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September 30th 2019 

It's fantastic news today for pop superstar Jamie Hannah be at the Top of the Upfront Club Charts at No.5 for his new single "House Of Truth" (Feat Boy George) The club remixes are already making a stir on the dance floors.  

Listen to the new remix below House Of Truth Feat Boy George (Tough Love Radio Edit) 


September 2, 2019

 Boy George has teamed up with Shay D Rap who will appear on the remix for the new song "We Know What We Want". Remixes are being done by Benny Di Massa, who are also mixing a new song George wrote called "Blue Jeans" 

August 12, 2019

Boy George's was asked to write and perform a new song for the all new Lee Cooper Autumn /Winter campaign. The commercial features British actor Harry Kirton and contemporary dancer Renee Stewart, set to a backdrop of East London, where the building blocks for the brand began.

Combining cornerstones of our heritage, for the autumn/winter collection we explore London and Denim to deliver a collection of modern work-wear themed pieces. Georges new song for the commercial that he has written is called "We Know What We Want" for "True London Blues". "We Know What We Want" starts off with a piano playing and then drops into full swing, Georges sings the lyrics.

Always try to be civilized

Love the first kiss it changed your mind

It turned yourself into someone new 

A brand new heart

A brand new move

We know what we want

And we know where to give 

We know what we want

And we know where to give

We know what we want

And we know where to give

This song runs about 1 min. Take a look.

MUSIC : Boy George (We Know What We Want) 
WRITTEN BY: George O' Dowd
DIRECTOR: Bexy Cameron
PRODUCER: Tedi de Jasay, Jackson Payne
PHOTOGRAPHER : Vic Lentaigne
CHOREOGRAPHER: Simon Donnellon
STYLING: Holly McDonald, Frankie Knoller (Assistant)
HAIR & MAKE UP: Ranelle Chapman

TRUE LONDON BLUES - Lee Cooper AW'19 from Lee Cooper on Vimeo

► July 19th 2019

Boy George In The House of Truth

The latest release from BGP records comes Jamie Hannah and Boy George with their new single "House Of Truth" Get yourself in the 'House of Truth’  it's one of the most affirming hits of the summer. The NEW SINGLE is OUT NOW on a strictly limited edition CD single to only 100 copies. The song was written by Boy George & Benny Di Massa. 

The music video was directed by the fabulous Dean Stockings. It's also out now. View it below.

UK CD single (Limited edition to 100 copies) 

01. House of Truth (Original Version) 4:03
02. House of Truth (Radio Edit) 3:29

CD No.2 (Also limited edition to 100 copies release on August 9th 2019) Following the AMAZING response to the original version of House Of Truth, BGP Records is delighted to present Part 2 - a gorgeous, show-stopping acoustic version of the song.

01. House of Truth  (Acoustic Version) does not feature Boy George on vocals.

House of Truth is a truly unique and infectious song; beginning with a soulful refrain and driving beat. Boy George and Jamie both take turns with the early verses which in turn build to a gospel infused crescendo. The full breadth and range of Jamie’s 4-octave spanning vocals are showcased as the duo are joined by a joyous gospel choir. “I am very lucky to have Boy George as a mentor. The whole process of making and recording the song and music video with such an icon has been very surreal” says Hannah. 

Jamie Hannah is a British singer-songwriter with an extraordinary voice. His incredible vocal capabilities were honed at the Royal College of Music, where he trained in opera. Fusing this training with a variety of genres results in pop music with true passion, unlike anything else you’re likely to hear right now. His huge range and soaring falsetto makes ‘House of Truth’ one of the most affirming hits of the summer.

July 7th 2019 

Boy George wins The Voice 2019!

Diana Rouvas has won The Voice Australia 2019! As the winner, Diana, has won $100,000 cash and a recording contract with EMI Music.

"I am literally so delighted," said coach, Boy George. "I have never been happier for anyone in my entire life."
Diana returned to the show as an All Star after appearing on The Voice Australia's first series in 2012.
Diana then gave everyone a taste of what to expect from her with a performance of her new single, 'Wait For No One'.
Boy George chose one of the biggest songs in history, Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'. Her vocal was, as usual breathtaking, and had Boy George in tears.
Then Boy George and Diana shared the stage to sing Barbra Streisand's 'Send in the Clowns'. What a fantastic performance this was. 

June 25th 2019

Boy George and Kelly Rowland Perform Culture Club's Runaway Train

George asked Kelly Rowland if she would like to sing a duet with him for Culture Club's Runaway Train which features the legend "Gladys Knight". She did and George both did a fantastic performance. See below video.   

June 18th 2019

Culture Clubs Runaway Train is on BBC Radio 2 B List for 3rd week! 

Boy George & Culture Clubs Runaway Train has made the BBC/Radio 2 B-LIST for a third week now! 
Thank you����❤️ #BOYGEORGE&CULTURECLUB This is Culture Clubs third single to be B-Listed."Let Somebody Love You" & "Life" Let us hope next week it moves to the A-List!



Boy George Bio-pic MGM Movie Announced

May 29th 2019 It’s a good time to be in the musical biopic train! Just announced today by MGM studios Boy George & Culture Club are getting a bio-pic movie. It was just announced today that MGM will produce the film based on the life of Boy George, It will be written and directed by Sacha Gervasi. The movie will feature the humble beginnings of a young man who knew he was destined for fame. It’ll follow his upbringing, his coming-of-age, his battle with his sexuality — all the good stuff that we have seen in the other popular biopics. Unlike Mercury and John, Boy George has had more fun with the tabloids joking to be the first drag queen to win a Grammy Award "Thank you America, you got good taste, style, and know a good drag queen when you see one," George said at the Grammy's as Culture Club won the Best New Artist Award (via satellite from England). While today that may not sound outlandish, in 1984, as highlighted by a New York Times article at the time, some Americans didn't know what to do with George and his gender-nonconformity. Or the time Culture Club debuted on Top of The Pops for the first time. The headlines read" Was it a boy? or Was it a girl?" You can expect this to spice things up a bit.

Written and Directed by Sacha Gervasi
Producer: Kevin King Templeton & Paul Kemsley
Executive Producer George O'Dowd & Jessica De Rothchild

George had a fun tweet today as well with this announcement!  

Boy George & Culture Club sign a deal with Primary Wave

May 28th 2019 Boy George believes he has lost hundreds of millions in royalty fees over the decades and wants to stop the bleeding.
Culture Club are linking up with independent music publishing firm Primary Wave to recoup the rights — and future profits — to hit songs like “Karma Chameleon” and “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?”.
In a deal to be announced, Primary Wave will announce an undisclosed stake in Culture Club’s limited rights to its music in exchange for marketing the award-winning band’s songs — and attempting to win back its remaining copyrights.
Music publisher BMG, which owns the band’s publishing rights, would be one target, sources said.The new deal comes at an opportune time as Culture Club and Boy George plan to go on a world tour in 2020. Additionally, MGM is making a film on Boy George, whose androgynous looks and soulful voice captivated the ‘1980s.
“My songs are very precious to me,” Boy George told The Post. “They are the story of my life. I wanted to partner with Primary Wave as they respect the legacy but also understand I want the songs heard.”
“Let’s be honest, he’s just f—ing cool, he was very, very original and ahead of his time,” his manager Kemsley said. “He’s more than just a singer, he’s an icon. He’s a trailblazer. I’m expecting big things.”
Culture Club's single"Runaway Train"Gets B-Listed

►May 25th 2019 The new single Runway Train by Boy George & Culture Club (Feat Gladys Knight) is now on BBC Radio 2 playlist were it debuted this week. The single was released on May 1st 2019. Let’s hope it enters the official singles chart, it deserves to be a big hit for Culture Club.  

Boy George attends UK premiere Rocket Man

May 20th 2019 With the new Elton Jon movie coming out on May 31st. Boy George was at the London premiere with his friend Vangelis Ploydorou. With the huge success of the last biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody about the British Rock Band Queen. Our next big bio pic is scheduled for our very own Boy George which MGM studio pictures will be developing a script and casting will be done soon for this amazing movie to come. George is very excited at the moment about the bio picture that will be filmed about him and Culture Club.

George Storms off the set of The Voice

May 19th, 2019 "The Voice Australia" was back on Sunday night for season eight, and coach George brought the house down with drama.
Boy George stormed off the set during the show's blind auditions phase after a testy exchange with one of the contestants.

Image result for boy george leaves the voice

Twenty-year-old Daniel Shaw had just finished a performance of "Beneath Your Beautiful" accompanied by piano, and all of the coaches had pressed the "I Want You" button. But things got tense when George asked Daniel  contestant if he played guitar.

"Can you play guitar"? George asked
"I can play guitar but no one really cares if I play guitar," Shaw responded.
"No one cares?" George asked while the man shook his head.
George said "I do." 
"What a rude thing to say"
"I think after that comment, go with Delta," he went on, referring to fellow coach Delta Goodrem before eventually storming off the stage.

Boy George & Culture Club are back on the charts at No. 1 

May 15th 2019 -  Boy George & Culture Club are No.1 with their single "Life" on the LGBTQ music charts. The single has been on the LGBTQ charts for over 19 weeks already and is going down to be a Culture Club classic with the LGBTQ community. This has got to be one of Culture Club's best new songs. With the success of the single going to the No.1 spot, Culture Club is also debuting on the LGBTQ chart at No.5 this week as a new chart entry for "Runaway Train" (Feat Gladys Knight). Now you can vote each week for either song. Thanks for voting!

Vote this week

New Boy George & Culture Club Single Runaway Train (Feat Gladys Knight) Top's UK Top 40 Vinyl Charts! 

May 1st 2019 - New Boy George & Culture Club single from their smash album "Life" will be for "Runaway Train (Feat Gladys Knight) This is the fourth single taken from their comeback album. The music reviews are in that this is a fantastic track from them. The new single is available now on I-tunes and YouTube. The 10" picture disc vinyl single has also debuted at No.15 on the UK Top 40 vinyl singles this week.  The single has been on the charts for 4 weeks already. 


April 30th 2019- Boy George & Dorit make a pop up visit on Any Cohan What What Happen Live to recap on the the show that aired last week and talk about the new Culture Club single "Runaway Train"(Feat Gladys Knight)!

April 23, 2019 - Boy George & Culture Club are featured in the new episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" The housewives attend a Culture Club show at the Greek where Billy Idol pays a visit, but the drama heats up when Georges manager PK stars an argument with one of the house wives Kyle Richards. Culture Club perform the new single"Runaway Train" with Gladys Knight! 

Image result for boy george with dorit

April 13th, 2019 It's here the brand new Boy George & Culture Club single for "Runaway Train Feat Gladys Knight has been be issued on a special limited edition 3,000 copies made 10" picture disc. Will also feature the single "Life" (Stripped Back Version) This is the first time Culture Club have been part of Record Store Day!

Side A 

1. Runaway Train (Feat Gladys Knight) 

Side B

1. Life (Stripped Back Version) 

►April 10, 2019

 This month Boy George Fever will be bringing you nine Boy George & Culture Club video stage productions. Theses stage videos were the backdrop during the Culture Club "Life Tour". Many of theses videos have not been seen by fans who could of not attend the UK tour dates in 2018. This was the only time theses video were available. During the 3rd leg of the "Life Tour" in the USA these videos were not showed. Now for the first time we are bringing you these spectacular videos. 

1. Let Somebody Love You 2. It's A Miracle 3. Life. 4. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me. 5. Resting Bitch Face. 

6. Miss Me Blind. 7. I'll Tumble 4 Ya. 8. Church Of The Poison Mind   9. God & Love 

►March 24, 2019

 Boy George & Culture Clubs single "Life" has gone to No. 1 on the LGBTQ music charts. Culture Club have been on the LGBTQ music charts for 12 weeks since December 2018 with their single "Life" Please make sure you are voting each week for Culture Club for their single "Life"

Culture Club Win Group Of The Year For Classic Pop Magazine! 

March 22, 2019 Culture Club win Group of The Year in Classic Pop 2018 readers awards. After an amazing tour, last year and a fantastic 5-star album "Life" Culture Club are back. 

►March 6th, 2019

 News just in...Boy George is now doing his third season on The Voice in Sydney, Australia. The four judges are now filming and recording the audition stages which will lead up to the live shows in April. We will bring you more news as the season progresses. 

March 1st, 2019 
 News just in...The new Boy George & Culture Club single for Runaway Train (Feat Gladys Knight) will be released on Saturday, April 13th, 2019. The new single will be issued on a 10" shaped picture disc which has been limited to only 3,000 copies worldwide. The new single will feature a new remix for "Life".

Side A

Runaway Train Featuring (Gladys Knight)

Side B 

Life (Stripped Back Version) 

February 24th, 2019 

 Mini Boy George and Culture Club new flash. The next new single that will be taken from the new Boy George & Culture Club album "Life" will be for "Runaway Train (Feat Gladys Knight) which is scheduled to be released in April. It will be released as a mini-EP with extra tracks and possibly new remixes. Stay tuned for more news on this.

January 30th, 2019 

Boy George & Culture Club perform on Ellen for the 1st time!  
Boy George and Culture Club staged a candle-lit performance of their recent gospel-pop single “Life” on Wednesday’s Ellen.
The frontman belted the tune in a wide vibrato over palm-muted guitar stabs, smooth backing vocals and a laid-back rhythm section. “Will you let me breathe now while I find my truth?/ If I love myself, don’t mean I don’t love you,” he sang on a stage lined with candles — including a digital one flickering behind him on a massive backdrop. As a treat from Ellen and BMG records everyone in the audience received a copy of the new Boy George & Culture Club album "Life" 
The new single “Life” is the title track from the brand new Boy George & Culture Club album which is their sixth album, their first record in over 19 years. The album includes the singles “Let Somebody Love You” "God & Love and “More Than Silence.”

Boy George performs a wonderful live version to their new single "Life" Have you watched their new music video for the song. It's breathtaking. 

December 18th, 2018

New Boy George & Culture Club New Music Video for "Life" 

The official music video for the new Boy George & Culture Club single "Life" is out now. The music video has been directed by Rankin the accompanying video of the most intensely personal song Boy George has written to date begins with his iconic makeup styling but later sees him stripped of his signature make-up and hat. His emotion, his tears, captured and ultimately countered, with a message of hope. Revealing his vulnerable side, Boy George has said the video is a tribute to his many fans who have stood by him throughout his career. Watch the video here.

The band will perform ‘Life’ on The Graham Norton Show this Friday. The song, produced by Future Cut, tells of battling and beating the darkest times, through the support of others and by holding on to this hope. Of the track, Boy George says:
“John Lennon said 'LIFE’ is what happens while you are busy doing other things, but sometimes you have to stop and look with sadness and pride at what you have done and created in your own life and value the rich complexity of it!
As the lyricist of ‘Life’, I wanted to express something truthful, honest and bare while carrying an uplifting message of hope. It's my story but it's a story so many people will resonate with. A story of recovery, transformation and the start of a brand new journey which has already brought Culture Club well deserved accolades. It's a song about second chances and new beginnings, enlightenment, spiritual growth, and personal redemption.”

November 18th, 2018

The first official remix was done for the new Culture Club single for "Life" has been done by Freddy Bastone. Its a rather good remix and the mix will have you on your feet in no time. Click the link below to hear the track. Did we tell you it is up for free to download also? Enjoy! 

November 17th, 2018

Just announced today from Culture Club's manager PK the new music video for the new Culture Club re-release single "Life" will be issued in the three weeks. The music video goes beyond any music video have ever done. It is rumored to be a completely different version has also been done for the song. Stay tuned...

October 26th, 2018

 Culture Clubs new album "Life" is released and charts in over 8 countries. It debuts in the UK at No. 12. The album has received 4 and 5-star reviews. It is the comeback album of the year for them! The album is released on Digi-pack with 4 interchangeable cards, cassette, gate-fold LP with yellow color vinyl and also featured in black vinyl. Deluxe Cd with 20-page collectors booklet.   

October 19th, 2018

Fresh mini news on Culture Club this week!

The brand new Boy George & Culture Club "Life" album trailer has hit. Catch George & Culture Club with the amazing new trailer for the new Culture Club album.   

We are just 7 days away from the release of the new Culture Club album "Life".  

 The new record has been getting plenty of support from UK radio. Just this past week BBC Radio 2 has added the new Culture Club single "Life" to its B List.

In the US Culture Club performed on The Late Late Show performing "Life" which Billboard magazine gave it one of Culture Club's most breakthrough performance.

 Culture Club's "The Life Tour" has just finished up in America where  Culture Club had made over an estimated $7.5 million dollars in tour sales alone. George is very happy and so are the rest of Culture Club. 

 The Album "Life" has been getting very strong pre-order sales in the USA for the last 10 weeks it's been in the US Top 10 pre-order album sales. In Greece, it went to No.1 on pre-order sales charts. It has also gone Top 10 in Japan it at No. 8!!

 Culture Club has released another teaser track for their new single "God & Love" which is the opening track on the new album and fans are going crazy for this one. Georges vocals sound like heaven. The track is very deep and dark and it gives you such a great vibe after one listen. 

 Culture Club have won the Icon "Attitude Award this past week and George has appeared on the cover of Attitude Magazine for the 5th time.

 Culture Club are also on the cover of "Classic Pop Magazine" also this month for the comeback album of the year! 

For more news and more detail stories check out BoyGeorgeFevers new weekly Blog "The Clogged Blog"  

►August 13, 2018

Culture Club will be in the United Kingdom this week filming a music video for "Let Somebody Love You". There is also a mention that another video will be produced for "Life".

George also mentioned on Twitter that the leftover songs that didn't appear on the album "Life" will be featured on the Super Deluxe version of the album for "Life" Could this mean we will see the songs "Like I Used Too", "Moody Monday" and "Solid Ground" It could be. Maybe even the music videos for the songs will be featured on the Deluxe Version of the album. It's all in a matter of Time that we get the word on this. 

► July 31st, 2018 

Culture Club has been hot since 82' and they are back again for yet another worldwide tour across the globe. The tour will have them back in the USA, Canada, and the UK. This is all part of the new Culture Club “Life Tour” which will represent Culture Club touring in over 45 cities across the USA and 11 NEW UK dates have just been added. Culture Club will be joined on stage by 80 ’s band “The B-52’s” know for "Love Shake", "Roam" and "Rock Lobster" and also “Tom Bailey” from “The Thompson Twins” "Hold Me Now", "Doctor Doctor" and "Lies". Both acts will be listed on selected dates throughout the US tour.

Image result for culture club life tour

Meanwhile in the UK Culture Club will be joined on stage by "Tom Bailey "The Thompson Twins" and the lovely “Belinda Carlisle” she is known for her hits "Mad About You", "Circle In The Sand", and "I Get Weak" 

Image result for culture club life tour UK belinda carlisle

Oh did we mention that “Vangelis” from “THE VOICE UK” will be joining Culture Club also on the USA and UK tour dates as a backup singer? This is going to be one big party on stage this year!  


The new long-awaited forthcoming album from Culture Club will be called “Life” which has been 20 years in the making…don't call this a comeback, call it LIFE…..which is set to be released on Friday, October 26, 208. Culture Clubs have just signed a new record deal contract with BMG Records for the release of the new album.

With the all-new Culture Club “Life Tour” on a schedule that brings Culture Club across the globe to the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, and the UK. Culture Club fans can’t get enough of them. The band are ready to release their teaser focus track "Let Somebody Love You" from the fourth coming album simply titled “LIFE”

As you already know by now the album has been changed from being called “TRIBES’ to “LIFE”. Culture Club has also changed producers and is now working with “Future Cut” who is making this album sound very much like how a Culture Club album should sound. The album is finally being remixed and put together. Boy George and Culture Club have also written a few more new songs for the album. One new slow song tentatively a selected single is the title track called “Life”  and an all-new reggae style slow song called “What Does Sorry Mean”. Some tracks have also be redone like re-recorded vocals for “More Than Silence” and re-vamped is “The Truth Is A Runaway Train”  and “It Can’t Be Easy” (aka Different Man) So far the track listing is at this so far. Now keep in mind this is tentative and can be changed during production of the album. Culture Club recorded 19 tracks in Spain and just wrote three more songs this year so we're talking like 23 songs already are for this album. We only have about 15 out of the 23 so far.  If you know of any more please feel free to drop us a line in Fever Forum or on our Facebook page.


01. God & Love 

02. Bad Blood 

03. Human Zoo 

04. Let Some Body Love You

05. What Does Sorry Mean 

06. Runaway Train 

07. Resting Bitch Face 

08. Different Man   

09. Oil & Water 

10. More Than Silence  

11. Life 



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Boy George & Culture Club Mega Mix 
Just recently a new remix was added onto to mix cloud for a special Boy George & Culture Club megamix. Not only is this a huge mega mix it is over 3 hours long. Play this anywhere at home, work or just driving around. Its packed with such great hits it is beyond exciting. Special thanks for Vinnie who did the remix project. 
Tracks include the following 
01. Love Hurts (Evolutions Extended Remix) 
02. The Crying Game (Extended Remix) 
03. Somebody To Love Me
04. American Heart 
05. Yes We Can (Kinky Roland Remix)
06. Coming Home
07. Happy 
08. Amazing Grace (Kirk Maverick Remix) 
09. Pentonville Blues
10. More Than Silence (Kinky Roland Remix)
11. Feel The Vibration (Kinky Roland Remix) 
12. Meet Me In The Basement
13. Generations Of Love
14. Run 
15. Kiss The DJ
16. Police & Thieves
17. When Will You Learn (Dado Remix) 
18. Hold On     
19. Tall & Handsome
20. Bow Down Mister 
21. Don’t Wanna See Myself
22. You Can go You Own Way
23. White Out Superstar
24. Breakdance Hunk
25. Julian
26. Out Of Fashion 
27. Why Go?
28. Same Thing Reverse 
29. Auto Erotic 
30. After The Love (Layo And Bushwacka Remix) 
31. Brand New (Marc Vedo Remix) 
32. Turn To Dust
33. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
34. Miss Me Blind 

Culture Club Live @ Wembley 3 Disc Set 

Cleopatra Music & Film, with sales and distribution expertise provided by MVD Entertainment Group, will be serving up DVD and Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Editions (each SKU featuring a bonus CD) of Culture Club: Live at Wembley. 

Recorded live at Wembley Stadium on Dec. 14 of last year, this 15-song set featured the likes of "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" and “Time (Clock of the Heart)” from their 1982 debut album, Kissing to be Clever… Karma Chameleon,” “It’s a Miracle,” "Black Money", "Church Of The Poison Mind", "Victims" and “Miss Me Blind” from the group’s 1983 Colour by Numbers album...“The War Song” from the groups 1984 album "Waking Up With The House On Fire" and “Move Away,” from the groups 1986 album "From Luxury To Heartache" features two new tracks from the upcoming Culture Club album "Life" were given the taste of "Different Man" and "Like I Used To" 
Bonus features include video sessions with the band members and exclusive Boy George interview.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Set List 
01. Church Of The Poison Mind
02. It’s A Miracle
03. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
04. Move Away
05. Everything I Own
06. Black Money
07. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
08. Like I Used To
09. Different Man
10. Miss Me Blind
11. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
12. Victims
13. The War Song
14. Karma Chameleon
15. Bang A Gong (Get It On)

Culture Club - Live at Wembley World Tour 2016 (CD+DVD+ Blu-Ray)

We are very sad to report the long-awaited discography page is going to be taking a lot longer to get off the ground. Our web-provider Photobucket is now charging almost $60 a month for third-party hosting which means we are going to have to have every photo that was ever listed on the discography page all upload again. Its very time consuming, but its slowly coming through. If you are interested in HELPING in any way you will be provided login information to help the site out. Send your inquiries to (Boy George Discography Page HELP!)  

We are developing an all-new BOYGEORGEFEVER.COM Coming Summer 2018!

















































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