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Jesus Loves You
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Boy George as Jesus Loves You. This was a "collective project " that George launched in the Fall of 1989 for his new label More Protein. The music that was released during this time was not intended to be aimed at the music charts because it was released through an underground record label. Little did Virgin Records know that some of the singles would cross over to the mainstream Top 40 charts. 
Generations of love was released in the USA and was a Top 20 dance tune on the Billboard Hot 100 Dance Tracks at number #11 for 16 weeks it was on the dance club play chart.
Everything Starts With An E reached the UK top 20 at number 15
Bow Down Mister hits the UK Top 40 at #27 for 10 weeks on the chart. It also went to the Top 5 in Austria and #2.
Generations of Love was re-issued in 1991 and went to the UK Top 40 at #35.
It was such a pleasure for George to be back on the charts during this time. Still to this day this type of dance music remains, in my opinion, his most sophisticated work. At heart, it was a sort of  "world dance" project, made in a good period for George, as he'd discovered Hare Krishna and seemed calm, though it was also the high point of song writing. George finally returned back to his fantastic song writing when he released his 2013 album "This is what I do" 

Jesus Loves You (The Singles Reviews) 
After The Love 
After the love - was their debut single. It was released on October 23, 1989. I remember reading a review in Melody Maker that said "After The Love" by "Jesus Loves You" is a song with so much lush, that when you play it, rain would pour from your ceiling".  

Generations Of Love 
Generations Of Love was the second release from Jesus Loves You. Released on June 4, 1990 (UK & Europe) Generations of Love was a political statement, smooth and bass heavy, with a warm, sweet accordion rib boned through it. We the staff at BoyGeorgeFever.Com love this! 
Generations Of Love - (Review From Melody Maker)  
Generations Of Love - is a deep blue master piece of a song,it feels like a mantra mesmeric and generous built on shuffling rhythms and repetitious ,funky dubbed out bass. It hangs in a room the way smoke does, absorbing attention like a dream, occupying rather than diverting. There’s an indefinable warmth to this record. They key to success is the almost tangible presence of Boy George. He's in excellent voice here-George just seems to go on getting better with age. - lamenting the state of the world, from generalities to specifics and you know he means every word of it. There more intensity in this performance that any other in the course of his recorded career. "Can you feel it -my generations of love" he ask" and when he singing it , yes you can. Generations of love is a force that's impossible to resist, Why even try? 
Billboard Magazine (USA) "If the vocals sound familiar, they should—since the track is actually the latest from former pop darling Boy George. Brilliantly conceived deep house jam has already set U.K. dance floors on fire. Similar results can be expected here.
Generations Of Love - (Review From The Face Magazine)  A truly superb record - under the guise of Jesus Loves You  which should put him back at the top of the tree, Mixed by Paul Oakenfold & toasting by Mc Kinky, this is a slinky seduction of a song. It's deliciously understated & shows off the breathy vocals of the BOY to rare perfection. Candidate for Single Of The Year, no less.
Still to this very day Generations of Love has been remixed over 68 times. It was just re-released in 2017 by Phunk Investigation featuring remixes by Christian Poow. In 2018 we also had the unreleased remixes from Bruce Forest that wee released on a 12' single.

One On One
One On One - was the third single from Jesus Loves You released on November 5, 1990. 
One On One (Review From Melody Maker) -  A classy return for Boy George, with a bottom heavy, soulful groove that will either be massive or disappear without a trace-. George has a welcome added huskiness in his voice which along with the tasteful instrumentation here, easily makes up for the trite lyric. The fact that the chorus sound so familiar either indicates a faulty memory on the reviewers a part or a possible No. 1. 
One On One Massive Attack Remix (Review From Melody Maker)  - Not content with producing some of the freshest sounds for years. Massive attack keeps just remixing. Check the excursion on Jesus Loves You One On One a Culture clash for the nineties. In a word: Massive

Bow Down Mister

Bow Down Mister - was the fourth single from Jesus Loves You and was released on February 11, 1991.

Bow Down Mister (Review From Melody Maker) - One person who's resolutely and daringly unpredictable isn't a dance mode these days is Boy George.  "Bow Down Mister" from Jesus Loves You (More Protein) is his latest offering and true to form it's unique.  How soon is it before we see George in Jesus Loves You in the charts again? Who can say? But the way things are going on a global level these days I'm thankful somebody loves me. Blessed be!

Bow Down Mister (Review From The Face) Immediately acquire, listen to & love the new Jesus Loves You compact disc Bow Down Mister. A song that is purely spiritual. Strung around a Hare Krishna mantra & a touch of Indian folk! This is More Protein at its best!

The Martyr Mantras
Image result for boy george jesus loves you generations of love
The Martyr Mantras album credited to Boy George in the US and as Jesus Loves You in the UK. It also featured what would become a true house classic, with a Krishna-loving folk tune, Bow Down Mister, that morphed into an Indian dance-pop classic. 

The Martyr Mantras (Review From Melody Maker) - The best LP George O" Dowd has done since Colour By Numbers maybe even better. No Gimmicks, 100% dance music from the soul. The BOY has definitely grown up.

Generations Of Love 91'
After the huge success with Bow Down Mister Virgin Records were felling the need for a re-release for Generations Of Love. It was revamped and remixed and re-imagine by Simon Rodgers.
Austria 30
Belgium 27
Netherlands 12
The United Kingdom 35

After The Love 91'

With the success of "Generations Of Love 91" Virgin wanted to cash in and re-release "After The Love 91' . When the new single was issued it did not hit the UK Hot 100. Special promo 12 copies were issued with the very rare "Absolutely Queer" 12" picture sleeve which has become a highly collectible item. 

Featured is below is the After The Love 91 is a highly collectible "Absolutely Queer picture sleeve."

Sweet Toxic Love 

Jesus Loves You returned again in 1992 with the track from their 2nd unreleased album called "Popularity Breeds Contempt"

The single was called "Sweet Toxic Love". The single wasn't at hit in the UK it only debuted at No.65 and soon vanished off the UK Hot 100.

In Germany, it was on the German charts for a total 12 weeks. It stayed at No 51 for two weeks and slowly moved off the German Hot 100.

The music video Boy George did not like the way he looked and wanted  Virgin Records to re-edit the video and re-shot the the music video at time of filming because he did not like they way he looked. See newspaper article below!


Popularity Breeds Contempt
The Jesus Loves You Sweet Toxic Love single was not remixed but an unreleased demo version of the track did appear on the promo only 12" of the 6 track promo album for "Popularity Breeds Contempt."
This 12" promo featured 6 tracks that would of been on the album "If I Could Fly", "In Mya", "It Doesn't Happen Everyday", "Am I Losing Control" "You Are The Deal" and "Sweet Toxic Love"

The Devil In Sister George EP 
On the album The Devil In Sister George .... There is a special written message from Boy George on the run out groove on the actual record. In 1992-1995 George has been placing secret messages on the record grooves . In case you don't know what a record groove is , Its the black part of the record that has the actual label on it, If u look closely toward the edges of it you will see a hand written small message from George on it, you have to tilt it toward a light in order to see this message . 

Side A
Check my doggie style.

Side B
Don't be bitter make lemonade.
Fear of a queer planet.

The Devil In Sister George Ep reached No.26 in the UK Hot 100 albums in 1994.

Love Your Brother  
Love Your Brother was the comeback single for Jesus Loves You. It was produced by Smokescreen that had made Love Your Brother sound like it was a signature house track sound would feel at home on the Martyr Mantras album. Pure classic. Released in 2005

Music Videos 

Telegraphic just released 5 Jesus Loves You music videos on their Youtube channel. Never before have any of the Jesus Loves You music videos been on YouTube in good HD quality and in their entirety. We have also a good HD copy for Sweet Toxic Love. Have a look.  

Generations Of Love (Land Of Oz X-Rated Mix) Unreleased Soho Version. 

After The Love 

Generations Of Love (La La Gone Gaga Mix) 

Bow Down Mister 

Generations Of Love (La La Gone Gaga Mix) 

Sweet Toxic Love 

Generations Of Love (The 69 Remixes) 

Still to this very day generation of Love has been remixed over 65+ times. It was just re-released in 2018 by Bruce Forest & in 2017 by Phunk Investigation featuring remixes by Christian Poow. Here we have combined the full list of all the official re-mixes for Generations Of Love

The single by Jesus Loves You for Generations Of Love has truly become a major club anthem for the dance world. It is also a fan favorite. The single has been released 13 times including over 65 + remixes done.

Mixes have been done by legendary Paul Oakenfold, Ramp, Phunk Investigation, Scream, and De-Phazz. Just this past Summer Scumfrog remixed this wonderful track. So whether you like this song or not, it sure does please everyone whenever it gets played throughout dance floors across the world. We the staff at BoyGeorgeFever.com have put together a list of every single official and bootleg remix for Generations of Love.

When you are scrolling and looking through and you see a remix that isn't on the list please contact us at stchristopher28@aol.com with the subject line (Generations Of Love Remix) Enjoy!  Shall we begin!


The 1990 remix for Generations Of Love was featured on the album "The Martyr Mantras". It went to the UK charts at No. 80 and scored as a huge club hit in the USA at No.11 on the Billboard USA dance club play chart on October 27, 1990. The first ever remix that was ever done was "The Land Of Oz Remix"   

01. Generations Of Love (Land Of Oz 12" Mix) 7:05
02. Generations Of Love (Land Of Oz 7" Edit) 4:55
03. Generations Of Love (Land Of Oz 7" US Edit) 4:05
04. Generations Of Love (Future Dub) 5:28
05. Generations Of Love (The 70's Mix) 6:12
06. Generations Of Love (The 70's Edit)  3:59
07. Generations Of Love (The Jazz Mix) 6:09
08. Generations Of Love (The Ambient Mix) 6:09
09. Generations Of Love (The 80's Mix) 7:47
10. Generations Of Love (The 80's Mix Fade ) 8:08
11. Generations Of Love (The 90's Mix) 7:13

With the dance success for Generations Of Love in the USA, Virgin Records UK decided to re-release the single in the spring of 1991 with new re-mixes done by Ben Kape. The re-released single became Jesus Loves You first Top 40 hit single which peaked at the UK Top 40 at No. 35. The single would soon cross over and chart in other countries such as Australia where it reached the Australia charts at No. 30. In Belgium the single went to the Top 30 at No 27. When it was released in the Netherlands it with to the Top 20 charts at No. 12!  So in 1991 we got more remixes of the single!    
12. Generations Of Love (Road To Basra Mix)
13. Generations Of Love (Road To Basara Instrumental Mix) 
14. Generations Of Love (The 90's Corporeal Mix) 7:06
15. Generations Of Love (Totally Outed Mix) 7:03
16. Generations Of Love (Absolutely Queer Remix) 6:06
17. Generations Of Love (La La Gone Gaga Mix) 3:59
In 1994 we had a fantastic remix done for Generations Of Love which was on the Ep "The Devil In Sister George " This re-mix is by far one of the best. We the staff at BoyGeorgeFever.Com continue to play this re-mix on our Friday night playlist, simply because it's that great. It never seems to go out of style. Give it a listen!!!  
18. Generations Of Love (Ramp Club Edit Mix) 8:46* Boy George Fever Fave* 
19. Generations Of Love (Ramp Club Mix) 9:48
Image result for more protein generations of love
20. Generations Of Love (Cheap Spanish Wine Vocal Mix)
21. Generations Of Love (Can't Una Copa Dub)
22. Generations Of Love (Disco Rumproller)
23. Generations Of Love (Soho Sleaze)
24. Generations Of Love (Mother's Leftovers)


25. Generations Of Love (Airscape Sensation Mix) 5:10
26. Generations Of Love (Dharma Bums Vocal Mix) 6:42


27. Generations Of Love (Housequake's Soulful Mix)  7:07
28. Generations Of Love (Land Of Oz 12" Edit)  6:23
29. Generations Of Love (Farley & Heller Remix)
30. Generations Of Love (Scream Radio Mix)  4:27
31. Generations Of Love (Scream Club Mix) 7:29
32. Generations Of Love (Scream Radio Mix) 4:26
33. Generations Of Love (De-Phazz Radio Mix) 3:38
34. Generations Of Love (Timewriter Bootleg Mix) 8:49
35. Generations Of Love (The Timewritter Radio Edit) 4:52
36. Generations Of Love (Andrew Wooden Remix) 6:51
37. Generations Of Love (Airscape Sensation Mix) 5:12
38. Generations Of Love (De-Phazz Dub Mix) 5:33


39. Generations Of Love (Brother Brown B-Tour Special Edit ) 10:04
40. Generations Of Love (Brother Brown B-Tour Dub) 10:00


41. Generations Of Love (Bob Sinclair Love Generation Remix)


42. Generations Of Love (P.I. Obscure Vocal Mix) 7:18
43. Generations Of Love (P.I. Firewall Mix) 7:57
44.Generations Of Love (P.I. Zodiac Mix) 8:47
45. Generations Of Love (P.I. Firewall Radio Edit) 2:56
46. Generations Of Love (P.I. Firewall Mix) 7:57
47. Generations Of Love (P.I. Zodiac Mix) 8:47
48. Generations Of Love (P.I. Obscure Vocal Mix) 7:18
49. Generations Of Love (Sharp & Smooth Remix) 7:32
50. Generations Of Love (Mowree Full Vocal Remix) 7:48
51. Generations Of Love (Sharp & Smooth Dubit Remix) 7:32
52. Generations Of Love (DJ Felix Remix) 7:42
53. Generations Of Love (DJ Dove's True 2 Form Vox Remix) 8:10
54. Generations Of Love (Mowree Remix) 7:46


55. Generations Of Love (Original Reworked Edit) 3:05
56. Generations Of Love (Da Fresh Edit) 3:31
57. Generations Of Love (Noferini Edit) 3:22
58. Generations Of Love (Original Reworked Mix) 7:14
59. Generations Of Love (Noferini Remix) 6:35
60. Generations Of Love (Da Fresh Remix) 7:16
61. Generations Of Love (Phunk Investigation Reworked 2011 Mix) 8:59


62. Generations Of Love (Tom Novy Remix) 5:35
63. Generations Of Love (Jean Aita Remix) 6:18

64. Generations Of Love (Cristian Poow Remix) 6:58
65. Generations Of Love (Cristian Poow Radio Remix) 4:34
66. Generations Of Love (Scumfrog Remix) 8:39
67. Generations Of Love (Dany Cohiba Remix) 6:0
The Bruce Forest remixes which are presented in high quality unlike the version that have appeared on the  More Protein Releases.
68. Generations Of Love (Jazz Mix) 6:11
69. Generations OF Love(Ambient Mix 5:58    

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