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In the early 1980's we’ve all seen pretty much everything when it came to toys and dolls. From Cabbage Patch Kids to Glow-worm to even He-Man. There were even some pop superstar dolls that were issued by the LJN toy line. LJN Toy's produced the best pop superstar dolls including the Michael Jackson Doll and The Outrageous Boy George doll.  
photo f216e402-508c-444f-b5ed-a61d674bc276_zps24afec86.jpg

The Boy George celebrity doll portrays him as himself when he was a member of the Culture Club group. The doll was manufactured in 1984 by LJN under a license from Sharpe Grade Ltd. as the Color by Numbers edition. It is titled ” Boy George The Original Outrageous Boy of Rock!.” 

The doll is wearing a replica of the original Colour by Numbers outfit with an off-white linen jacket and pants with large red and black numbers on it, along (as long as the jacket) royal blue t-shirt, black derby style hat, ribbons in the front with braids, red boots with yellow socks. The doll comes with a blue microphone and a bright yellow Boy George doll stand, but the doll easily stands on its own without it. This is an extremely well balance doll.
The doll bends at the knees, twists at the waist, and the neck turns right and left.  The arms are fixed and only rotate at the shoulders.  The left-hand holds the microphone unassisted.
One of the hottest names in a music video
A Fashion Trendsetter
Know World Wide
The one everyone is talking about 

Boy George The Original Outrageous Boy Of Rock Doll! 

photo T2eC16FzcE9s4g0t87BRksg7gjw60_57_zps8edf8a60.jpg

Photos are courtesy of the celebrity doll museum. 

The Boy George Doll (Pro-type) 

IN 1984 when the Boy George doll was getting made there was a pro-type that is usually made with all toys and dolls that are getting produce by toy companies. LJN toys had a unique first draft pro-type done for the Boy George doll. The doll only stands 10 inches in height and the hair is a lot shorter with no braids or ribbons. The body is oddly shape making George look very BIG in size. We think that George did not like this version so LJN moved onto the new 12" dolls to make him more taller and slimmer. Take a look.This version for this pro-type is very rare and impossible to come by. One lucky fan did. 

Compare the 12" Boy George Fashion Doll to the 10" Pro-Type version of The Boy George Fashion Doll. Which one do you like? 

 Boy George Doll Pro-type CC sheet. Item number 7700

The Boy George Fashion Collection

Ever wonder when you were a kid and had your Boy George doll if there were ever any additional clothes to buy for it? Well, little did you know LJN toys had a fashion series collection that was made for the Boy George doll just like the one LJN Toys made for their Michael Jackson doll.
We have some proof right here from LJN toys. The Boy George fashion line was already set for production with a catalog number given 7710 and 4 outfits were made. This fashion line had never made it into production and was later cancelled.  
The Boy George Fashion Collection CC Prints.

The Boy George Fashion Collection for the 12" doll.

One of the hottest names in a music video
A Fashion Trendsetter
Know World Wide
The one everyone is talking about
photo 02af77c7-7d4a-43d6-9f2b-68da92712f64_zps004f0c04.jpg
LJN Catalog #7710
Boy George Fashion Collection! 
Four outrageously fun outfits realistically styled after actual clothing that Boy George wears on stage or in his videos.  
Authentic "Colour by Numbers" costume with red, black and purple numbers smock.
Includes purple smock to wear underneath . 
Includes Black sandals with orange socks.
One of four unreleased fashion clothing for the 12' doll. Notice how the smock numbers were changed from just having red and black numbers to adding purple numbers and a purple smock top to wear underneath and those shoes that were added black sandals. Why LJN toys cancelled this?  

photo e4fda790-de5a-4169-a30c-90861481e427_zpsb2ced15b.jpg

LJN Magazine Ad for the Boy George Doll. 

Boy George Plush Rag Dolls

LJN toys made a pair of soft cute & cuddly Boy George Rag Dolls. Each rag doll has a vinyl face with makeup and cloth body. The two rag dolls are featured with brown hair with ribbons and the other rag doll with red hair with ribbons.
Dolls were issued in the same plus window boxes as the 12" possible doll, 14"/36cm. 
Boy George rag doll with brown hair.

Boy George rag doll with red hair. 

Boy George Rag Doll Magazine Ad Item #7720

Boy Snoopy 
Macy's had issued during Christmas time a Boy George Snoopy doll dressed as Boy George.
Image result for boy snoopy doll
Snoopy is wearing a hat with braids and Culture Club red tie with his Colour By Numbers smock top outfit. A doll was issued standing on a yellow 4x4 yellow display box complete with Boy George picture. Doll sold in all Macy stores and sold out instantly. 
Image result for boy snoopy doll
Image result for boy snoopy doll

Boy Snoopy Pro-type 
Another version of Boy Snoopy was this pro-type that was created using a white 4x4 box with a different photo of Boy George that was used instead of the photo used on the current Boy Snoopy doll. The tie was issued with numbers on it and not the Culture Club logo. This pro-type below was issued at toy fairs and was never made official. Just a little history for you. Kinda neat!  

Boy George Microphone 

LJN toys also had an official Boy George cordless microphone that was also scheduled to be released but was cancelled. Below is the CC prints for the Boy George Cordless Microphone. It was a 12” cordless microphone that you could use to sing along to the Culture Club hits that were played on the radio. This would have made any kid happy at that time. 

Boy George Rag Doll Magazine review for the toy fair in the summer of 1984. 

Out Of Fashion...Never says the Boy George Doll! 

The Boy George 12" Fashion doll had some very good and creative outfits made by the fans to dress the Boy up for a night on the town.

Downtown will drown. 

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