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Can Chu Hi

The Unaired Suntori Gin Commercial stills. 

Did you know that there were 3 commercials made for Can Chu Hi that featured Boy George? The first two featured two jingles which included ‘Fire Boy Meets His Match” and “All Prayers Answered.” The third and final lost commercial was never aired. Just recently last year the 3 commercial still images have leaked on the internet. You can tell they are from a VHS tape because there is proof that the pictures show that VHS line at the bottom of the pictures. Hopefully, someday this will be issued on YouTube and we can hear which of the two songs this played to. 

Takara Shochu Gin (Magazine Ad) 


Journey To The West Commercial 

Takara Shochu Jun" commercial was filmed in February of 1986. Boy George starred in the Japanese classical literature masterpiece called "Journey to the West". It stars four major characters a monkey, a pig, a river bird, and a monk played by Boy George. A monk is to portray a person with a "pretty face" and a kind heart, and you know what? George fits this part so well.

The first commercial that was shot for the "Journey To The West " was for "All Prayers Are Answered" The video features George with the river bird who is guiding George across the hot Mojave Desert desert in hoping to find the Buddhist scripture. George is travelling across the desert on a white horse walked by the monkey as they continue their journey to the west in search of the Buddhist scripture.

Fire Boy Meets His Match

The second TV commercial that was filmed for Journey To West was for "Fire Boy Meets His Match" George enters a Kabuki stage filled with 10 Kabuki dancers hoping to find the Buddhist script with no luck. George is then walking over to the dancers were a female dancer is hiding behind a fan she reveals her face from under the fan and turns out to be the pig who winks at George.

Finally the commercial comes to an end and they all find the Buddhist scripture while the kabuki dancers dance away for George. 

Behind the scenes for Fire Boy (Meets His Match) 

George states in his autobiography "Take It Like A Man"......  
The day after shooting the Culture Club "Move Away" music video I was on my way back to L.A. taking my boyfriend Michael with me.  I spent the first part of the trip recording jingles, quirky ditties in Japanese, written by an expiate Brit Chris Mosdell, we both worked together on two single cuts (“Fireboy Meets His Match” and “All Prayers are Answered”) Chris thought he was "David Bowie". He kept telling me how he wanted me to sing. After several bouts of artistic temperament, Michael and I slipped out of the studio fire exit and went out for a Chinese meal leaving the "Bowie" wannabe and the twenty-five Japanese executives in the control room. When we returned to the hotel the Japanese executives were flapping. I agreed to go back the following day and complete the work my way. 

So video shooting started on February 10, 1986, at Laird Studios on the old Samuel Goldwyn lot in LA. I felt like Gloria Swanson: I had my own luxury trailer and a Japanese makeup artist cum masseur. Every morning he gave me a shoulder and head massage. It was a heavenly kick start.  I needed to be relaxed just to face putting on the crazy costumes - wedged platform slippers, a layered ornate kimono, scarves, jewellery, and a heavy gold jewelled crown. The makeup was equally complex, thick as a brick with stick-on plastic eyebrow and facial gems. I hated the way I looked and kept running into the bathroom to touch up my face.

The set for the commercial was based on an ancient Japanese myth. We were on a million dollar kabuki-Berkeley extravaganza complete with an oriental chorus line. I was dressed as a monk with a travelling walking pig, a bird, and a monkey played by "Leslie Jordan".  All of the extras makeup and costumes were incredible. I never got to see their real faces because there were being painted from 6 am on. You couldn't fail to be impressed by the skill and efficiency of the Japanese. It was in diametric contrast to my Western decay.
Once I was in my makeup and costume I become a six-foot-seven bucket-mouthed royal bully. I'd swagger onto the set and shout obscenities in Japanese taught to me by the makeup artist: "Show me your cock" or "I am a prostitute". They'd cover their faces with their hands and humour me with giggles.
While they were shooting, Prince was on the neighbouring soundstage shooting the video for his new single "Kiss".  I desperately wanted to meet him but was told it was a closed set.  I saw him walking around the lot and gave him a wolf whistle.  He sneered over his shoulder and minced on and said to his friend ."Oh dear, George is playing SANZO-HOUSI of " The Westward Odyssey".  

Behind The Scenes for "All Prayers Answered" Commercial
Pixieish Leslie Jordan did a sake commercial with pop star Boy George in the Mojave desert.
Jordan says he was outfitted with all kinds of suffocating prosthetics, lenses, and wigs in order to play a monkey who accompanies the pop singer (riding on a white horse) through the desert.
Jordan grew tired of waiting for George to emerge out of his air-conditioned trailer, The singer finally came out and ended up getting into a snit fight with the director because he didn't want to get on the horse. The director advised George to be a good star. "I am a good fairy," countered George. "Poof. You're a pile of shit!" said the director! Leslie Jordan, meanwhile, was going nuts from the sand blowing at him and landing under his lenses and prosthetics. He told George he could only do one more take, so George thought it is funny and instructed Leslie Jordan to say a Japanese phrase to shout out to the acting crew to inform them......Well, Leslie Jordan obediently did so, and it turned out, that he had actually shouted out to them in Japanese "How big is your dick?"


Fire Boy Meets His Match 

Fireboy, he goes out fire walking
Picks up his little burning heart
Walks down the street of giant rhythm
Sugar ain't frightened by the dark
I'm tempted and I'm tanned
By your slow burning flame
Sweet thing, oh, she's a tiger lily
Blows those tiny sticky kisses
Lovers, their arms around each other
Fire dripping from their hearts
Oh, whisper close to me
In the den of mystery
Bang that gong
Oh, the gong of life
I knock on it all night I say
Tiger lily
Bang that gong of love
Bang that gong of life, Fireboy
Ain't no plastic soul
On Jojo radio, oh no
Fireboy he speaks some crazy lingo
Picked up on Jojo radio
Words, you can't put them in your sweet mouth
Sugar, you can't put them in your soul
Your fire burns in me
That dark-eyed monkey
Bang that gong
Oh, the gong of life
I knock on it all night I say
Tiger lily
Bang that gong of love
Bang that gong of life, Fireboy
Ain't no plastic soul
On Jojo radio, oh no
Bang that gong of love
Bang that gong of life, Fireboy
Ain't no plastic soul
On Jojo radio, oh no
Ain't no plastic soul
On Jojo radio, oh, no, no
Ain't no plastic soul
On Jojo radio
Ain't no plastic
On Jojo radio
(Chris Mosdell / Hanuomi Hosono)

Order yourself music from the TV Commercial Fire Boy (Meets His Match) 

A very old recording from the recording session that produced two songs for the Suntory Jun Gin ad campaign "Fire Boy Meets His Match" Koi No Fire Ball (chu-hi can Takara) and "All Prayers Answered". "Fire Boy Meets His Match" was a recording jingle with a quirky little in Japanese. It's about a Gong of Life with a plastic soul, George thought the lyrics were really silly and the person who wrote the song was actually from England who thought he wrote like David Bowie, so George named him Bowie. The producer keeps telling George on how he wanted him to sing the song so George refused and left t the recording studio and went out for Chinese food with Michael at the time when he got back the Japanese reps weren't too please and allowed George to record the jingles his way or no way.
This was just released in Japan on Nov 11, 2009. Available on the CD 80's CM. Click the link to order this CD from CD JAPAN for US and UK and the rest of the world. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=SICP-2444

Below are 7 TV commercials that Boy George did back in 1982-86.
Also, are added are the MP3 files. Just click to download them. Enjoy!

Culture Club Hot Whiskey (Japan TV Ad) 1982

All Prayers Answered (Japan Ad 1986)

Boy George Fire Boy Meets His Match (Japan Ad 1986)

Fire Boy Meets His Match (Video 2)

Noveir Cosmetics Feat Culture Club

Culture Club Nissan Langley Ad Feat Miss Me Blind

Japan Can Chu Hi Magazine Advertisement 

Have a listen to this snippet of the full version to "All Prayers Answered" 

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