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Mystery's behind the records
Rare and bizarre story's behind some of the most collectible Boy George & Culture Club albums

White Boy

This is really cool and like totally cool. Did you know that on the 12"and 7" single for Culture Club's 'White Boy' if you look into Boy George's eyes you will see a white Star of David planted into Boy Georges eyes?

I'm Afraid Of Me 

If you look on the back cover to the Culture Club single for I'm Afraid Of Me you will notice that Boy George is standing behind the members of Culture Club, but if you look closely he is actually standing there looking into a mirror. Keep looking and you will see the back of his hat.

The picture below the image has been highly exposed to view more of the hat.   

Same Thing In Reverse

The UK Promotional 12" single features the actual lyrics across the 12" record sleeve when you have two copies of it together side by side the lyrics will read. 

What Can you say,
where can you go 
do you want the world to know
Make a prison of your fear
be a kamikaze queer 

Secret Messages in the Runout Grooves.


The Devil In Sister George EP 

On the album The Devil In Sister George EP there is a very special written message from Boy George on the run-out groove on the actual record. Between 1992 through 1995 George had been placing secret messages on the record grooves. In case you don't know what a record groove is, It's the black part of the record that has the actual label on it, If u look closely toward the edges you will see a handwritten small message from George on it. You will need to tilt the record toward a bright light in order to see this message on it. 
So check out the hidden messages from Boy George.
Side A: Reads  "Check out my doggie style".
Side B: Reads with two messages. 
Don't be bitter make lemonade.
Fear of a queer planet. 

Sweet Toxic Love 

On the 12" single from Jesus Loves You for "Sweet Toxic Love"  there is a very special written message from Boy George on the run-out groove on the actual record.

You will need to tilt the record toward a bright light in order to see this message on it. 

Side A Reads "Heterosexuality is not an art form"

Side B Reads "Fascism is self-loathing" 

Sold (Single) 

Both the Sold 7' and 12" single features the lyrics to the song "Sold". It only appears when you have two copies of the single and you combine the two singles together side by side from front and back cover combined together.  

Sold  (LP)

The album cover for Sold features George at a target range at gunpoint when you combine the two covers together. It shows a full shot of his body being targeted at gunpoint.

The War Song 

The War Song UK 7" picture disc release was cancelled and all pressed copies that were sent to distributors were all withdrawn prior to its release date. Only very few copies made it to the open market. A version pressed on red vinyl (not a picture disc) was released instead. Popular myth has it that the disc was withdrawn at George's request as he objected to the spindle hole going through his head. The 7" picture disc is highly collectible and very hard to find.  

Colour By Numbers

538 number on the album cover. The meaning behind it all. 

The 538 number that is listed on the front cover for Culture Clubs sophomore album Colour By Number has a very special meaning!! Did you know that it represents I love you? Look below on how this is all presented.  Number 538 is a blend of the attributes and energies of number 5 and number 3, and the influences of the powerful number 8.538 8 letters three words one meaning 

5  + 3 =  8 = I Love You which is three words  
8 = letters is the word  I Love You which is 8 letters  
If you add both 5+3 = 8 for I love you

 Did you know? Bonus questions

Taboo Poster

Did you know who the star is behind the Taboo Poster was? 

When Taboo was made George always liked a particular picture of "Swing Out Sister" star Corinne Drewery. It was the picture of that was taken from their single "Breakout". It shows her with a beautiful smile and winking her eye. Paul O’Duffy is one of "Swing Out Sister's" producers. In fact Paul worked on two tracks for Culture Club's album "Don't Mind If I Do". In 1999  George was working with Amanda Ghost and that’s how George and Paul met.George always liked his work and his attitude and hope to work with again in the future. Funnily enough the singer from "Swing Out Sister" is now being used as the face for Taboo, she is on the Taboo poster. Talk about six degrees of separation! "Using Corinne was just a fluke"," George said" , "But we have met and I like her very much and she was happy to be the face of  Taboo"’

Colour BY Numbers 

Did you know that Culture Clubs album "Colour By Numbers was not first airbrushed when pressed? Yes it true that Culture Club's "Colour By Numbers" album was not airbrushed after being pressed on the 1st set of editions in 1983. Many flaws were soon found like features of a small string of hair on Georges left side of his lip which is stuck in his lipstick in the far corner. If you look closely you can see the hair stuck right on his lip. Also the 1st pressing copies had three small pimples on his face between his two eye brows. Many copies were destroyed after George noticed this while signing the album to autograph to fans one day.

Boy George mentioned this to Epic Records to have the sleeve airbrushed to remove the hair from his lip. Do yourself a favor and check your copies for it. It a rare find! 

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