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Taboo on Broadway
Tell Me What You Fear? I'll Show You What To Do!

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Musical - Original
Plymouth Theatre
First Preview:October 28, 2003
Opening Date:November 13, 2003
Closing Date:February 8, 2004
Book: Charles Busch
Score: Boy George
Pop star Boy George wrote the score for this autobiographical ode to the London club scene of the 1980's. In the musical, Boy George becomes a star thanks to the success of the pop group Culture Club and mentoring by performance artist Leigh Bowery.

With the musical Taboo, Boy George has accomplished something that none of the other compilation musicals (e.g. Mamma Mia!, Movin' Out) can boast: He has created a show about himself, written by himself, and starring himself. 

Taboo focuses on the 1980's New Romantic movement and on the lives of such personalities as Marilyn, Steve Strange, Philip Sallon, and George and Leigh Bowery. George plays the role of Bowery rather than the role of himself -- that task is left to a much younger actor Euan Morton who fits the part so well. Taboo has it's delving into issues of drugs, homosexuality, and disease, Taboo charts the rise and fall of Boy Georges career and examines his relationships with friends and acquaintances. It deals with death also on the beautiful song written by George called "IL Adore"
(Taboo On Broadway Street Venue)  
The (mostly) original score by George includes "I'll Have You All," "Everything Taboo," and "Independent Woman," as well as the classic "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" We also get a glimpse of the first ever Culture Club demo called "The Eyes OF Medusa" 
Were is Taboo Set?
Set in an abandoned London warehouse in 1985, the partly imagined story of a group of club 'names' set in the location of what was the city's most fashionable nightclub, the now-legendary Taboo (1985–87) of the title, which was the creation of Leigh Bowery. The show is based partly on the New Romantic scene of the 1980's. At its core is the life and career of colorful pop star Boy George, who rose to global prominence in early 1982 with his band Culture Club and his contemporaries, including the performance artist and club promoter Leigh Bowery, the pop singer Marilyn, 'Blitz' nightclub host Steve Strange (later of the electro-pop group Visage), and Philip Sallon, Punk groupie and Mud Club promoter. Although George was intimate with the central figures, artistic license around relationships and time frames was taken for continuity; for example, Bowery never attended the 'Blitz' nightclub as he was living in Australia at the time.
(Taboo Invite from 1985) Original done by Leigh Bowery) 
The Blitz was sort of late 70's early 80's and Taboo kind of came about in the mid 80's, just before acid house. It was just an excuse to be as excessive as possible, it was a time of immense hedonism, self-destructiveness – I mean a lot of people died – a lot of drug-taking, sex in the toilets... It was just a madhouse !

Taboo on Broadway Wallpapers 

Found these vintage 2003 Taboo On Broadway Wallpapers that were online when Taboo on Broadway.com was available. Click on them and save them now before you become "Out of Fashion" 

Fun Facts About the Boy for Taboo

Three Panels Musical

Greta outrageous funny comic strip for Taboo On Broadway. So funny and yet fantastic. 

Great outrageous funny comic strip for Taboo (London Version)  So funny and yet so fantastic.

Taboo at the Roxy Opening Night 

At the Taboo opening night party at the Roxy, Merv Griffin Productions created a colorful 80's London theme party, where costumed models distributed light-up Taboo necklaces. Fans played Wheel Of Glamour and it was a fantastic night to be a Boy George Fan. Did we mention they gave away promo CDs as well.

(Taboo On Broadway Promo CD feat The London Sessions)

It was the 80's all over again at the Roxy for the opening night party for the Broadway musical Taboo. Guests who would have rather forgotten their outrageous lifestyles—or hairstyles—from that era would have been wise to stay home.

With the variety of performers at the party, there was unlimited eye candy to take in while sipping on the evening's signature cocktail (the “Tabootini,” naturally). The Screaming Queens' Miss Understood circulated in the crowd, while the company's black-and-white human tables—performers in the center of a round table on wheels—served dessert. Chi Chi Valenti's dancers clad in Taboo-inspired outfits demonstrated their moves on platforms alongside the dance floor, while costumed models dispensed light-up necklaces to those wishing to add some drama to their party clothes. Even the Great Performances servers wore shredded Taboo T-shirts and exaggerated black makeup while they dished out English roast beef and Yorkshire pudding to keep with the show's British setting.

Taboo Night at The Roxy "Wheel Of Glamour".

Guests tried their luck at  five carnival booths at the party.

Taboo Night at The Roxy (Glow Taboo Necklace)   

At the <strong><em>Taboo</em></strong> opening night party at the <strong>Roxy</strong>, <strong>Merv Griffin Productions</strong> created a colorful 80's London theme party, where...

The Screaming Queens human dessert table got a black-and-white look for the Taboo party. 

The <strong>Screaming Queens</strong>' human dessert tables got a black-and-white look for the <strong><em>Taboo</em></strong> party.

M.A.C. provided Taboo-inspired makeovers in a booth adjacent to the dance floor. 

<strong>M.A.C.</strong> provided <strong><em>Taboo</em></strong>-inspired makeovers in a booth adjacent to the dance floor.

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Drama Desk Awards

2004 Outstanding Actor in a Musical Euan Morton Nominee
2004 Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical Jeffrey Carlson Nominee
2004 Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical Raúl Esparza Winner
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2004 Outstanding Lyrics Boy George Nominee
2004 Outstanding Music Boy George Nominee
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Drama League Awards
2004 Distinguished Production of a Musical Nominee
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Outer Critics Circle Awards
2004 Outstanding Actor in a Musical Euan Morton Nominee
2004 Outstanding Costume Design Mike Nicholls Nominee

Theatre World Awards
2004 Theatre World Award Euan Morton Winner!

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Tony Awards
2004 Actor in a Musical Euan Morton Nominee
2004 Costume Design (Play or Musical) Mike Nicholls 
2004 Featured Actor in a Musical Raúl Esparza Nominee
2004 Original Score Boy George Nominee
Leigh Bowery (26 March 1961 – 31 December 1994)

Everything Taboo 

Promo items 

Taboo UK Fan 
When Taboo was on Broadway from the Fall of 2003 till the Winter of 2004, there were many "Taboo" items that were either issued during the opening night of Taboo or the night at the Roxy Night Club. See the full story for "Night at the Roxy" the staff at the
Roxy had  Roxy Had Taboo fans hand out these items as part of the "Taboo On Broadway Street Team".
These are collector items. 

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Taboo Chocolate Bar (Yum Yum Gimme Some)

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Taboo Pen
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Taboo Tattoo
Taboo Playing Cards with Red Taboo Logo
Taboo Playing Cards with Silver Taboo Logo

Taboo Photo Frame 2x3 in (Use it to place a favorite photo from (Taboo The Boy George Musical) 
Taboo On Broadway T-Shirt Feat Boy George as Leigh Bowey XXL 1 of 3 T-shirts made.

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Taboo Key Ring with Emergency Condom

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 photo button11_zpsdd6b690c.gif  photo button2_zpse632df85.gif  photo button9_zps8707ed3f.gif  photo button8_zps9a1de8bd.gif  photo button7_zps08eabe31.gif  photo button6_zps8a55fe81.gif photo button5_zps2bf2c2b7.gif  photo button3_zpsaec74fd8.gif  photo button4_zps083ac195.gif   photo button1_zpsc7900ae6.gif  photo button10_zpsbf629c47.gif
Taboo Buttons

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Taboo Dolls Feat Leigh Bowery
UK Taboo Drink Coaster(Thanks to https://twitter.com/TabooInBrixton)

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Taboo Bumper Sticker

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Taboo bumper Sticker 

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Taboo Bumper Sticker

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Taboo Bumper Sticker

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Taboo Rosie & George Sticker

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Taboo Rosie and George Sticker (Here We Come)
 photo mikesgift_zpsd4ae1b4b.gif
Rosie Art 

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Taboo Sticker (Just Rosie) 

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Taboo Rosie & George Sticker (Are U Ready?) 

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Taboo Leigh Bowery Sticker

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Taboo Sticker 

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Taboo Sticker (If I Could Fly) 

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Taboo Sticker (Wrong) 

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Taboo Sticker (Unfinished Business) 

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Taboo Stickers (Ode To Attention Seekers)

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Taboo George & Leigh
Taboo Magnet Feat Various George and Leigh Bowery images
Taboo Magnets 

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Taboo (Rosie Art)

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Taboo (Rosie Art) 

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Taboo  (Rosie Art)  Mr & Ms. O'Dowd

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Taboo (Rosie Art) 

 photo rosie_artwork_04_zpse330f79c.jpg
Taboo (Rosie Art) George & Rosie 

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Taboo (Rosie Art)  George & Rosie 

 photo rosie_artwork_19_zps48dfee98.jpg
Rosie Art (Stranger In This World) 

 photo rosie_artwork_16_zps2e161100.jpg
Taboo Rosie Art (George & Leigh) 

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Taboo Rosie Art 

Taboo On Broadway Poster  
Taboo on Broadway Poster   

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Taboo Flyer (2 Sided Featuring Leigh Bowery and Euan Morton) 

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Taboo Opening Night Invite 
Taboo Opening Night Invite  

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Avenue Q Welcomes Taboo AD

 photo TabooBroadwayAd_BIG_zps8969a496.jpg
Taboo (Premiere Flyer) 

 photo tabooad_zpsab314411.jpg
Taboo Magazine AD (USA)
Taboo (Broadway Flyers Discount Tickets) In January Rosie knew the show was not doing well with ticket sales so she lowered the price. Notice the date is until Feb 15, 2004 when the show closed on Feb 8, 2004 after 100 performances were done.  
Taboo (Broadway Flyers at the Box office)

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Taboo (USA Magazine AD)
 photo newsdayjanuary4_zpsbda7491c.jpg
Taboo USA AD
Taboo Japan Flyer 
Taboo 2013 Flyer

Taboo DVD'S

Boy George Everything Taboo UK DVD Limited Edtion of 500 pressed copies.

A 50 minute documentary about the making of Taboo directed by Mike Nicholls featuring interviews with Boy George, Philip Sallon, and Marilyn. Bonus Extras: Boy George Interview at Capital Gold Boy George as Leigh Bowery in London Outtakes from the Karmachameleon Phone Advert Leigh Bowery in a Raw Sewage Music Video Leigh Bowery about the Anthony D'Offay Show Philip Salon's Steve Strange Story [2003 UK Region-Free, NTSC]

Taboo UK DVD 
2 Disc Set

Product Description
Boy George’s new hit musical Taboo is a glittering, funny and audacious spectacle celebrating the exotic fashions, the exuberant lifestyle and extraordinary characters of London’s 1980’s New Romantic scene in one of the most original and colorful musicals ever seen. Nominated for 4 Olivier Awards including Best New Musical, Best Actor in a musical, Best Costume Design and Winner of Best Supporting Actor in a Musical (Paul Baker).
Special Features
Full Live Commentary by Boy George 
Backstage footage 
Ich Bin Kunst music video 
Here Come The Girls live at Nag Nag Nag
DVD Technical Information: 
Running Time – 170 minutes approx. 
Language – English
Dolby Digitial Surround Sound 5.0
4.3 Widescreen
2 Disc Set. 
Special Features
Boy George on The Twin
Ich Bin Kunst (Music Video)
Backstage Feature The Twin live at the ICA Performing Here Come The Girls
B-Rude Fashion Show NY
Out Of Fashion (Music Video)
Karma Chameleon Phone adverts outtakes, bloopers
Boy George Around London As Leigh Bowery
Boy George Live From Ronnie Scotts Performing Victims 
Boy George on The Twin
Ich Bin Kunst (Music Video)
Backstage Feature The Twin live at the ICA Performing Here Come The Girls
B-Rude Fashion Show NY
Out Of Fashion (Music Video)
Karma Chameleon Phone adverts outtakes, bloopers
Boy George Around London As Leigh Bowery
Boy George Live From Ronnie Scotts Performing Victims

French DVD
3 Disc Set 
DVD 1: 
Boy George and "The Twin" 
Leigh Bowery in the gallery "D'Offay" 
Movie: "Ich Bin Kunst" 
DVD 2: 
Concert "The Twin" at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) 
Parade " B-Rude "Winter 2005 
DVD 3: 
Movie: "Out of Fashion" 
Cut Scenes of "Karma Chameleon" 
Boy George in concert at Ronnie Scott's

Japan DVD
4 Disc Set 
Includes CD version to the show.
Taboo The Boy George Musical 
Bonus Disc 1 
Features Everything taboo (Documentary)
Out OF Fashion (Music Video) 
Karma Chameleon (Telephone Advert Outtakes)
 Boy George Around London (Screaming Mad)
Boy George Live At Ronnie Scotts (Performing Victims)
Bonus Disc 2 
Boy George on The Twin (Backstage at taboo On Broadway) 
Leigh Bowery At O'Faffey Gallery
Ich Bin Kunst (Music Video)
Backstage Gossip
The Twin Live at The ICA Performing Here Comes The Girls
B- Rude Fashion Show New York City (2005)
Disc 4 (Taboo The Sound Track CD) Features 25 Songs 


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1. Ode To Attention Seekers
2. Safe In The City
3. Freak
4. Stranger In This World
5. Genocide Peroxide
6. I'll Have You All
7. Love Is A Question Mark
8. Shelter
9. Pretty Lies
10. Guttersnipe
11. Talk Amoungst Yourself
12. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
13. Touched By The Hand of Cool
14. Everything Taboo
15. Petrified
16. I See Through You
17. Independent Woman
18. Ich Bin Kunst
19. Out Of Fashion
20. IL Adore
21. Pie In The Sky
1. Freak / Ode to Attention Seekers
2. Stranger in This World
3. Safe in the City
4. Dress to Kill
5. Genocide Peroxide
6. I'll Have You All
7. Sexual Confusion
8. Pretty Lies
9. Guttersnipe
10. Love Is A Question Mark
11. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
12. Church of the Poison Mind / Karma Chameleon
13. Everything Taboo
14. Talk Amongst Yourselves
15. The Fame Game
16. I See Through You
17. Ich Bin Kunst
18. Petrified
19. Out Of Fashion
20. Il Adore
21. Come on in From the Outside

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