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September 17, 2022 - New Culture Club EP ! 

Culture Club have made announcement that they will be releasing a special EP to celebrate the anniversary of “Kissing To Be Clever". The new EP will be released on October 14, 2022 on all digital platforms. Songs will be remixed from “Kissing To Be Clever “ and other album key tracks. Songs already slated for this release are “ Time (Clock Of The Heart) and “The War Song”. 

(Culture Club limited signed print from Boy, Roy Hay, Mikey Craig * Sold exclusively during the Summer Culture Club tour)

August 28th 2022 - New Movie We Are Gathered Here Today!  

 The movie We Are Gathered Here today was released in the US on August 16th 2022 and is available on I-Tunes and Amazon and YouTube to watch. The movie features the title theme song "We Are Gathered Here Today" performed by Boy George & Culture Club. Music featured in the film is composed by Roy Hay  The film is about when the dying patriarch of a large family gets admitted to the hospital with COVID-19, the only contact his family has with him is via a video conference call. The movie was filmed during lock down and actress and actors performed from home during the pandemic.   

The song is performed at the end of the film and features a special performance by Boy George during the end credits. The song is performed in its entirely . George is wearing a Black hat and black button down shirt. See below from photo session.


August 24th 2022 - New Single Sister 

 Rusty Egan has released a new track Featuring Boy George and Ms. Mary Pearce on Sister. The single features 5 remixes done by Oscar Egan . Out now on juno and Itunes. Single sleeve by Mark Wharol.

1. Sister (Album mix) 6:06
2. Sister (Radio edit) 3:31
3. Sister (Oscar Egan club mix) 6:28
4. Sister (Alpha dub mix) 6:06
5. Sister (Dub) 6:06 

August 15, 2022 - New Culture Club song The Next Thing Will Be Amazing. 

 Culture Club has released a new song via YouTube for "The Next Thing Will Be Amazing" it's a balearic dance track with a happy summer vibeThe Next Thing Will Be Amazing has been featured during Culture Club's live shows as their opening number with lots of video visuals . A music video was Directed by Dean Stockings and is on Youtube. We are waiting on an official release for Itunes and possibly spotify. As of now, we know the song is being remixed by LoveRush UK . Watch this space for the official release. 

The Next Thing Will Be Amazing 

Written by Culture Club & Benny D at Power Studio London 

The next thing will be amazing
Feels like the whole world is waiting
For something worth celebrating 
The next thing will be amazing
(Repeat 3 x)
I started this song

In a raincloud of my own years 

I was the serpent 
You were the saint
Drawing on the past but the outline was faint 
He had no faith all over his face
Fixing your nails then scratching the paint
We nailed the funk to the floor 
The next thing will be amazing
Feels like the whole world is waiting
For something worth celebrating 
The next thing will be amazing
I'm starting to see
That this was just a mystery 
I was the saint
You the gatekeeper
You got so dark 
But the music got sweeter
Look at the faith all over my face
Fixing your nails the scratching the paint
We nailed the funk to the floor 
The next thing will be amazing
Feels like the whole world is waiting
For something worth celebrating 
The next thing will be amazing
(Repeat 3x)
Written by Culture Club & Benny D at Power Studio London 
May 14th, 2022 New Boy George Single Blue Jeans & Music Video  Boy George has released the long-awaited song from 2019 that he wrote for "Blue Jeans" George recently had the demo of this song on his Soundcloud page in October of 2019 and the new the song has had the vocals redone and remixed and it sounds amazing. A fantastic music video that features the legendary Princess Julie was also made. See music video below. This is No.18 of 60for60 released on April 4th 2022 

Music video for Blue Jeans by Boy George & Benny D produced at Power Studio. Music video directed by William Baker. Additional editing Dean Stockings. Thanks to Tom and all the models who were just fabulous.

Blue Jeans Lyrics

This is a love letter
To your life
This is a love letter
To your personal style
They go with your eyes
The summer skies
When winter dies
You come alive
Put on your blue jeans baby
Put on your blue jeans
Put on your blue jeans baby
Put on your blue jeans
Then take them off!
This is a love letter
To your smile
Put on your favorite song
And dance here for a while
Dance like no one's watching you
Like no one ever broke your heart
Put on your blue jeans baby
Put on your blue jeans
Put on your blue jeans baby
Put on your blue jeans
Then take them off!
So damn cute
From the root
To the top of your head
That's what I said
Read my lips
Hanging from your hips
So vicariously
Hey Greta
Let's make the whole world better
Never be blue
Never be blue
Put on your blue jeans baby
Put on your blue jeans
Put on your blue jeans baby
Put on your blue jeans
Then take them off!

April 4th 2022 TBT

Released on this day on April 4th 1991 Boy George The Martyr Mantras was released 31 years ago! The album had four very successful singles for Boy George. The first single "After The Love" sold 5,000 copies in the UK under Georges More Protein Label. The second single "Generations Of Love" scored Boy George a top 20 US dance hit reaching No.11 on the US dance charts . Reaching No. 12 in The Netherlands and No 27 in Belgium and No. 30 in Austria and reaching the UK Top 40 at No.35 staying 11 weeks on the Top 40 charts.

The third single "One One One became a UK Hot 100 hit at No. 83 for two weeks . The final single "Bow Down Mister" debuted in the UK at No 27 and reached No.2 in Austria No. 6 in Germany No.15 in Switzerland No. 20 in Europe Chart No. 29 in France and No 44 in Belgium.

The Martyr Mantras is a fan favorite album, it keeps you dancing non stop. Did you know "Loves Gonna Let You Down" was a test pressing single / A 12" White label was issued with a special Disco version to the song was issued.   

March 30th, 2022 - New Culture Club songs

Culture Club are producing some amazing new songs which should be premiering this summer when they start their "Rainbow In The Dark Tour". Two new Culture Club songs have already been written including a new dance track called "The Diamond Chameleon" and another new dance track produced by "Loverush UK called "The Next Thing Will Be Amazing". George played a small clip of the song on his Twitter account the other day and it sounded fantastic! The sound unfortunately has been removed already. 

Some other new Culture Club songs that have already been performed and just recently played during "Heritage Live" were "Planetary Karma" and "Just Outside Of You", which sound very similar to "Church Of The Poison Mind". They have also performed "Drop The Needle". Lets not forget also in 2020 during the live "Rainbow In The Dark" concert at the SSE Arena Wembley from London Culture Club premiered two new songs "We Are Gathered Here Today" and "Girl Gone Bad". Things are looking great for Culture Club. Let's hope a new Culture Club album is in the works. Culture Club is going on a World Tour this year dates are as follows. 

All Events Culture Club "Rainbow In The Dark Tour" US Dates 


March 28th, 2022 -  New Culture Club CD 

A brand new Culture Club CD was just released. It's a special live concert on a Radio Broadcast on February 21st, 1983 which was Culture Club's 1st live concert in the USA as part of the "Kissing To Be Clever" Tour. The CD features 14 songs. We have listed the song by its original title that appears on the actual live CD. Order your copy now! From Amazon  

01. Boy, Boy (I'm The Boy)
02. I'll Tumble 4 Ya
03. Mister Man
04. Take Control 
05. Black Money
06. Love Twist 
07. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? 
08. You Know I'm Not Crazy 
09. I'm Afraid Of Me 
10. White Boys Can't Control It 
11. Church of The Poison Mind
12. It's America (Early version of It's A Miracle) 
13. White Boy 
14. Time (Clock Of The Heart)  
March 27th 2,022 New Single 
Boy George has dropped his new single "Mothers Are The Superheroes Of The Universe" which is No.17 for 60for60. It's a song dedicated to all the mothers of the universe. 
01. Mother Are The Superheroes Of The Universe 

March 25th 2022 New Single 
Boy George has dropped his new single "Jealous Gemini" which is No.16 for 60460. It's a beautiful song with lots of deep beats filled with lots of emotion. The Music video is coming soon. Order here 
01. Jealous Gemini 4:40

February 1, 2022

Boy George's latest new single is the No. 7 single for "It's No Wonder You Struggle with Intimacy" which has that Kinky Rolland sounds like an early "The Twin" song. This week, the single has already peaked at No.2 on the Greece iTunes charts. 

01. It's No Wonder You Struggle With Intimacy 5:04

January 31, 2022 - New Single 

Boy George Present 60 for 60. Earlier last year Boy George want to release 60 songs for celebrating his 60th Birthday. Things did not go as planned and Georges's manager PK advised George that he has still until June of 2022 to get them all released. We couldn't be happier. At the end of 2021, George started releasing the 1st batch of single with numbers 1-4 on December 21st, 2021 just in time for an early Christmas gift to his loyal fans. 


August 24th, 2021 New Boy ,George single "Dirty Disco" is released.

BGP Records is proud to release the new Boy George disco single for "Dirty Disco" which was released on Monday, August 23rd 2021. The single features an exclusive remix done by "Kinky Rolland" and an exclusive "radio edit" of the song. Out now on all digital platforms including Itunes and Spotify and Amazon music. Order your copy no . 

01. Dirty Disco (Radio Edit) 3:11
02. Dirty Disco (Kinky Rolland Remix) 5:47 

August 20 2021 - New Boy George Single Lift Up Your Head

A new single from Boy George for "Life Up Your Head" has been released on August 20, 2021. It's a reggae pop song. 

01. Lift Up Your Head 3:32 

August 17 2021 Boy George is cover star on Classic Pop magazine!

Boy George is the cover star again with "Classic Pop magazine for the July/August issue. The issues features an exclusive interview with Boy George celebrating his big 60th Birthday, plus George speaks with "Classic Pop" magazine by unveiling an impressive haul of 60 new songs. They We catch up with the Culture Club icon for a must-read in-depth interview.. There is also a special exclusive subscriber cover. This is George's 5th time on the cover of "Classic Pop magazine! Wow! Cover Boy! 

Classic Pop - issue 70, 07-08/2021 Classic Pop Presents - The New Romantics - Special Edition - Cover 4 ( -  YourCelebrityMagazinesClassic Pop Magazine - Classic Pop Boy George Subscriptions | Pocketmags Boy George And Culture Club Archives - Classic Pop Magazine

Order your copy now by clicking on the picture below to order and get your copy! 

August 16, 2021 - New Boy George's single "Nothing Makes Sense" 

BGP is the new single from pop icon Boy George for "Nothing Makes Sense" which is released today August 1,6th 2021 on all digital platforms including Itunes/ Apple Music and Spotify. The new single is Electric POP at its best. 

Out Now on BGP Records!!
Nothing Makes Sense
iTunes/Apple Music: https://bit.ly/BGNMSApple

01. Nothing Makes Sense 3:54 

August 13,th 2021 New Boy George single "The Trouble With Love" 

Boy George has recruited his former ‘The Voice Australia’ contestant Aya Yves for his latest single "The Trouble With Love" Feat Aya Yves. Aya  found a home on Team George after auditioning for the hit talent contest and, although she didn’t win the show, she landed a massive duet with Boy George her star mentor. Of recording the tune, which she described as “very ‘1980s glam pop”

Aya previously revealed: “He really is super lovely, very generous and we have some things in common.  “He is very into astrology and we bonded over the fact that we are both air signs (she’s a Libra and he’s a Gemini).  We also bonded over our love for Joni Mitchell. "The Trouble With Love" is out now on all digital platforms.

01. The Trouble With Love (Feat Aya Yves) 4:04

Order new single Out Now! 

iTunes/Apple Music: https://bit.ly/BGTTWLApple
August 15th - Kim Wilde & Boy George hit the No.1 spot in the UK with "Shine On"

The latest single from Kim Wile & Boy George for "Shine On" has just peaked at the No,1 spot on the Top 40 vinyl singles chart. George tweeted on twitter on Saturday "So delighted to hear Kim Wilde and myself are number one in the UK vinyl chart with "Shine On".  The song has been getting some good air play spins in Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and in  Argentina . 


Lyrics - Written by "Ricky Wilde" & "Kim Wilde" & "Fredrik Thomander"
"Shine On"
I believed love was a temple
Where our prayers were born every day
Precious dreams, forever sacred
Now we feel them slipping away
But here we are
Found ourselves lost in the spaces
Between the moon and the sun
Now our world, fragile and naked
Cries the tears on everyone
So stay with me
Lay with me
Feel our love
Shine on, shine on
Shine on
Every night a little bit longer
Every day a battle for two
Fight against the chemical demons
Who control the fire in you
So stay with me (oh, stay with me)
Lay with me (lay with me)
Feel our love
Shine on, shine on
Shine on
Trust in me (I'll never let you go)
I'll never leave you (ooh, I'll be right here beside)
Together we'll
Shine on, shine on
Shine on
Be the light in me
I'll be the light in you
Come back to me (come back, darling)
I never want to say goodbye
Come back to me (come back to me)
I just need to see your light shine, oh
I need to touch your face
Together we'll
Shine on, shine on
Shine on
Trust in me (I'll never let you go)
I'll never leave you (ooh, I'll be right here beside)
Together we'll
Shine on, shine on
Shine on
I'll never let you
(Ooh, I'll be right here beside)
Together we'll
Shine on, shine on

►August 5th 2021 Kim Wilde & Boy George release "Shine On" Gets Released on 7" Single 

The long awaited duet "Shine On" with Kim Wilde & Boy George is finally released on an exclusive limited-edition pressing to only 1000 copies worldwide. The single is  being issued in a beautiful 7 "blue colored vinyl single.  

Order now out on Cherry Red Records. This collectible 7” features Kim’s brand new single, ‘Shine On’, with Boy George, and her duet with Tom Aspaul, ‘You’re My Karma’.

Track Listing:
Side A
Shine on – Kim Wilde and Boy George
Side B
You’re My Karma – Kim Wilde and Tom Aspaul   
A fantastic music video has premiered on Youtube July 25th 2021  Directed by "Dean Stockings". 

July 23rd 2021 - "Swoon" Gets released on a CD single 

Boy George returns to Boy George Presents with a highly collectible package, comprising a limited edition CD single of only 450 copies world-wide. The CD of the recent tracks "Swoon" and "Best Thing Since Sliced Bread", and also features a two-sticker set of the release artwork.
Release date Friday 23rd July 2021
Track list:
1. Swoon 3:25 
2. Best Thing Since Sliced Bread 4:28 

June 1st 2021 - Boy George racks the "Apple Music and Itunes charts reaching the Top 5 albums

Boy George's new album "Cool Karaoke" has top the I-tunes charts early this week scoring him a Top 5 album in over 5 countries alone and peaking in the the US Pop Top 20 album charts. 


May 25th 2021 - New Boy George single "Swoon" is released

 A brand new single "Swoon" taken from the forth-coming solo album "Summer In The Shade" This new solo album is going to have more dance related tracks including the 1st single off the album "Good Intentions" and other tracks including "Eyeliner Voo Do" and "Mexican Wave" (Please Don't Bore Us) A beautiful music video for "Swoon " features "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hill star and PK's wife Dorit Kemsley and their two children with fabulous guest  appearance  from George's manager PK. 

"Swoon" is available to download or stream everywhere! Song is written by Boy George & Benny D at Powerhouse Studios. Music Video directed by Dean Stockings & Boy George. Make-up is done by the fabulous Ms. Christine Bateman. 

Lyrics to Swoon 

Vamonos, vamonos, vamonos

Estamos claros y ya
Vamonos, vamonos, vamonos
Those eyes will get you in trouble
Those feet, some botdy a k es ake them dancing
Let’s eat because you’re always hungry
No take-away will ever fill you up
Driving from the city down to the beach
Empty up my head, that’s what I need
Remember one time you could light up a room, boom boom
Being pretty like a silver spoon
Those who put you down, maybe they spoke too soon
‘Cause you still swoon
Vamonos, vamonos, vamonos
Estamos claros y ya
Vamonos, vamonos, vamonos
Those lips put you in danger
Now you gotta be smart and work a little harder ([?])
Sex appeal, curb appeal, none of it’s real
Unless it comes from the heart
Remember one time you could light up a room, boom boom
Being pretty like a silver spoon
Those who put you down, maybe they spoke too soon
‘Cause you still swoon
Look at you
Head to toe perfection
Vamonos, vamonos, vamonos
Estamos claros y ya
Vamonos, vamonos, vamonos
I bet your enemies spoke too soon
‘Cause you still swoon
Swoon (ai, ai-ai, ah)
Remember one time you could light up a room, boom boom
(Those lips [?])
Being pretty like a silver spoon
(Could’ve been about you, a testament to your beauty
Do you want it to be better?)
Remember one time you could light up a room, boom boom

May 24th 2021 -New Boy George solo album "Cook Karaoke Volume 1" is released

 long-awaited Boy George solo album "Cool Karaoke Volume 1 is finally released through Boy George's record label BGP (Boy George Presents) The 13 track album contains the singles "Rainbow In The Dark", "What Would You Call Unreasonable" and the new single "Outside The Box". The album will be released soon on some unique formats including some rare hand painted album covers done by George himself.  The album cover represents a Karaoke video screen. This is such a clever idea.  

01. We Know What We Want (Feat Shay D)  3:20
02. Outside the Box 4:17
03. Name & Number (Feat Kim Wilde) 4:09
04. Rainbow in the Dark (Feat Asaf Goren) 3:18
05. You 4:07
06. Love on Fire (Amour Fou)  4:17
07. Music’s Gonna Save You 3:36
08. Simple Complications (Gimme a Dollar) 3:20
09. I Feel Like I Won the Lottery 4:07
10. What Would You Call Unreasonable 3:34
11. Butterfly on a Wheel 3:23
12. Chemical Reaction 3:46
13. Wrong About the Song 5:19

May 11th 2021 Boy George at the BRITS 2021

George was invited to "The Brit Awards" to present the "Best Single" award. The award went to "Harry Styles" for his single "Watermelon Sugar". George mention briefly on stage about the NHS and to the LGBTQ community fighting against violence and discrimination in Ghana.  

George later went backstage at the after party and chilled out with "Adam Lambert" 


George looking stylish as ever. He says his outfit is a tribute to NHS key workers.

May 9th 2021 Boy George's single "Good Intentions" debuts in Sweden

It's so good that Boy George's latest single "Good Intentions has hit the Swedish I-tunes charts at No. 35 this week. It's been in the chart for over two weeks now. View here . It's good!

► April 23rd 2021 Boy George releases new single "Good Intentions" 

A brand new single "Good Intentions is a synth-heavy dance track that will surely get you up and dancing. The single cover is of a dry water stain with "Good Intentions" written in yellow. You can purchase the single which has been released on Spotify http://bit.ly/BoyGeorgeGI and on iTUNES/APPLE MUSIC: ttp://bit.ly/BoyGeorgeGIAPPLE  

The new single has also been released on a limited edition 1 track CD single which is released by Hottwerk on BGP label. Order here!

01. Good Intentions (Roland Faber Rework) 4:28


Good Intentions (Lyrics) 

Written by: Boy George, Luke Begley and Roland Faber

It's good to know
You did it for my own good
Where would I be without you
You're priceless
You're good, you're good, you're good
You're so good
You're good, you're good, you're good
But I'm better
Don't you come in here with your good intentions
Acting so sincere with your recollections
A voice in my head says Mary
This ain't your first time at the disco
You were blinded by the lights
At 17
You tell me I look good
But you don't mean it
My success brings you to your knees
You're so disappointed
Fixed my hair, took up running
Getting ready for the future coming
Got myself a brand new man
Jealous bitch, you catch me if you can
Don't you come in here with your good intentions
Acting so sincere with your recollections
A voice in my head says Mary
This ain't your first time at the disco
You were blinded by the lights
At 17
Oh, this ain't your first time
Oh no no, this ain't your first time
I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine
You're good, you're really good, but I'm better
I'm better
A voice in my head says Mary
This ain't your first time at the disco
You were blinded by the lights
At 17
You were blinded by the lights
At 17
You were blinded by the lights
At 17
This is 17
This is 17
This is 17

April 20th 2021 - Boy George Biopic "Karma Chameleon" 

 It's a great day in BOY history as the announcement was made from Boy George this morning about his Biopic being made. Here is what we know so far. As of today we have two confirmed roles Danny May (From the movie 1917) will be playing Boy Georges father Gerald. 

♦ (Danny May playing Boy George's father Gerald in upcoming Biopic "Karma Chameleon")

Could it be that Keanu Reeves could possibly be playing the role of Jon Moss. Wouldn't we all like to know?

♦(Keanu Reeves could possibly be playing "Jon Moss in upcoming Biopic "Karma Chameleon")

The movie is expected to be filmed in the UK and Bulgaria and in the US. More details are expected to come soon from George and director Sacha Gervasi . George is casting any actor to play him in the upcoming Biopic "Karma Chameleon" which we think is the perfect title as "Elton Jon's" movie "Rocketman" was name after his hit single "Rocketman" and Queens  movie for Bohemian Rhapsody for their hit single "Bohemia Rhapsody" This title "Karma Chameleon" works as this is Culture Club's biggest ever selling single and is truly an 80's epic song selling over 7 million global copies. Can you picture yourself going to the movies to see this and asking the Box Office person "Can I have two tickets for "Karma Chameleon" WOW! 


(Boy George in April 2021 looking H.A.P.P.Y ) 

Production for "Karma Chameleon" will start this summer of 2021 which is expected to start filming in the UK and other worldwide places were Culture Club impacted everyone . Let's face it Culture Club are globally know in over 92 countries so the idea of this film topping the box office is going to be Epic!  George mentions that he's already written his "Oscar Speech" which you know means that the script is going to be FANTASTIC! 

(Boy George's outrageous fashion) Need we say more?  

April 12th 2021 - More Culture Club and Boy George tracks get Remade, Remixed and Remodeled!

  New Remixes have been added for Boy George songs "Something Strange Called Love", "American Boyz", "No Clause 28", "You Are My Heroin", "What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted", "I Asked For Love", "Sold" and "Same Thing In Reverse". A new remix for Culture Club's "Heavens Children" has been done and it sounds amazing. Head over to DB productions Youtube page  

April 3rd 2021 Your Token Boy gets released with artwork done by Boy George!

 Your Token Boy is the first-ever collection of NFTs from the iconic and singular Boy George. It ties together his output as both a musician and visual artist in a unique collection that captures the breadth of Boy George's creative flair. An accomplished painter, Your Token Boy features NFTs that span past and present as experienced through the most enduring songs of Boy George's career, expressive portraits of pop icons "Madonna" and "Prince" and the Culture Club bandmates, and more.


March 8th 2021 - Culture Club Get Remade, Remixed and Remodeled !

 Remixer and producer Dave Beaney for DB productions has been remixing some fantastic Culture Club songs. Many are some key album tracks that have never been remixed before. Dave Beaney has been remixed many "Dead Or Alive" tracks and has finally given Culture Club's catalog ago! Head over to the official DB Productions Youtube page to check out his take on many rare Culture Club remixes.  

Just recently DB productions has remixed some tracks off Culture Club's "Colour By Numbers" album including new remixes for "Church Of The Poison Mind", "Miss Me Blind" and "Mister Man". Did we mention he fantastic remix for "Stormkeeper"?. He's also taken a shot at a song off Culture Club's "Waking Up With The House On Fire" album for "Don't Talk About It". More Culture Club remixes are coming, including a few in the works for "Move Away", and some solo tracks for "Isolation" "Frantic" and "King Of Everything".  

February 24th 2021 - New "Turn To Dust" Remix

 Boy George's single "Turn To Dust" has just been remixed and remodeled by Blitz Club Kid DJ Rusty Eagan. The song is featured on Rusty Eagan's new EP "Blitzed" which also features a very fantastic remix for Visage "Fade To Grey" The new EP was released on February 19th 2021 on all digital platforms including I-Tunes and Amazon. This year marks the 10th anniversary for "Turn 2 Dust" which was released on September 5th 2011.   

01. When We Were Young (Blitzed Edit) 6:12
02. Turn to Dust (feat. Boy George) 4:21 
03. Fade to Grey (Blitzed Extended Mix) [feat. Chris Payne] 8:10
04. Blue Cabaret (Blitzed Mix) 5:40

February 23rd 2021 - New Boy George music video 

Boy George has released a brand new music video for the song "Butterfly On The Wheel" which is the third single taken from the fourth-coming solo album "Cool Karaoke Vol.1" 

February 22, 2021 - Boy George teases new album cover for "Cool Karaoke Vol.1 " 

Boy George dropped the album cover for his next solo album "Cool Karaoke Vol.1" this past Saturday which shocked Boy George fans. I mean the album is already fantastic. It's his best to date. Why not have a fantastic cover. The new album cover is stunning and the image of Boy George is fantastic behind a neon circle of blue, purple, and fuchsia pink, yet alone he looks amazing. The next single off the album will be for "Outside The Box". Fans get ready cause George wants you to be in his next music video. George will be making an announcement soon. Can not wait for this album to drop in a few days..... Can you imagine what the cd booklet will look like if the album cover looks this great!!!! OMG ain't the word...

Stay tuned...   

(Boy George Cool Karaoke Vol.1) 

February 2, 2021 - Culture Club hit 95.8 Million Streams 

Culture Club are the hottest band to pull off 2020 in fact the Spotify results are in for them. Culture Club has had 95.8 million streams of music played during 5.9 millions hours , with over 20.8 million listeners in over 92 countries. Culture Club are know worldwide! Congratulations to them!  

January 17th 2021 New Boy Georg album Cool Karaoke Preview 

Boy George has given his fans a preview of his new solo album title "Cool Karaoke Vol.1". George premiered the album on his BGP Youtube page and through his Instagram account. The new solo album will be released in February. "Cool Karaoke" sees Boy George collaborate with fellow pop icon "Kim Wilde" on track "Name & Number" which is a flawless throwback to classic eighties synthpop. George also samples the talents of "Asaf Goren" on track "Rainbow In the Dark", as well as North London’s "Shay D" on "We Know What We Want". The album is produced by Benny Di Massa and "Kevan Frost". "Dean Stockings" will be doing the album cover which is a beautiful shot of George. The album is also releasing a new single "I Feel Like I Won The Lottery" which is expected to get By  George back on top where he belongs at No.1 . George mentions that "I Won The Lottery" will be the lead track on "Cool Karaoke Vol.1" which means the preview he has presented may not be the order the album actually is going to be arranged by. George also mentions another track "The Truth Beneath The Water" which is also expected to be on the album. We shall see!

01. Cool Karaoke (Intro) 0:07
02. We Know What We Want (Feat Shay D) 3:20
03. Outside The Box 4:17
04. Name & Number (Feat Kim Wilde) 4:09
05. Rainbow In The Dark (Kinky Rolland Mix Feat Asaf Goren) 3:18
06. You 4:07
07. Love On Fire (Amour Fou) 4:17
08. Music’s Gonna Save You 3:36
09. Simple Complications (Gimme A Dollar) 3:20 
10. I Feel Like I Won The Lottery 4:07
11. What Would You Call Unreasonable 3:34 
12. Butterfly On A Wheel 3:23
13. Chemical Reaction 3:46 
14. Wrong About The Song 5:19 

December 26th 2020 Boy George & Hot Since 82" are No.1 with Body Control

Hot since 82' Feat Boy George (Body Control) is No.1 this week on the UK Coll Cuts Dance Charts. The single has been on the chart for over 9 weeks and now its the new No.1 dance single! We are all so proud of this! Way to go Boy George & Hot Since 82' for scoring there first No.1 together!

December 21st 2020 

New Boy George singles "Mercy Now" & "What Would You Call Unreasonable"

Boy George has just released two new singles for "What Would You Call Unreasonable" and "Mercy Now" which is a first time in his music career  he has released two single on the same day. The new singles are available on all download platforms including Amazon, I-Tunes and Spotify. The two new singles are taken from the fourth-coming album "Cool Karaoke" out early next year.

01. Mercy Now 5:52 

Lyrics: Mercy Now
My father could use a little mercy now
The fruits of his labor
Fall and rot slowly on the ground
His work is almost over
It won't be long and he won't be around
I love my father, and he could use some mercy now
My brother could use a little mercy now
He's a stranger to freedom
He's shackled to his fears and his doubts
The pain that he lives in is
Almost more than living will allow
I love my brother, and he could use some mercy now
My Church and my Country could use a little mercy now
As they sink into a poisoned pit
That's going to take forever to climb out
They carry the weight of the faithful
Who follow 'em down
I love my Church and Country and they could use some mercy now
Every living thing could use a little mercy now
Only the hand of grace can end the race
Towards another mushroom cloud
People in power, well
They'll do anything to keep their crown
I love life, and life itself could use some mercy now
Yea, we all could use a little mercy now
I know we don't deserve it
But we need it anyhow
We hang in the balance
Dangle 'tween hell and hallowed ground
Every single one of us could use some mercy now
Every single one of us could use some mercy now
Every single one of us could use some mercy now

01. What Would You Call Unreasonable? 3:38 

Lyrics: What Would You Call Unreasonable?

A warm kiss
Better than a slight dig
The French resistance in my bed
You're lying to me now
I can see it in your eyes
Your lying eyes
Your lying bloodshot eyes
In your mind, it's a minor detail how I feel
And my heart is everything
Come on, give me everything
What would you call unreasonable?
What would be problematic?
I'd give you my last dollar, baby
Even if I never had it
A cold kiss
Like I don't exist
Hope future wars will be fought on your terms
Leader of the free world
But this a symphony
Are you prepared to bleed
Let strangers know your secrets
I couldn't sleep
So you took that stuff
And you took some more
But it's not enough
What would you call unreasonable?
What would be problematic?
I'd give you my last dollar, baby
What would you call unreasonable?
What would be problematic?
I'd give you my last dollar, baby
Even if I never had it
I never had it
I never had it
I never had it
I never had it
If I'm running, running, running
Is that unreasonable?
Is that unreasonable?
What's it gonna be
Love of money
What would you call unreasonable?
What would be problematic?
I'd give you my last dollar, baby
What would you call unreasonable?
What would be problematic?
I'd give you my last dollar, baby
Even if I never had it
I'd give it all
I never had it
Every last time

December 19th 2020

Culture Club perform at the Royal Albert Hal for the "Rainbow In The Dark Tour" 

It was a night you will never forget being at home with love ones watching Culture Club take the stage performing their smash hits. The introduction live stream opening sequence countdown video was spectacular directed by "Dean Stockings" We also want to congratulate 'Kevan Frost" as Music-Director which he did an amazing job! The show sounded fantastic! 

So the show opens up with 16 year old Mila singing with Boy George on a new version of "Karma Chameleon" which really opened the show!   

Culture Club performed "It's A Miracle", "I'll Tumble 4 Ya", "Everything I Own", "Move Away", "Time (Clock Of The Heart)". Culture Club performed a new song from an up coming moving called "We Are Gathered here Today" which George said he had a very hard time performing this because it made him very emotional. The song is to be included in the movie later next year and a music video is also being filmed for the song. George then performed a spectacular performance of "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" and then performed "Miss Me Blind".

Culture Club then performed "Rainbow In The Dark" which George was joined on stage with Asaf Goren" which was a great performance. Asaf Goren performed a small rap that he wrote with George and it was amazing! Next Culture Club performed "Church Of The Poison Mind"

Culture Club also performed a new song which sounded very much like a "Culture Club" song called "A Girl Gone Bad". The lyrics are very catchy and it may appear either on a new Culture Club album on in the new film "We Are Gathered Here Today" 

Culture Club finished the set with "Get It On" and reprise of the original "Karma Chameleon". Culture Club were to be performing "Victims" and Life" but the show time had ended and the curtain closed. "Sassy " films has directed this which we are hoping a DVD set will surface later next year!.         

Set List :01.Karma Chameleon (Feat Mila); 02. It’s A Miracle; 03.I’ll Tumble 4 Ya; 04. Everything I Own; 05. Move Away; 06. Time (Clock Of The Heart); 07. We Are Gathered Here Today; 08. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?; 09. Miss Me Blind; 10. Rainbow In The Dark (Feat Asaf Goran); 11.Church Of The Poison Mind; 12.Girl Gone Bad; 13. et It On; 14. Karma Chameleon (Original Version) 

December 13th 2020

On this day (December 13th) in 2009 Boy George released his first ever Christmas single "White Christmas". The single also featured tow bonus tracks "More Girl Just Like You" and "Lousy Substitute". George performed the single at the Royal Albert Hall for a Christmas show called "A Not So Silent Night"

December 9th 2020 

On this day (December 9th) in 1984 Culture Club released their third single off "Waking Up With The House On Fire" "Mistake No.3" was released reaching the Canadian Charts at No.10 and in the US the single peaked at No. 18 on the US Adult Contemporary Charts and also at peaked at No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reaching No.61 on the US R&B Charts. The single also went to No.61 in Australia. "Mistake No.3 " became Culture Club's 11th Top 40 single that year in 1984.

December 7th 2020 

Rainbow In The Dark- The new Boy George Single 

Pop icon Boy George has released the long awaited single "Rainbow In The Dark" (Feat Asaf Goren) which is  out now on BGP label. The song was inspired by a Joe Biden which on CNN a news reported mentioned that "Joe Biden gave us an x-ray of his soul" which George thought was a great first line for a song and wrote "Rainbow In The Dark". "Let Me Show You an X-Ray of My Soul"  The single has also been blessed and remixed by "Kinky Roland" who does a wonderful remix for the song. Out now on Itunes and Amazon . 

01. Rainbow in The Dark 4:15
02. Rainbow in The Dark (Kinky Rolland Remix) 4:42
03. Rainbow in The Dark (Kinky Rolland Remix Without Rap) 4:42 
Order Rainbow In The Dark  Spotify 

Order Rainbow In The Dark - Amazon 

December 1st 2020 

On this day (December 1st) in 1984 Culture Club released their second  single off "Waking Up With The House On Fire" "The Medal Song" was released reaching Ireland Charts at No.14 and in the UK the single charted at No.32, and reaching No.35 in Poland. The single also went to No.50 in New Zealand. "The Medal Song" became Culture Club's 10th Top 40 single.  

November 30th 2020 - New Music video for "Body Control" Hot Since 82' !

Hot Since 82' has just released his new album "Recovery" on November 27th 2020. Get the album now on digital & double vinyl.  The album features the song "Body Control" (I Was There 1982) which has also been released as a single with a brand new music video which is out now on YouTube. Check it out. The video features some clips of Margarete Thatcher, Steve Strange, Spandau Ballet and Leigh Bowery and of course Boy George from 1982. 


November 28th 2020

On this day (November 28th) in 1983 Culture Club released their third  single off "Colour By Numbers" "Victims" was released reaching the Italy Charts at No. 2 and No. 2 Ireland. In the UK the single charted at No.3, and No. 4 in Australia. The single went Gold in the UK. The single would chart top 20 in over 5 countries. It reached New Zealand No.7, Belgium No. 11,  Netherlands No.17, Switzerland No.18, Germany No.39.   

November 22nd 2020 

On this day (November 22nd) in 1999 Culture Club released their 5th  studio album "Don't Mind If I Do" was released reaching the UK Hot 100 at No.64 and toping the German charts at No. 50. The album was produced by Paul O'Duffy who produced "Swing Out Sisters" album "It's Better To Travel" in 1987. The album scored Culture Club three more top 50 UK singles that year, with the success of "I Just Wanna Be Loved" No. 4  which went Silver in the UK by the BPI . "Your Kisses Are Charity" No.25 and "Cold Shoulder" No.42. and "Star Man" No.43 in Japan. Culture Club would tour with the album in December for the "Don't Mind If I Do World Tour" from 1999-2000 ! 

November 21st 2020 - Boy George singles "Isolation" &  "Clouds" get Spatial Awareness remixes

Spatial Awareness Remixes 2020 is a follow up to Spatial Awareness three warmly received previous remix collections with a brand new review of his favourite remixes from this past year, of course mostly produced during lockdown.
The ten tracks on this CD include his widely acclaimed remixes of Boy George's singles "Clouds" and "Isolation", as well as remixes for Greg May, Northdown, Alien, Buskr, and more.
So order now and get the Isolation (Spatial Awareness Remix) and Clouds (Spatial Awareness Remix) 
This is a strictly limited edition CD only release of 100 hand numbered albums, available to order exclusively right here

CD Release Date: Friday December 4th, 2020

November 19th 2020 
On this day (November 19th) in 1982 Culture Club released their fourth  single off "Kissing To Be Clever" "Time (Clock Of The Heart)" was released reaching the UK charts at No. 3, and No 4 in Canada. They went to the US charts at No.02 The single went Gold in the UK and Canada. The single would chart top 10 in over 10 countries. It reached Ireland No.4, New Zealand No.4, Holland No.7, France No.7, Japan No.08, Australia No.8 , Austria No.9, Switzerland No.9, Belgium No.9, Dutch No. 10, Sweden No.11.  

November 18th 2020 

On this day (November 18th) in 2005 Culture Club released their 2nd  Greatest Hits compilation titled "The Best Of Culture Club" was released reaching No.4 in France , and toping the UK charts being certified Gold and Silver by the BPI. "The Best Of Culture Club" album has reportedly sold GOLD in France in 1992. 

 The Best of Culture Club.jpg

November 17th 2020 

Boy George is Hot Since 82' with "Body Control" 

Boy George has collaborated with DJ Hot Since 82 on his new album "Recovery" which is out on November 27th 2020. The new song "Body Control" will be on the album featuring Boy George on the track. The song was inspired by George quotes from the 80's George makes an appearance. They met, kind of, on a flight to Heathrow a few years ago. “When George is not dressed in make-up and a hat, he’s not Boy George,” Hot Since 82 says. “And when I got off the flight he tweeted to say he’d been sat next to me. 


(Photo curtesy of theworldofmarkos) ♦

So I responded and said, ‘Let’s make some music.’” Hot Since 82' aka Padley asked George to record his memories of 1982. “It’s like eight minutes of just Margaret Thatcher, mining strikes, Italy won the world cup, Haçienda, Kraftwerk. He just gave me this big blurb.” The result is “Body Control,” a fearless throwback to the thumping bass-lines and trance drops of the eighties.

Order album here 

►November 16th 2020 
David Levine who has photographed Boy George & Culture Club from 1982 to 1987. David will be having his portraits showed in Italy.His Italian show details, it’s in Schio in Provincia Di Vicenza Italy from November 7th till December 21st 2020 . 

November 10th 2020 
Culture Club postponed their live stream concert!

Culture Club's manager PK has announced today on instagram that due to the latest UK lockdown made it too tough to go ahead with the planned Culture Club show at the Royal Albert Hall . Culture Club are moving to Wembley Arena and the new date is scheduled for Saturday December 19th 2020.  Culture Club fans can celebrate Christmas together.  All streams and meet and greets purchased remain valid and if you haven’t yet booked, all booking info remains the same.  

November 9th 2020 

On this day (November 9th) in 1998 Culture Club released their 4th  Greatest Hits compilation titled "Greatest Moments" was released reaching No.15 in the UK, and toping the Norway charts at No. 23 and Japanese charts at No.94. The album debuted on the US Top 200 album charts at No.148 . "Greatest Moments" album has reportedly sold platinum in the UK in 1998. With the success of "I Just Wanna Be Loved" marked a comeback for Culture Club , especially in the UK, where their career had taken hold of having 9 top 10 hits. 

November 8th 2020 

On this day (November 8th) in 1999 Culture Club released their 2nd  single "Cold Shoulder" from their album "Dont Mind If I Do". The single  reaching No.42 in the Japan and, and toping the UK charts at No.43. The album "Dont Mind If I Do" debuted on the UK charts at No.64. 

November 2nd 2020 

On this day (November 2) in 1993 Boy George & Culture Club released their 2nd Greatest Hits compilation simply titled "At Worst.. The Best Of Boy George & Culture Club" was released reaching No.24 in the UK, and toping the French charts.at No.13. In Canada No.20 , In Japan No.25. The album debuted on the US Top 200 album charts at No.169. .At Worst...album has reportedly sold silver in the UK in 1993. In France Gold 1 x certified by SNEP . With the success of "The Crying Game" marked a comeback for Boy George, especially in the U.S., where his solo career had never taken hold beyond the dance clubs, with his smash "Generations Of Love" which rose to No.11 on the US dance charts in summer of 1990 and SBK (distributor of his label, Virgin) took advantage of his resurgence by compiling this 75-minute, 19-track album, which combines Culture Club's biggest hits. The solo tracks are a more mixed batch, from his "Jesus Loves You" persona. 

November 1st 2020

Culture Club are back for a one night live stream concert called "Rainbow in The Dark" 

Culture Club are making there ways into your living rooms on Sunday November 22nd 2020 coming to you Live from the Royal Albert Hall. The concert will be featuring all the Culture Club hits with opening act by Vangelis Polydorou who will be performing new music. It's going to be a night you won't forget!  
Tickets are now on sale and available for purchase for Rainbow in the Dark - A Global Stream! Head to Ticketmaster.co.uk/CultureClub to tune in on Nov 22 from anywhere in the world!
All show times are different from where you live. Check with ticketmaster.
Culture Club have three different ticket packages to choose from.
 "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" - Livestream Access
Includes one-time access to the live stream. 
 "Karma Chameleon" - Livestream Access + Merchandise Package. Includes one-time access to the live stream plus a t-shirt (includes shipping fees).
 "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" - Ultimate VIP Package
Includes a virtual meet and greet, a t-shirt, and a one-time access to the live stream.
 “It’s time to find a rainbow in the dark. Everyone is searching for new ways to connect, and music is our satellite. Living in such challenging times, I hope we can bring you optimism and hope through our music.” Boy George October 2020

October 26th 2020

On this day (October 26th) in 2018 Culture Club released their sixth studio album "Life" was released reaching the No.1 spot in the UK on the Independent Albums Charts , and No. 12 on the UK Album Charts.  In The US an No.9 on The Independent Albums Chart  and at No. 50 on the US Billboard Album Sales Chart.

The album would reach the Top 10 in over 5 countries. Demark No.5, Australia No.10, Scottish No.11, UK No.12  

The Album would also Top the Top 20 in over 5 countries including Netherlands  Album Charts No.21,  France Album Charts No.29, Germany Album Charts No. 26, Austria Album Charts No.23. 

"Life" Tops the Hot 100 albums charts in over 11 Countries.  
Belgium Album Charts No.30, Switzerland Album Charts No.38, New Zealand Album Charts No.45, Canada Album Charts No. 50, US Album Sales No. 50 , Latvia Album Charts No.66, Italian Album Charts No. 66 , Spain Album Charts No.80, Japan Album Charts No 83.,Swiss Album Charts at No. 89 and Belgian Album Charts at No.151  

October 25th 2020 

On this day (October 25th) in 1984 Culture Club released their third  album "Waking Up With The House On Fire" was released reaching No.2 in the UK, French, and Australian charts. No.6 in Canada. They went to the US charts at No.26. The album has reportedly sold over 5 million copies worldwide, including going Gold in both France and Japan. Double Platinum in Canada, In the United Kingdom 1× Platinum ,United States 1× Platinum. New Zealand 1 x Platinum.

October 22, 2020

On this day (October 22nd) in 1983 Culture Club released their first single off "Colour By Numbers" "Church Of The Poison Mind" was released reaching the UK charts at No. 2, and No 5 in Canada. They went to the US charts at No.10. The single went Silver in the UK alone.

October 10th 2020 

On this day (October 10th) in 1983 Culture Club released their second  album "Colour By Numbers" was released reaching the UK charts at No. 1, and No 1 in Canada. They went to the US charts at No.2.The album has reportedly sold over 10 million copies worldwide, including Canada Diamond France Gold Hong Kong Platinum Japan, Netherlands Platinum , New Zealand Platinum ,Spain Gold ,United Kingdom 3× Platinum ,United States 4× Platinum. 

Also released on this day (October 10th) in 2018 Culture Club released their third single "God & Love" off their album "Life". 

October 7th 2020 

Boy George Fever is back. We have added tons of new stuff including Part 10 of the Discography page. Part 11 is in the works. We've updated many pages and added new scans . Check out the page (Culture Club Record & single ads) its scans for Culture Club and Boy George. (Culture Club record reviews) Tons of record and single reviews. Top of the Charts as you know Culture Club had some chart success with "Life" tons of new GIFS and as an added bonus our new Facebook page. Click here   


October 6th 2020 

On this day (October 6th) in 1984 Culture Club released the single "The War Song" from there 3rd album "Waking Up With The House On Fire"  "The War Song" reaching No. 1 in 4 countries Ireland and Israel , Sweden, and ERIE and the UK charts at No.2. The song would hit the Top 10 in over 18 countries. "The War Song" single went Gold in Canada and Silver in the UK. In the USA the single went to No.7 on the US dance charts and No.17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No.81 on the US R&B charts.  

October 5th 2020

On this day (October 5th) in 1998 Culture Club released there single "I Just Wanna Be Loved" it was released reaching the UK charts at No. 4,  becoming Culture Club's 9th Top 10 single. The single has gone Silver in the UK. The single "I Just Wanna Be Loved" went to No.7 in Scotland and in Canada the single went to No.18. The single was released off the Culture Club VH1's Story Tellers/Greatest Moments album which the album went Platinum in the UK at No.15.


October 4th 2020

On this day (October 4th) in 1982 Culture Club released their debut album "Kissing To Be Clever" was released reaching the UK charts at No. 5, and No.2 in Canada. They went to the US charts at No.14.The album has reportedly sold over 4 million copies worldwide, including over 1 million in the US where it has been certified Platinum by the RIAA. The album also went 3x's platinum in Canada. 

September 26th 2020 

Boy George & Culture Club announcement from PK 

Please head over to PK instagram page a try to guess the surprise ! 

paul_kemsley_pk  For all you @boygeorgeofficial and @cultureclubofficial fans I have a MAJOR announcement coming , where ever you are in the world ,I suggest you keep Saturday 28th November evening free.
Whatever you guess you will be wrong , but anyone who guesses the actual specific thing that’s going to happen will be my guest on that night. to be clear you need to get every detail correct and the judges decision is final.( I’m the Judge ) some one will win and I guarantee a night they will never forget.
Here’s one random clue.
A truncation of promenade !

September 25th 2020 

Boy George Feat in new book Rainbow Revolution 

Rainbow Revolution is a collection of vibrant portraits that celebrate the expanding spectrum of queer identity and visibility. It will be released on November 24th 2020.  
Starting with an empty white box, renowned photographer Magnus Hastings invites members of the LGBTQIA+ community to creatively envision the space.
(Boy George photo by Mangus Hastings) 
Funny, political, personal, racy, magical, and matter-of-fact—each individual presents themselves as they would like to be seen. Proud, playful, defiant, and diverse, the empowering images and individuals in this beautiful volume represent the strength of knowing and expressing who we are.
Rainbow Revolution includes Kathy Griffin, Jade Thirlwall, Luke Evans, Boy George, 

Buy the book here at Amazon 

September 10th 2020 

Boy George performs "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" for JW3 fundraiser!

A record-breaking £331,765 was raised at the end of JW3’s first Big Night In fundraiser, Thursday night’s online event to support the Jewish Community Centre for London. Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG), a long-time backer of the centre, gave £100,000 in matching funds for the event. Boy  George was also interviewed. 

Raymond Simonson, chief executive of JW3, admitted he had “pulled in every favour” that he could, in order to provide a star-studded line-up of actors, writers and musicians, with Boy George — most recently working with Israeli rapper Asaf Goren — top of the bill.

Boy George performed a new version of Culture Club's I'll Tumble 4 Ya" 2020 

 ►September 6th 2020

On this day in 1982 (UK), Culture Club’s third single, "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" was released in the UK. The reggae-influenced number went on to become one of the band’s biggest No. 1 hits. The single went to No.1 spot in 12 countries. "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" went Gold  and Silver in the UK, Gold in Germany, Gold In France, Gold in The Netherlands and Platinum in Canada and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group in 1984.

August 11th 2020  

On this day Boy George was featured on the cover of "Outword Magazine"  August 11th 2016. 

 ►August 10th 2020  

On this day Culture Club on stage at Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan, August 10,1985. This concert performance was released on DVD back in 2008. 

July 26th 2020 Boy George & Culture Club have 2 LGBTQ Song /Anthems Of All Time 

Happy Pride month everyone . It now official that Boy George. The Village People. Martha Wash. Scissor Sisters. And the Pet Shop Boys. All of these artists can boast being represented by more than one song on this list of the greatest 101 LGBTQ songs and anthems of all time. 

#31 "Il Adore" by Boy George [1995] Taken from the album "Cheapness & Beauty" 

The New York Times headline on July 3, 1981 was alarming: "Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals" Though it was not named yet, AIDS had reared its hideous head and would eventually ravage the gay community throughout the 1980's and 1990's. It was a scary time to be alive, to witness such horrifying loss. This song I'l Adore" deals with the devastation caused by AIDS. Boy George's "Il Adore" is heartbreaking in its tear-inducing starkness: "Laughing screaming tumbling queen/Like the most amazing light show you've ever seen/Whirling swirling never blue/How could you go and die, what a lonely thing to do."
#61. "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" by Culture Club [1982] From The Album "Kissing To Be Clever"
Boy George penned "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" about his heated off again/on again relationship with Kirk Brandon many listeners have thought this song was about Culture Club drummer, Jon Moss; but it wasn't. At first George didn't want the single to be released which lead the single (an eventual #2 blockbuster in the US and No.1 in the UK)  because it stung too deeply and too painfully every time he heard it. 

 *Bonus* Boy Georges "Same Thing In Reverse" [1995] Taken from the album Cheapness and Beauty.

Boy Georges single "Same Thing In Reverse" is also a gay anthem where it peaked at No.18 on the US Billboard Dance Charts.

June 4th 2020 New Boy George single "Frantic" is out now!

 Boy George has released a brand new single "Frantic"off his fourth-coming album "Geminis Don't Read The Manual". Frantic is a fun song full of running around madness. George sounds amazing on this new track. The single is available available to stream/buy from @spotify @applemusic @deezer and all other good music stores. George is also working on an acoustic version to "Isolation" which will be released soon for "Gay Pride" there is also a club remix for "Isolation" also being released. We are hoping this will be issued when the CD single for "Frantic" gets released. Stay tuned.   

To download/stream here: https://bit.ly/BoyGeorgeFrantic

Frantic song lyrics....


You're frantic
Somewhat pedantic
You roll the dice
Not once or twice, so many times
It's like you're running out of chances
The way she dances
Has caught your eye
And for a moment you will live
The perfect lie until it all comes
Crashing down
House of cards
House of pain
House of mirrors
Many broken mirrors
You're frantic
Can I be candid?
You never worked a single day
And every you make is a deal
Like you planned it
The door, you slammed it
Then you walked across the room
With a look that said "stop panicking"
I landed
First class from hell
Ya hate me 'cause ya know me well
Many people do
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
So frantically
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
So frantically
You're frantic
Somewhat pedantic
You roll the dice
Not once or twice, so many times
It's like you're running out of chances
The way she dances
Has caught your eye
And for a moment you will live
The perfect lie until it all comes
Crashing down
House of cards
House of pain
House of mirrors
You're frantic
Can I be candid?
You never worked a single day
And every you make is a deal
Like you planned it
The door, you slammed it
Then you walked across the room
With a look that said "stop panicking"
I landed
First class from hell
You hate me 'cause ya know me well
Ain't that the best kind?
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
So frantically
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
So frantically
Runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin' around
Runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin' around (oh, so frantically)
Runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin' around (so frantically)
Runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin' around
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
So frantically
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
Runnin' around
So frantically

A fantastic fun music video has also been released for the new single "Frantic" which was directed by Dean Stockings. Take a good look at the music video you will see legend "Phillip Saloon" walking around so frantically.  

May 26th 2020 New The Voice Coaches song "Praise You" is out now!

Delta, Guy Sebastian, Kelly Rowland and Boy George give us their incredible take on the classic 'Praise You'. Team George all the way! 

May 6th 2020 - New Boy George Music Video for Star Dub

The latest new music video from Boy George is for the song "Star Dub"  which is out now on Youtube. Directed and produced by Lady Pat. "Star Dub" is taken from the new solo album "This Is What I Dub Vol. 1". This is the third release taken from this album. 

April 19th 2020 - New Boy George Music Video Meditation Dub
The latest new music video is for the song "Meditation Dub" is out now on Youtube. It;s a very bizarre music video  which was directed and produced by Lady Pat, who has done many music videos for Boy George including "Yes We Can", "Amazing Grace" and "Don't Go Dragging Me Down". "Meditation Dub "is taken from the new solo album "This Is What I Dub Vol. 1". This is the second release taken from this album. 

April 8th 2020 New Culture Club Live Album Take Control 
Amazon UK has just released a brand new Culture Club Live album titled "Take Control". Its been released through Vox Humana label. This recording is from 19883. It's a great recording taken from one of Culture Club's early tours "When Cameras Go Crazy Tour". The album features 20 songs all digitally remastered. Sold by Amazon Digital UK Limited. Placing your order is easy. Order the new album Culture Club Take Control Live.
01. Boy, Boy (I'm The Boy) 3:46
02. I'll Tumble For You 2:49
03. Karma Chameleon 4:44
04. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (Live Version 1) 4:39
05. Miss Me Blind 4:48
06. Victims 5:24
07. Take Control 4:09
08. Mister Man 3:43
09. It's a Miracle 3:27
10. Church of The Poisoned Mind 4:18
11. Black Money 5:01
12. Love Twist 4:25
13. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (Live Version 2) 5:07
14. I'm Afraid of Me 3:51
15. Stormkeeper 3:10
16. Time (Clock Of The Heart) 4:25
17. I'll Tumble For You (Live Version 2) 3:18
18. White Boy 5:17
19. That's The Way (I'm Only Trying To Help You) 2:47
20. Melting Pot 4:16

April 7th 2020 Boy George tops the I-tunes charts in 7 countries
 Boy George new album "This Is What I Dub Vol. 1" is already charting the -I-tunes charts in over 7 countries including the USA where it's currently No.3 album on the Reggae album charts. This is the first album off Georges independent label BGP (Boy George Presents)
Get your copy now!!! The reviews are also pouring in giving "This Is What I Dub Vol.1 (4****out of 5***** stars) The song "Vanity Project" is also getting fab reviews saying "It's something special uses dub & pop with lots of synthesised wackiness.                                                                                               
Boy George Tops US Reggae charts at No.3 and UK No. 5 with This Is What I Dub Vol.1
Also in the charts this week is Boy Georges new single "Isolation" charts is 6 countries. George is very pleased and so are we.  

►April 6th 2020 - New Boy George Album This Is What I Dub is released
 Boy George has released his long awaited solo album from his smash follow up from 2013's "This Is What I Do". His new album simply called "This Is What I Dub Vol. 1"  This new offering has 13 tracks with some new songs like "Vanity Project, "Original Sin" and "Things Are Going Change" Many of the album features dub remixes from songs off "This Is What I Do" including dub mixes for "Death Of Samantha", "My Star", "My God" "Play Me" "Feel The Vibrations" and "Bigger Than War." George already is very much proud of the album because it has charted the I-tunes charts in over 6 countries. Get your copy now because it's only strictly available on a limited edition CD pressing which is a featured in a gorgeous gate-fold sleeve done by the art director himself Dean Stockings. (More pictures from the actual CD to come within the next few days of inside of the actual gate-fold sleeve, please check back soon)
01. Bigger Than War (Feat JC -001 George Clinton Edit) 4:58
02. Vanity Project  (Feat. General Waste) 3:29
03. Things Are Gonna Change (Feat. Dr. Brian Kennedy) 3:14
04. Star Dub (Feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson)  3:38
05. Nice N Dub (U Brown) 4:06
06. Dub Your Life (Feat. Joe Worriker) 4:48
07. Original Sin (Feat. Sinead Egan)  5:19
08. Vibration Dance Dub 5:13
09. Meditation Dub 4:45
10. Dub N Danger (Feat. Mary Pearce) 3:29
11. Play Me Dub (Feat. Dennis Bovell) 6:50
12. God Is Dub 3:37
13. Death Of Samantha (Feat. Sinead O'Connor) 5:52

April 2, 2020 - New Boy George single Isolation Is Released 
Boy George has released "Isolation" his second new single. It is out on a limited edition CD single on Monday, April 6th. This will be a 2 track Mini-EP. "Isolation" is taken from the new forthcoming Boy George solo album "Geminis Don't Read The Manual". Order the new single below! 

Track Listing 

1. Isolation (Album Version)

2. Clouds (Spatial Awareness Meets The Boy Uptown Dub)

"My friend Sacha Gervaise told me his business partner owned a satellite. This got my thinking about isolation and perhaps freedom. So many metaphors, so little time. Keep safe people and lets get this moment under control." Isolation- Boy George Following "Clouds", Boy George brings the next single...

March 30th 2020 - New Culture Club Live Album out on vinyl
An all new Culture Club 2 vinyl set for Culture Club Live at the Royal Albert Hall. This will be a black vinyl double album released in a gate-fold picture sleeve. The new Culture Club live album will be released on April 10th 2020. You can place your order here.  More pictures will be added, please check back soon.
Features the following tracks
Side A : Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? / Black Comedy / I’ll Tumble For You / It’s A Miracle / Everything I Own / Gimme A Sign
Side B : I Just Wanna Be Loved / That’s The Way / Black Money / Cold Shoulder
Side C : Move Away / Strange Voodoo / Church Of The Poisoned Mind / Miss Me Blind
Side D : Victims / Starman / Karma Chameleon / Bow Down Mister
March 29th 2020 - New Boy George Music Video For Isolation
Boy George's new music video for his single "Isolation" is out now on his Youtube page. Check out the new music video below that George had filmed himself a few weeks ago when he was in Australia filming The Voice which all came to a close when the Corvid19 outbreak went into effect to stop all production on the set. The music video features some really cool shots of him in Isolation in his home. 
Shot on location in Gerringong Australia and in London. This has zero to do with what's going on now but perhaps everything in some ways. All filmed on my iPhone and edited by Dean Stockings on a MacBook.
My friend Sacha Gervaise told me his business partner owned a satellite. This got my thinking about isolation and perhaps freedom. So many metaphors, so little time. Keep safe people and lets get this moment under control.

March 25th 2020- New Boy George Single "Isolation" Out Now! 
A brand new track "Isolation" from Boy George was released on Boy George's Sound-Cloud page. "Isolation" is a song that George had written last year. Boy George is currently shooting a music video for the song. The music video is being produced by the talented Dean Stockings who also just recently did Boy George's "Clouds" music video. The song "Isolation" seems to fit us all perfectly for the current times we are all in for the Corvid19 virus. Here is George's Tweet from a few days ago! Go have a listen.  This will be the next single off the new solo album "Geminis Don't Read The Manual"

Isolation by Boy George 

Can I thank you
For your good advice
It went in one ear
And out the other
When I scream at you
You switch off inside
I feel the same
So tell me why I do it
I met a man
Who owns satellites
And it got me thinking about isolation
Thinking about isolation
Can I touch you
In the deeper sense
There are no rewards
For simple humanity
If I bite you back
What do I get
The space inside
The emptiness
I met a man
Who owns satellites
And it got me thinking about isolation
Thinking about isolation
You don't know
How it feels
To be here without you
You don't know
How it feels
To be alone
I met a man
Who owns satellites
And it got me thinking about isolation
Thinking about isolation
Thinking about isolation

March 24th 2020 - New Remixes added to BGF Sound Cloud Page 

We've added a bunch of rare and unreleased remixes for you today. Including some never before heard remixes. 

Here is an unreleased remix to Generations Of Love (Airscape Airplay Remix) this remix was scheduled to be on the CD single but did not make the cut when it was released in 1998. This remix was never released but only made available on a strictly limited CDR promotional copies through UMC label. 

A unique remix to "Turn 2 Dust" done by the master Kevan Frost.  

An unreleased remix to the song "Brand New" (Star-gate Remix) was schedule to be the next and final single off  "Ordinary Aline" but shelved. 

The single "Amazing Grace had over 15 plus remixes done for it. Many were commercial released and others were not included on the official CD single release. This remix done by Jerome Farley & Floor One was cut from the release and shelved along with the "Emerson & Honeywell Remix" which we will be presenting to you very soon. 

March 6th 2020 - New Boy George Single Clouds Is Released 

The brand new single from Boy George "Clouds" is out now. Order your copy today.  Available exclusively on Itunes, Spotify and Amazon.

"Clouds" is the first single taken from the fourth coming new Boy George solo album "Geminis Don't Read Manuals" which is expected to be released later this year. 

"Clouds" is also available exclusively on a limited edition CD single which is sold at Hottwerk Buy BOY Here.  

1. Clouds 4:07

"Let me start with a question. Must everything be explained? I am trying, as an artist, to allow the listener to discern for themselves the sub text or subterfuge! Or the social, or emotional context.

I recently got a message from someone I worked with and was pretty close to. The tone of the message was attack. A one sided attack with zero consequence to anyone else but me.

If he had tried to find a middle way,  we could have had hope but I was left thinking 'It’s his grey cloud to carry around. Not mine.'

Hence this song about clouds. Which, like humans, drift in and out of your life.

Sometimes there is no response but that of a song. A song can say what you cannot clearly speak. It can say it in a simpler fashion. With a sweet, mournful melody."

- Boy George Clouds

►March 2nd 2020 - New Boy George Music Video Clouds Is Out Now!

A new Boy George solo album is coming. The album has been remixed by Benny D . The new album title has yet been released. George announced today the first new track from the untitled album.

The new single  "Clouds". It's a dark haunting track but yet very poetic track from him. The new music video was also announced today on Youtube. This is by far one of George's best masterpieces. 


The metaphors are endless
Some onomatopoeia
A bunch of oxymorons
Trying to convince us of their view
And what can be said
About what happened yesterday
There's worse going on
If you really want to know

Parting clouds
May clear the sky
And let the sunshine
Fall on us again

They're just clouds
Full of rain
Big grey clouds
Filled with pain
Hanging over you
Hanging over me
They're just clouds
It's all they'll ever be

It's all they'll ever be

Are you telling me your sorry
Or is it still me that you blame
Do you shake like Little Richard
Every time you hear my name
Playground stuff
Instead of love
The day I stole Laura
Was the day I grew to adore her

Parting clouds
May clear the sky
And let the sunshine
Fall on us again

They're just clouds
Full of rain
Big grey clouds
Filled with pain
Hanging over you
Hanging over me
They're just clouds
It's all they'll ever be

Hanging over me (Say 2 x)
They're just clouds

►February 20th 2020- New Boy George Single Killer Is Out Now!   

Boy George will be releasing a new single "Killer" which will be featured on the new Adamski EP called "Free To Kill Again" The EP will be release on March 21st 2020. The EP is expected to have 10 new remixes for the track "Killer" to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the song . The 10 new remixes will feature Boy George and Nina Hagen on the new EP.  The CD single will be released in April.  A music video has also been done by "Lady Pat"

►February 15th 2020- New Boy George Song premiere at Faenas Hotel Miami FL 

There is a brand new song out written by George and Roy Hay along with Amanda Ghost called "The Cook, The Thief , The Wife And her Lover"  is out now on George's sound cloud page. The song is featured in the new stage production at The Faenas Hotel in Miami.  If you live in Florida and have a day to see it go ahead and book your tickets now. Tickets 

Boy George on writing this new song .....

"I had a field day writing this song," shares music icon Boy George on his original theme song for The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover open now at Faena Theater.

“It’s not on the menu, but there is a price. A dinner date with destiny, that money cannot buy.” Consider those lyrics an invitation to the hottest ticket in town where you’ll find yourself seated in the blood-thirsty dining room of Le Hollandais in a completely immersive theater experience.

Boy George was commissioned to write an original theme song for the show’s final number, which splices together a litany of pop hits. “I was delighted to be asked,” says the multi-hyphenate artist. “I remember when the film first came out. It was fun to go back and rewatch it and try to come up with a song that summed up the whole story as succinctly as possible”, he added.

The spellbindingly sadistic story line tells the tale of a dramatic love triangle narrated by the restaurant’s omniscient waiters that unfolds between a ruthless restaurant owner, his wife and her lover.

“I call the chorus the ‘Bowie Mambo’,” he laughs, referring to David Bowie (one of his chief musical influences also known for his theatrical flair) and the track’s Latin rhythm. The tune has a markedly tango beat, an intended homage to Faena’s Argentine owner, Alan Faena. “I wanted it to be as dramatic as possible to go with the setting of the show,” he added.

Throughout the performance, actors blend seamlessly with Faena Theater’s waitstaff as they wend their way through the audience, drawing guests into the gripping logomachy and mayhem that challenges them to question their deepest human instincts. The show’s sybaritic three-course menu comes from Miami culinary luminary Michelle Bernstein—a Michelin-starred James Beard winner—who puts a distinctly Floridian twist on classic French and European cuisine.

Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, the boundary-pushing production keeps viewers on the edge of their seats until George’s song closes out the performance in a show stopping crescendo. “People will leave feeling emotionally and mentally stimulated,” he says, and without a doubt, humming the smash song’s catchy chorus for days to come.

►January 22, 2020 - Boy George is Back To Black

As we all said our goodbyes to legendary fashion designer and icon Jean-Paul  Boy George had stunned the fashion industry audience with his take on his cover to Amy Winehouse's  "Back To Black". It was a stunning a beautiful performance from him with fashion models and drag queens all wearing dresseinto black. George was very happy and excited to be part of this historic moment foJean-Paulul and performed at the end of the show one of Jean Paul's favorite Culture Club singles "Church Of The Poison Mind". Take a look beloatJean-Paulof this outrageous performance from Boy George.   

►December 20th, 2019 -  New Culture Club Remix Single Runaway Train is Out Now! 
Culture Club's new album "Life" is still releasing singles after its release back on October 26th, 2018. Just released on December 20th, 2019 is the brand new single re-release for "Runaway Train (Feat Gladys Knight)" This is an all-new exclusive remix done by DJ Marble & Professor Stretch.
We have an exclusive behind-the-scenes making of the remix for the new single. Check it out below.

This all-new club remix is fantastic and has that 70's vibe which is pure bliss to listen to. The new remix is available on iTunes and Amazon and Juno Records and also on Beatport. 
Boy George & Culture Club Runaway Train (feat. Gladys Knight) [DJ Marble & Professor Stretch Club Remix] 6:55

October 24th, 2019- New Single "Symphony Of You" is Released

A new single is out from Pete Tong Feat Boy George called "Symphony Of You" it is a fantastic track that is pure disco fun"Symphony Of You", Tong reconnected with the iconic Boy George, almost 40 years since a young Tong booked Culture Club to appear at The Barracuda in London. “I wanted this Philly International vibe, ‘Ain’t No Stopping Us Now’ meets ‘I Love Music, and George felt like the perfect fit to sing it, it was his key and vibe. And he loved it.”  A brand new music video was created using vintage footage from a night out at Studio 54. This is how dancing was back in the day. Nobody was on phone, you got up and danced all night!

1. Symphony Of You (Original Mix) 

November 14th, 2019- New Remix for Symphony Of You Get Released

A follow-up to the amazing new single from Pete Tong Feat Boy George "Symphony Of You" (Loods Remix) is out now.  We are loving the hypnotizing vocals. A dance floor filler.   

The new remix is available on I-TuiTunes through Amazon.
1. Symphony Of  You (Loods Remix) 6:05

September 30th, 2019- Boy George joins The House Of Truth
It's fantastic news today for pop superstar Jamie Hannah to be at the Top of the Upfront Club Charts at No.5 for his new single "House Of Truth" (Feat Boy George) The club remixes are already making a stir on the dance floors.  
Listen to the new remix below House Of Truth Feat Boy George (Tough Love Radio Edit)

►September 2, 2019- New Boy George remix in works with Shady D 
  Boy George has teamed up with Shay D Rap who will appear on the remix for the new song "We Know What We Want". 
Remixes are being done by Benny Di Massa, who is also mixing a bunch of new songs George wrote,including  one called "Blue Jeans". 

►August 12, 2019- New Lee Cooper Jeans Commercial Feat Boy George Music 
Boy George's was asked to write and perform a new song for the all-new Lee Cooper Autumn /Winter campaign. The commercial features British actor Harry Kirton and contemporary dancer Renee Stewart, set to a backdrop of East London, where the building blocks for the brand began.
Combining cornerstones of our heritage, for the autumn/winter collection we explore London and Denim to deliver a collection of modern work-wear-themed pieces. Georges's new song for the commercial that he has written is called "We Know What We Want" for "True London Blues". "We Know What We Want" starts off with a piano playing and then drops into full swing, Georges sings the lyrics.
Always try to be civilized
Love the first kiss it changed your mind
youd yourself into someone new 
A brand new heart
A brand new move
We know what we want
And we know where to give 
We know what we want
And we know where to give
We know what we want
And we know where to give
This song runs for about 1 min. Take a look.
MSIC : Boy George (We Know What We Want) 
WRITTEN BY: George O' Dowd
DIRECTOR: Bexy Cameron
PRODUCER: Tedi de Jasay, Jackson Payne
PHOTOGRAPHER : Vic Lentaigne
CHOREOGRAPHER: Simon Donnellon
STYLING: Holly McDonald, Frankie Knoller (Assistant)
HAmakeupakeup Ranelle Chapman

► July ,19th 2019 Boy George In The House of Truth
The latest release from BGP records comes Jamie Hannah and Boy George with their new single "House Of Truth" Get yourself in the 'House of Truth’  it's one of the most affirming hits of the summer. The NEW SINGLE is OUT NOW on a strictly limited edition CD single to only 100 copies. The song was written by Boy George & Benny Di Massa. 
The music video was directed by the fabulous Dean Stockings. It's also out now. View it below.
UK CD single (Limited edition to 100 copies) 
01. House of Truth (Original Version) 4:03
02. House of Truth (Radio Edit) 3:29
CD No.2 (Also limited edition to 100 coreleasedlease on August 9th 2019) Following the AMAZING response to the original version of House Of Truth, BGP Records is delighted to present Part 2 - a gorgeous, show-stopping acoustic version of the song.
01. House of Truth  (Acoustic Version) does not feature Boy George on vocals.
A new music video was also created for the new single remix. Perfect and WOW!   
House of Truth is a truly unique and infectious song; beginning with a soulful refrain and driving beat. Boy George and Jamie both take turns with the early verses which in turn build to a gospel-infused crescendo. The full breadth and range of Jamie’s 4-octave spanning vocals are showcased as thisuo are joined by a joyous gospel choir. “I am very lucky to have Boy George as a mentor. The whole process of making and recording the song and music video with such an icon has been very surreal” says Hannah. 
Jamie Hannah is a British singer-songwriter with an extraordinary voice. His incredible vocal capabilities were honed at the Royal College of Music, where he trained in opera. Fusing this training with a variety of genres results in pop music with true passion, unlike anything else you’re likely to hear right now. His huge range and soaring falsetto make ‘House of Truth’ one of the most affirming hits of the summer.

►July 7th ,2019 Boy George wins The Voice 2019!
Diana Rouvas has won The Voice Australia 2019! As the winner, Diana has won $100,000 cash and a recording contract with EMI Music.
"soam lo delighted," said coach, Boy George. "I have never been happier for anyone in my entire life."
Diana returned to the show as an All Star after appearing on The Voice Australia's first series in 2012.
Diana then gave everyone a taste of what to expect from her with a performance of her new single, 'Wait For No One'.
Boy George chose one of the biggest songs in history, Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You. Her YSoulwas, as usual breathtaking, and had Boy George in tears.
Then Boy George and Diana shared the stage to sing Barbra Streisand's 'Send in the Clowns'. What a fantastic performance this was. 

►June 25th 2019  Boy ,G eorge and Kelly Rowland Perform Culture Club's Runaway Train

George asked Kelly Rowland if she would like to sing a duet with him for Culture Club's Runaway Train which features the legend "Gladys Knight". She and George both did a fantastic performance. See below videvide the

►June 18th 2019 Culture Club's Runaway Train is on BBC Radio 2 B List for 3rdthe  week! 
Boy George & Culture Clubs Runaway Train has made the BBC/Radio 2 B-LIST for a third week now! 
Thank you #BOYGEORGE&CULTURECLUB This isCultClubs'lub'ss third single to be B-Listed."Let Somebody Love You" & "Life". 

June 1st 2019 - New The Twin Remix is out for Never Over You
BoyGeorge's ego The Twin is back with a brand remix for The Twin song "Never Over You (StarCluster Remix) is a very fresh club remix for the song. It's availableforo a limited edition CD called Icon Series Remixed.
1 –Replicant Feat The Twin* Never Over You (Starcluster Remix)
2 –Rosa Klebb Switchbox (Vicious Pink Goo Remix)
3 –Vicious Pink Goo Pornografik (VPG Italo Dub)
4 –Adriano Canzian Feat Anna Patrini Wild Strawberries (Metal Box Remix)
5 –Replicant Feat Jonny Slut Suck Suck (Starcluster Remix)
6 –Siobhan Fahey Pulsatron (Atomizer Remix)
7 –Punx Soundcheck Eurotrash Boy (the Droyds Remix)
8 –Adriano Canzian Feat The Horrorist Poison Key (Punx Soundcheck Remix)
9 –Punx Soundcheck And Marc Almond Vanity, Poverty, Revenge (Spatial Awareness Back To The Ghetto Remix)
10 –Dave Barbarossa Mudsharks (Extended Dub Wax)
The Twin is also featured on Icon Series Mix-tape which features a 12" extended remix to "Never Over You (Dub Mix) which is ahe Yum Yum album version extended. It's great. This Mix-tape is strictly printed to only 100 copies.
A1 –Replicant Feat., Marc Almond Fur
A2 –The Dirty Monroes Don't You Know Who We Are? (Vicious Pink Goo Remix)
Remix – Vicious Pink Goo
A3 –Punx Soundcheck 1983
A4 –Dave Barbarossa Buttercup Girl (Extended Dub Wax)
B1 –Punx Soundcheck Feat. Hersh Dagmr ,I Could Give You A Mirror
B2 –The Dirty Monroes Electro Circus (Clapapella)
B3 –Punx Soundcheck Feat. Marc Almond Neo-Burlesque (12" Dub Version)
B4 –Replicant Feat. The Twin Never Over You (12" Dub Version)

►May 29th 2019 Boy George Bio-pic MGM Movie Announced
It’s a good time to be on the musical biopic train! Just announced today by MGM studios Boy George & Culture Club are getting a bio-pic movie. It was just announced today that MGM will produce the film based on the life of Boy George, It will be written and directed by Sacha Gervasi. The movie will feature the humble beginnings of a young man who knew he was destined for fame. It’ll follow his upbringing, hicoming of agege, his battle with his sexuality — all the good stuff that we have seen in the other popular biopics. Unlike Mercury and John, Boy George has had more fun with the tabloids joking to be the first drag queen to win a Grammy Award "Thank you America, you got good taste, style, and know a good drag queen when you see one," George said at the Grammy's as Culture Club won the Best New Artist Award (via satellite from England). While today that may not sound outlandish, in 1984, as highlighted by a New York Times article at the time, some Americans didn't know what to do with George and his gender nonconformity. Or the time Culture Club debuted on Top of The Pops for the first time. The headlines read" Was it a boy? or Was it a girl?" You can expect this to spice things up a bit. 
Written and Directed by Sacha Gervasi
Producer: Kevin King Templeton & Paul Kemsley
Executive Producer George O'Dowd & Jessica De Rothchild
George had a fun tweet today as well with this announcement!  
►May 28th 2019 Boy George & Culture Club sign a deal with Primary Wave
Boy George believes he has lost hundreds of millions in royalty fees over the decades and wants to stop the bleeding.
Culture Club is linking up with independent music publishing firm Primary Wave to recoup the rights — and future profits — to hit songs like “Karma Chameleon” and “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?”.
In a deal to be announced, Primary Wave will announce an undisclosed stake in Culture Club’s limited rights to its music in exchange for marketing the award-winning band’s songs — and attempting to win back its remaining copyrights.
Music publisher BMG, which owns the band’s publishing rights, would be one target, sources said.The new deal comes at an opportune time as Culture Club and Boy George plan to go on a world tour in 2020. Additionally, MGM is making a film on Boy George, whose androgynous looks and soulful voice captivated the ‘1980s.
“My songs are very precious to me,” Boy George told The Post. “They are the story of my life. I wanted to partner with Primary Wave as they respect the legacy but also understand I want the songs heard.”
“Let’s be honest, he’s just f—ing cool, he was very, very original and ahead of his time,” his manager Kemsley said. “He’s more than just a singer, he’s an icon. He’s a trailblazer. I’m expecting big things.”
Culture Club's single"Runaway Train"Gets B-Listed
►May 2,5th 2019 - Culture Club Runaway Train makes BBC B-List
The new single Runway Train by Boy George & Culture Club (Feat Gladys Knight) is now on BBC Radio 2 playlist were it debuted this week. The single was released on May ,1st 2019. Let’s hope it enters the official singles chart, it deserves to be a big hit for Culture Club.  

►May 20th, 2019 Boy George Attends UK premiere Rocket Man
With the new Elton Jon movie coming out on May 31st. Boy George was at the London premiere with his friend Vangelis Ploydorou.
With the huge success of the last biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody about the British Rock Band Queen. Our next big bio pic is scheduled for our very own Boy George which MGM studio pictures will be developing a script and casting will be done soon for this amazing movie to come. George is very excited at the moment about the bio picture that will be filmed about him and Culture Club.

►May 19th, 2019 George Storms Off The Set 
"The Voice Australia" was back on Sunday night for season eight, and coach George brought the house down with drama.
Boy George stormed off the set during the show's blind auditions phase after a testy exchange with one of the contestants.
Twenty-year-old Daniel Shaw had just finished a performance of "Beneath Your Beautiful" accompanied by piano, and all of the coaches had pressed the "I Want You" button. But things got tense when George asked Danie  contestant if he played guitar.
"Can you play guitar"? George asked
"I can play guitar but no one really cares if I play guitar," Shaw responded.
"No one cares?" George asked while the man shook his head.
George said "I do." 
"What a rude thing to say"
"I think after that comment, go with Delta," he went on, referring to fellow coach Delta Goodrem before eventually storming off the stage.

►May 15th, 2019 - Boy George & Culture Club are No.1 with their single "Life" on the LGBTQ music charts. 
The single has been on the LGBTQ charts for over 19 weeks already and is going down to be a Culture Club classic with the LGBTQ community. This has got to be one of Culture Club's best new songs. With the success of the single going to the No.1 spot, Culture Club is also debuting on the LGBTQ chart at No.5 this week as a new chart entry for "Runaway Train" (Feat Gladys Knight). Now you can vote each week for either song. Thanks for voting!
Vote this week https://lgbtqmusicchart.uk/lgbtq-music-chart-voting/

►May 1s,t 2019 - Culture Club's Runaway Train Tops UK Vinyl Charts No.15
New Boy George & Culture Club single from their smash album "Life" will be for "Runaway Train (Feat Gladys Knight) This is the fourth single taken from their comeback album. The music reviews are in that this is a fantastic track from them. The new single is available now on I-tunes and YouTube. The 10" picture disc vinyl single has also debuted at No.15 on the UK Top 40 vinyl singles this week.  The single has been on the charts for 4 weeks already. 

►April 30th 2019- Boy George on Watch What Happens LIVE  

Boy George & Dorit make a pop up visit on Andy Cohan Watch What Happens Live to recap on the show that aired last week and talk about the new Culture Club single "Runaway Train"(Feat Gladys Knight)!

►April 23, 2019 - Boy George & Culture Club are featured in the new episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" The housewives attend a Culture Club show at the Greek where Billy Idol pays a visit, but the drama heats up when Georges'snager PK starts an argument with one of the house wives Kyle Richards. Culture Club perform the new single"Runaway Train" with Gladys Knight! 

►April 13th, 2019 - New Culture Club Picture Disc for "Runaway Train"
It's here the brand new Boy George & Culture Club single for "Runaway Train Feat Gladys Knight has b be issued on a special limited edition 3,000 copies made 10" picture disc. Will also feature the single "Life" (Stripped Back Version) This is the first time Culture Clubhase been part of Record Store Day!
Side A 
1. Runaway Train (Feat Gladys Knight) 
Side B
1. Life (Stripped Back Version) 

►April 10, 2019 Culture Club video stage productions 
This month Boy George Fever will be bringing you nine Boy George & Culture Club video stage productions. These stage videos were the backdrop during the Culture Club "Life Tour". 
Many of the videos have not been seen by fans who could of not attend the UK tour dates in 2018. This was the only time during the 3rd leg of the "Life Tour" in the USA these videos were not sshown Now for the first time we are bringing you these spectacular videos. 
1. Let Somebody Love You 2. It's A Miracle 3. Life. 4. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me. 5. Resting Bitch Face. 
6. Miss Me Blind. 7. I'll Tumble 4 Ya. 8. Church Of The Poison Mind   9. God & Love 

►March 24, 2019 B,oy George & Culture Clubs single "Life" has gone to No. 1 on the LGBTQ music charts.
Culture Club have been on the LGBTQ music charts for 12 weeks since December 2018 with their single "Life" Please make sure you are voting each week for Culture Club for their single "Life"

►March 22, 2019 Culture Club won Group of The Year in Classic Pop 2018 readers awards. After an amazing tour, last year and a fantastic 5-star album "Life" Culture Club is back. 

►March 6th, 2019 - Boy George on third Season on The Voice! 
News just in...Boy George is now doing his third season on The Voice in Sydney, Australia. The four judges are now filming and recording the audition stages which will lead up to the live shows in April. We will bring you more news as the season progresses. 

►March 1st, 2019  News just in...The new Boy George & Culture Club single for Runaway Train (Feat Gladys Knight) Iill be released on Saturday, April 13th, 2019. The new single will be issued on a 10" shaped picture disc which has been limited to only 3,000 copies worldwide. The new single will feature a new remix for "Life".
Side A
Runaway Train Featuring (Gladys Knight)
Side B 
Life (Stripped Back Version) 

► February 24th, 2019  Mini Boy George and Culture Club new flash. The next new single that will be taken from the new Boy George & Culture Club album "Life" will be for away Train (Feat Gladys Knight) which is scheduled to be released in April. It will be released as a mini-EP with extra tracks and possibly new remixes. Stay tuned for more news on this.

► January 30th, 2019  Boy George & Culture Club perform on Ellen for the 1st time!  
Boy George and Culture Club staged a candle-lit performance of their recent gospel-pop single “Life” on Wednesday’s Ellen.
The frontman belted the tune in a wide vibrato over palm-muted guitar stabs, smooth backing vocals and a l,aid-back rhythm section. “Will you let me breathe now while I find my truth?/ If I love myself, don’t mean I don’t love you,” he sang on a stage lined with candles — including a digital one flickering behind him on a massive backdrop. As a treat from Ellen and BMG records everyone in the audience received a copy of the new Boy George & Culture Club album "Life" 
The new single “Life” is the title track from the brand new Boy George & Culture Club album which is their sixth album, their first record in over 19 years. The album includes the singles “Let Somebody Love You” "God & Love and “More Than Silence.”
Boy George performs a wonderful live version to their new single "Life" Have you watched their new music video for the song. It's breathtaking. 

►December 18th, 2018- New Boy George & Culture Club New Music Video for "Life" 
The official music video for the new Boy George & Culture Club single "Life" is out now. The music video has been directed by Rankin the accompanying video of the most intensely personal song Boy George has written to date begins with his iconic makeup styling but later sees him stripped of his signature make-up and hat. His emotion, his tears, captured and ultimately countered, with a message of hope. Revealing his vulnerable side, Boy George has said the video is a tribute to his many fans who have stood by him throughout his career. Watch the video here.
The band will perform ‘Life’ on The Graham Norton Show this Friday. The song, produced by Future Cut, tells of battling and beating the darkest times, through the support of others and by holding on to this hope. Of the track, Boy George says:
“John Lennon said 'LIFE’ is what happens while you are busy doing other things, but sometimes you have to stop and look with sadness and pride at what you have done and created in your own life and value the rich complexity of it!
As the lyricist of ‘Life’, I wanted to express something truthful, honest and bare while carrying an uplifting message of hope. It's my story but it's a story so manythateople will resonate with. A story of recovery, transformation and the start of a brand new journey which has already brought Culture Club well deserved accolades. It's a song about second chances and new beginnings, enlightenment, spiritual growth, and personal redemption.”

►November 18th, 2018
The first official remix was done for the new Culture Club single for "Life" has been done by Freddy Bastone. Its aIt'sther good remix and the mix will have you on your feet in no time. Click the link below to hear the track. Did we tell you it is up for free to download also? Enjoy! 

►November 17th, 2018
Just announced today from Culture Club's manager PK the new music video for the new Culture Club re-release single "Life" will be issued in the three weeks. The music video goes beyond any music video have ever done. It is rumored to be a completely different version has that also been done for the song. Stay tuned...
►October 26th, 2018
 Culture Clubs new album "Life" is released and charts in over 8 countries. It debuts in the UK at No. 12. The album has received 4 and 5-star reviews. It is the comeback album of the year for them! The album is released on Digi-pack with 4 interchangeable cards, cassette, gate-fold LP with yellow color viny,l and also featured in black vinyl. Deluxe Cd with 20-page collectors booklet.   
►October 19th, 2018
Fresh mini news on Culture Club this week!
The brand new Boy George & Culture Club "Life" album trailer has hit. Catch George & Culture Club with the amazing new trailer for the new Culture Club album.   
We are just 7 days away from the release of the new Culture Club album "Life".  
 The new record has been getting plenty of support from UK radio. Just this past week BBC Radio 2 has added the new Culture Club single "Life" to its B List.
In the US Culture Club performed on The Late Late Show performing "Life" which Billboard magazine gave it one of Culture Club's most breakthrougperformancesce.
 Culture Club's "The Life Tour" has just finished up in America where  Culture Club had made over an estimated $7.5 million dollars in tour sales alone. George is very happy and so are the rest of Culture Club. 
 The Album "Life" has been getting very strong pre-order sales in the USA for the last 10 weeks it's been in the US Top 10 pre-order album sales. In Greece, it went to No.1 on pre-order sales charts. It has also gone Top 10 in Japit at No. 8!!
 Culture Club has released another teaser track for their new single "God & Love" which is the opening track on the new album and fans are going crazy for this one. Georges's vocals sound like heaven. The track is very deep and dark and it gives you such a great vibe after one listen. 
 Culture Club have won the Icon "Attitude Award this past week and George has appeared on the cover of Attitude Magazine for the 5th time.
 Culture Club are also on the cover of "Classic Pop Magazine" also this month for the comeback album of the year! 
For more news and more detail stories check out BoyGeorgeFevers new weekly Blog "The Clogged Blog"  
►August 13, 2018
Culture Club will be in the United Kingdom this week filming a music video for "Let Somebody Love You". There is also a mention that another video will be produced for "Life".
George also mentioned on Twitter that the leftover songs that didn't appear on the album "Life" will be featured on the Super Deluxe version of the album for "Life" Could this mean we will see the songs "Like I Used Too", "Moody Monday" and "Solid Ground" It could be. Maybe even the music videos for the songs will be featured on the Deluxe Version of the album. It's all in a matter of Time that we get the word on this.

► July 31st, 2018 
Culture Club has been hot since 82' and they are back again for yet another worldwide tour across the globe. The tour will have them back in the USA, Canada, and the UK. This is all part of the new Culture Club “Life Tour” which will represent Culture Club touring in over 45 cities across the USA and 11 NEW UK dates have just been added. Culture Club will be joined on stage by 80 ’s band “The B-52’s” know for "Love Shake", "Roam" and "Rock Lobster" and also “Tom Bailey” from “The Thompson Twins” "Hold Me Now", "Doctor Doctor" and "Lies". Both acts will be listed on selected dates throughout the US tour.
Image result for culture club life tour
Meanwhile in the UK Culture Club will be joined on stage by "Tom Bailey "The Thompson Twins" and the lovely “Belinda Carlisle” she is known for her hits "Mad About You", "Circle In The Sand", and "I Get Weak" 
Image result for culture club life tour UK belinda carlisle
Oh did we mention that “Vangelis” from “THE VOICE UK” will be joining Culture Club also on the USA and UK tour dates as a backup singer? This is going to be one big party on stage this year!  
The new long-awaited forthcoming album from Culture Club will be called “Life” which has been 20 years in the making…don't call this a comeback, call it LIFE…..which is set to be released on Friday, October 26, 208. Culture Clubs have just signed a new record deal contract with BMG Records for the release of the new album.
With the all-new Culture Club “Life Tour” on a schedule that brings Culture Club across the globe to the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, and the UK. Culture Club fans can’t get enough of them. The band are ready to release their teaser focus track "Let Somebody Love You" from the fourth coming album simply titled “LIFE”
As you already know by now the album has been changed from being called “TRIBES’ to “LIFE”. Culture Club has also changed producers and is now working with “Future Cut” who is making this album sound very much like how a Culture Club album should sound. The album is finally being remixed and put together. Boy George and Culture Club have also written a few more new songs for the album. One new slow song tentatively a selected single is the title track called “Life”  and an all-new reggae style slow song called “What Does Sorry Mean”. Some tracks have also be redone like re-recorded vocals for “More Than Silence” and re-vamped is “The Truth Is A Runaway Train”  and “It Can’t Be Easy” (aka Different Man) So far the track listing is at this so far. Now keep in mind this is tentative and can be changed during production of the album. Culture Club recorded 19 tracks in Spain and just wrote three more songs this year so we're talking like 23 songs already are for this album. We only have about 15 out of the 23 so far.  If you know of any more please feel free to drop us a line in Fever Forum or on our Facebook page.
01. God & Love 
02. Bad Blood 
03. Human Zoo 
04. Let Some Body Love You
05. What Does Sorry Mean 
06. Runaway Train 
07. Resting Bitch Face 
08. Different Man   
09. Oil & Water 
10. More Than Silence  
11. Life 
Boy George & Culture Club Mega Mix 
Just recently a new remix was added onto to mix cloud for a special Boy George & Culture Club megamix. Not only is this a huge mega mix it is over 3 hours long. Play this anywhere at home, work or just driving around. Its packed with such great hits it is beyond exciting. Special thanks for Vinnie who did the remix project. 
Tracks include the following 
01. Love Hurts (Evolutions Extended Remix) 
02. The Crying Game (Extended Remix) 
03.  Somebody To Love Me
04. American Heart 
05. Yes We Can (Kinky Roland Remix)
06. Coming Home
07. Happy 
08. Amazing Grace (Kirk Maverick Remix) 
09. Pentonville Blues
10. More Than Silence (Kinky Roland Remix)
11. Feel The Vibration (Kinky Roland Remix) 
12. Meet Me In The Basement
13. Generations Of Love
14. Run 
15. Kiss The DJ
16. Police & Thieves
17. When Will You Learn (Dado Remix) 
18. Hold On     
19. Tall & Handsome
20. Bow Down Mister 
21. Don’t Wanna See Myself
22. You Can go You Own Way
23.  White Out Superstar
24. Breakdance Hunk
25. Julian
26. Out Of Fashion 
27. Why Go?
28. Same Thing Reverse 
29. Auto Erotic 
30. After The Love (Layo And Bushwacka Remix) 
31. Brand New (Marc Vedo Remix) 
32. Turn To Dust
33. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
34. Miss Me Blind 

Culture Club Live @ Wembley 3 Disc Set 
Cleopatra Music & Film, with sales and distribution expertise provided by MVD Entertainment Group, will be serving up DVD and Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Editions (each SKU featuring a bonus CD) of Culture Club: Live at Wembley. 
Recorded live at Wembley Stadium on Dec. 14 of last year, this 15-song set featured the likes of "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" and “Time (Clock of the Heart)” from their 1982 debut album, Kissing to be Clever… Karma Chameleon,” “It’s a Miracle,” "Black Money", "Church Of The Poison Mind", "Victims" and “Miss Me Blind” from the group’s 1983 Colour by Numbers album...“The War Song” from the groups 1984 album "Waking Up With The House On Fire" and “Move Away,” from the groups 1986 album "From Luxury To Heartache" features two new tracks from the upcoming Culture Club album "Life" were given the taste of "Different Man" and "Like I Used To" 
Bonus features include video sessions with the band members and exclusive Boy George interview.
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Set List 
01. Church Of The Poison Mind
02. It’s A Miracle
03. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
04. Move Away
05. Everything I Own
06. Black Money
07. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
08. Like I Used To
09. Different Man
10. Miss Me Blind
11. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
12. Victims
13. The War Song
14. Karma Chameleon
15. Bang A Gong (Get It On)
Culture Club - Live at Wembley World Tour 2016 (CD+DVD+ Blu-Ray)
We are very sad to report the long-awaited discography page is going to be taking a lot longer to get off the ground. Our web-provider Photobucket is now charging almost $60 a month for third-party hosting which means we are going to have to have every photo that was ever listed on the discography page all upload again. Its very time consuming, but its slowly coming through. If you are interested in HELPING in any way you will be provided login information to help the site out. Send your inquiries to Stchristopher28@aol.com (Boy George Discography Page HELP!)  

New Boy George track "One Tear"

There will be an all-new track from Boy George on the brand new Paul Weeler album 'A Kind Of Revolution'  The song "One tear" was recorded around 2014 and will finally see the light of day on the new album. You can order the song which will be out on May 12, 2017, on Itunes and Amazon.com. One Tear will be featured in three mixes.

One tear (Album Version) 
One Tear (Instrumental)
One Tear (Club Cut Proof Of Kybert Remix) 

Boy George Fashion Model for DIOR

Image result for boy george DIOR

Boy George appears to be in the midst of having a mini professional renaissance. While for some of us, the man who crooned, “Do you really want to hurt me?” from beneath half-closed, heavily-shadowed eyelids never went away, he’s now reaching a whole new generation thanks to a roll on The New Celebrity Apprentice and his handful of cheeky one-liners during his cameos on the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But while the pop star known for his gender-bending take on fashion has long been a muse of avant-garde designers, for the first time he’ll actually get to star in his very own campaign, serving as the new face for Dior Homme’s Spring campaign.

The menswear brand released the images for their new ad campaign early Tuesday morning, featuring their Spring/Summer 2017 collection creative directed by Dior Homme’s head designer Kris Van Assche, styled by Olivier Rizzo, and photographed by Assche’s longtime collaborator, Willy Vanderperre in the studio and the streets of Paris. 
Image result for boy george DIOR
In the pictures, Boy George wears his signature tall fedora festooned with pins, much like his black button-down which has been layered under a crisply tailored blazer and black leather bondage-inspired suspenders.

Boy George WINS as 1st Project Manger on The New Celebrity Apprentice!

What a start to The New Celebrity Apprentice! Our hero and ambassador, Boy George, kicked off the season as the first winning project manager, earning $50,000 for Safe Kids Worldwide.
Boy George’s charm, warmth, and creativity shined throughout last night’s two-hour premiere. He led Team Arete in their task to organize an event highlighting the five-minute Tyover, created by the amazing Tyra Banks. You have to hand it to the fellas. I loved seeing all those tough guys (and even Jon Lovitz) apply makeup with such a gentle touch. It’s true: they came, they saw, they contoured.
And what a pleasure to see Boy George in the studio working on a song that helped Team Arete bring home another victory. Congratulations to the hilarious Jon Lovitz and St. Jude, a wonderful charity.
As promised, Governor Schwarzenegger was tough but fair. He stressed the importance of going all out for something you believe in. That’s exactly what we do at Safe Kids to save lives every day. As Boy George said, there’s nothing worse than losing a child to an injury that could have been prevented. We are empowering everyone to protect kids at home, on the road and at play. Join us and say "I'm In" to get your digital Safe Kids Kit to help us protect kids.

Generations Of Love 2017 

Generations of Love has been remixed and remodeled for the new year with exclusive remixes done by Christopher Poxx and Phunx Investigation along with the Tommy Novy remix. The club anthem is expected to be big on the dance floor this summer. This will mark the 100th remix that has been done for the massive single. Generations Of Love was a huge club anthem in the early 1990’s it went to No.11 on the US club play charts and became a Top 40 hit in the UK. 

Jesus Loves You's 'Generations of Love' a highlight from 1990. After the mayhem and mania of the 1980s, a decade he can feasibly claim to have owned, Boy George kicked off the ‘90s with the more understated, criminally underrated Jesus Loves You project. To this day it sounds like a paean to a lost generation, a huge regretful sigh. Here new collaboration between Boy George and Cristian Poow on this club anthem The hit song including remixes by Tom Novy and Cristian Poow and Phunk Investigation. 

Release date out on December 5, 2016



1. Generations Of Love (Cristian Poow Remix) 6:58
2. Generations Of Love (Tom Novy Remix) 5:34
3. Generations Of Love (P.I. Mix) 7:16
4. Generations Of Love (Cristian Poow Radio Mix) 4:16 available on Soundcloud

Hold On New Single 

George has teamed up with DJ/Producer Roger Sanchez on the house track Hold On. The new single has been released on Itunes with two releases.

Hold On (Radio Edit) and Hold On (Extended Mix) 

Tough Love & Roger 'S-Man' Sanchez combine again this time with Boy George to bring a deep and rolling anthemic record sure to be a club hit! Release out on

November 4, 2016

Culture Club Encore World Tour 2016

Culture Club Encore Tour

The second leg of the Culture Club 2016 world tour will begin its second leg on After a short break the boys will be taking to the stage again in Canada and the US in November, and New Zealand and the UK in December.


October 28, 2016, 5:00 pm CULTURE CLUB, UNITY FEST, CAPE CORAL, FL, USA 
November 4, and 5th 2016 7:30 pm CULTURE CLUB, TREASURE ISLAND RESORT, RED WING, MN, USA 
November 10, 2016, 7:30 pm CULTURE CLUB, PAC, THOUSAND OAKS, CA, USA 
November 28, 2016, 8:00 pm CULTURE CLUB, MAYO CENTER, MORRISTOWN, NJ, USA 
December 6, 2016,  Jupiters Gold Coast
December 8, 2016, Derwent Entertainment Centre , Hobart Canceled
December 9, 2016, Seppeltsfield, Barossa Valley
December 10, 2016, Hope Estate , Hunter Valley
December 11, 2016, Sidney Myer Music Bowl , Melbourne
December 14, 2016, 7:30 pm CULTURE CLUB, SSE ARENA, LONDON, UK 

Christopher Street New Song 

Brian Kennedy appears to duet with his hero Boy George- after they spent a day together in a studio. They recorded the classic Brian Kennedy track ' Christopher Street" on June 18, 2014, which will appear on the new Essentials Album by Brian Kennedy which is available at Amazon.com for purchase. 
The former Voice judge jetted across to London to work with the star and made sure to take a number of selfies.
Image result for brian kennedy with boy george selfie

The ex-Eurovision star said: “In the studio today with Boy George on a very special project. After much singing, we then had a selfie pout-off!”

Culture Club Church Of The Osaka Mind 2 CD set gets released in Japan 

Get the 2 cd set here


01. Intro
02. Church of the Poison Mind
03. It's a Miracle
04. I'll Tumble 4 Ya
05. Move Away
06. Human Zoo
07. Everything I Own
08. Black Money
09. Victims
10. Time (Clock of the Heart)
11. Like I Used To
01. Different Man
02. Miss Me Blind
03. The Crying Game
04. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
05. More Than Silence
06. The War Song
07. Karma Chameleon
08. Starman (David Bowie cover)
09. Get It On (Bang A Gong)(T.Rex Cover)-Incl. Band Intro.-
10. Outro
11. Closing BGM

Culture Club's The Greatest Hits CD collection gets released in Japan with SHMD

Led by the notoriously androgynous Boy George, Culture Club took the world by storm in the 1980's. Their mix of pop, soul, and reggae may not have been unprecedented, but it certainly was a refreshing break from the scads of sound-alike New Wave bands cluttering up the airwaves.

A singles band on pareil, Culture Club is well served by GREATEST HITS is RELEASED on June 8, 2016, a concise culling of their career highlights. While they were certainly not without their festive moments (the lilting, calypso-tinged "I'll Tumble 4 Ya," the sing-along sunniness of "Karma Chameleon"), George and his pals were at their best on the more melancholy, mid-tempo tunes like ("Do You Really Want to Hurt Me;" and "Time (Clock Of The Heart), where the Boy really got a chance to burn his torch at both ends.

Three Decades later, Culture Club's best moments still stand up a hell of a lot better than many of their contemporaries' records. They are touring Worldwide this year on the 2nd leg of the "Tribes World Tour 2016 "

Culture Club Greatest Hits album reissue with the SHM-CD format. Comes issued with song lyrics and a 6-page picture CD booklet.

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
Time (Clock Of The Heart)
I'll Tumble 4 Ya
White Boy 
Church Of The Poison Mind
Karma Chameleon
Miss Me Blind
It's A Miracle
Black Money
The War Song
Mistake No. 3
Love Is Love
Move Away
I Just Wanna Be Loved
Cold Shoulder
Your Kisses Are Charity 

The first two Culture Club albums get a 180-gram release on colored vinyl limited edition to 1000 copies! 

Culture Club's  Kissing To Be Clever was released on Music On Vinyl MOVLP1596, by Universal Music Group with the ID MOVLP1596. It was issued as a Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition Numbered to only 1000 copies. Issued on a Yellow, colored vinyl at 180 Gram. Released in UK & Europe on July 18,  2016
Features the original 1982 album format omitting Time (Clock Of The Heart) 

Culture Club is on tour this summer playing to SOLD out shows and delighting fans across the globe. This year Music On Vinyl will be issuing a special collectors edition of Culture Club's debut album Kissing To Be Clever on Yellow vinyl. The album will contain all 9 original tracks that were issued only in Europe before the US version added the new single 'Time (Clock Of The Heart). This was one of many albums from Culture Club that went multi-platinum.


180-gram audiophile vinyl
Includes Insert with Song Lyrics
The first pressing of 1000 numbered copies on yellow vinyl
Culture Clubs Colour By Numbers Gets a Surprise Coloured Vinyl
"Colour by Numbers was Culture Club's most successful album, and can even be considered as one of the most popular albums from the 80s in general. Scoring five Top 10 hit singles, this set of songs dominated the album and singles charts for a full year and a half (86 weeks in total), both in the US and in Europe.
With its infectious songs, and outrageous music videos that were played all over MTV, and Boy George as a charismatic appearance, the band was a media magnet back in 1982,1983 and 1984. The vocals from Boy George sounded as warm and soulful as ever, resulting in both the burning down the house churner "Church Of The Poison Mind" and the irresistible county catchy "Karma Chameleon".
In the 80s music was, in many cases, flamboyant, fun, sexy, soulful, colorful, androgynous, and carefree, and this album captured that spirit perfectly. A must for any collector of 80s music, and the artistic and commercial pinnacle of a band that still attracted new fans 30 years later."
180-gram audiophile vinyl
Includes insert with song lyrics
First pressing of 1000 numbered copies on "colored by surprise" colored vinyl - Red, Gold, and Green.
Side A
1. Karma Chameleon
2. It’s A Miracle
3. Black Money
4. Changing Every Day
5. That’s The Way (I’m Only Trying To Help You)
Side B
1. Church Of The Poison Mind
2. Miss Me Blind
3. Mister Man
4. Stormkeeper
5. Victims

The Do's and Dont's while attending a Culture Club Concert Gig! 


Am I pretty sure most of you die-hard fans have attended the first leg of the Culture Club Tribes World Tour this past Summer? It was a fantastic set of songs and many highlights that came with each show. I for one have attended a hand full this leg of the tour and let me tell you the Boy is very serious when you go to a Culture Club concert.

Are you there to have fun am I right? Not be on your cell phone taking zillion photos or talking to your neighbor about what's the next song?

Here is a list of the dos and ddontswhile attending a Culture Club concert.

DO: Make sure you get up and dance, everyone is there to see Culture Club they are not all focusing on you and watching you dance, plus you will never see these people ever again unless it's your pen-pal that is with you or someone from the Boy George and Culture Club community. lol



DO: Make sure you scream real loud when Roy Hay asasksou ttowhen Do you Really Want To Hurt Me is over. At one gig in New York City at the Beacon, fans went nuts over Do you really want to hurt me it was a rerecordsetf 2 minutes of people cheering.


The Don'ts

Don't: Please don't bring a Culture Club record to the concert George gets very upset when people hold up album flats at the Culture Club shows, he doesn't understand why the fans keep bringing those records.

Don't: Please don't take pictures at the show, George is very highly against the show, he wants you to enjoy the show live not by looking at it through your cell phone.

Don't: Please don't talk during Victims, George has only had two shows when the audience has not talked. One time in Japan and one time in Philadelphia. George sets himself off to a magical place when he performs Victims he doesn't want his moment to be ruined when he hears people talking in the background it gets him very upset.

Don't: Don't be reading on the internet with your cell phone and looking at magazines or news, If George sees you on your phone he will come to you and ask you "What you are doing?" He will say "Looking at your phone huh?"

We are warning you now...Don't do it!! 

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