983) 

Photo's By Mark Lebon

Photo By Joe Bangay:

Culture Club: A Kiss Across The Ocean (Press Photo 1983)

Photo By: David Levine  

Culture Club: A Kiss Across The Ocean 

Press Photo for 1983 HBO special for 'A Kiss Across The Ocean'

Culture Club: Waking Up With The House On Fire (Press Photo's 1984)

Photo By: Stevie Hughes

Photo By: Stevie Hughes photo

By Stevie Hughes


Culture Club: Electric Dreams 1985 Press Photo's 

Culture Club: From Luxury To Heartache (Press Photo's 1986)

Photo By: Jamie Morgan

Photo By: Jamie Morgan 

Photo By: Jamie Morgan

Photo By: Andre Csillag

Photo BY: Jamie Morgan

Photo BY: Jamie Morgan 

Helen Terry 1986 Press Photos: By David Levine 

Photo By: Sheila Rock 

Boy George: Sold (Press Photo 1987)

Photo By:  Paul Gobel 

Photo By: Johnny Ronza

Culture Club: This Time (The First Four Years)(Press Photo's 1987)

Photo's By David Levine: 

Boy George: Tense Nervous Headache (Press Photo's 1988) 

Photo By: Eddie Monsoon

Boy George: High Hat (Press Photo's 1989)

Helen Terry: Photo By Kate Garner 1989 

The Martyr Mantras (Press Photo's 1990) 

Photo's By: Dan Lepard

Boy George: Closet Classics Volume 1 (Press Photo's 1991)

Photo By: Phill Nicholls

Boy George: The Crying Game (Press Photo's 1992)

Photo's By Phil Knot


1994 Press Photo For Amos Feat Boy George for More Protein Records

Photo By: Ray Brumstom 

Boy George: Cheapness & Beauty (Press Photo's 1995) 


Photo's By Uli Weber:

Photo by: Phil Knott

Culture Club: Greatest Moments (Press Photo's 1998) 


Photo's By Robin Green: 

Culture Club: Don't Mind If I Do (Press Photo's 1999)

Photo by Paul Cox

Photo By: Paul Cox

Boy George: The Essential Mix (Press Photo's 2001)

Boy George: This Is What I Do (Press Photos 2014) Very Me Records