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Symphony Of You - What Would You Call Unreasonable


Pete Tong & Her-O (Feat Boy George) Symphony Of You 
World Wide DL
1 track download single for Pete Tong & Her-O (Feat Boy George) Symphony Of You (Loods Remix) which is an extended dub remix to the album version. Contains a sample of "You Deserve To Dance" as performed by Webster Lewis.
01. Symphony Of You (Loods Remix) 6:05 

A music video for Pete Tong & Hero Feat Boy George Symphony Of You. Taken from a night at Studio 54 when dancing was a thing and that's all you did all night. No cell phones no talking just dancing like there was no tomorrow. See music video below. 

Pete Tong
Chilled Classics
Album 2 vinyl Features Boy George on track 5 for "Symphony of You" Contains a sample of "You Deserve To Dance" as performed by Webster Lewis.
01. Sweet Harmony Featuring – Nina Nesbitt 4:50
02. 7 Seconds Featuring – Grace Carter (2), Langa Mavuso 4:26
03. Rose Rouge Featuring – Robert Owens 5:10
04. Go Crazy Featuring – Todd Edwards 2:55
05. Symphony Of You Featuring – Boy George 3:28
06. The Cure & The Cause Featuring – Sinead Harnett 3:07
07. With Every Heartbeat Featuring – Zara Larsson 4:00
08. At The River 4:05 
09. Offshore 4:00
10. Perfect Harmony Featuring – MNEK 5:13
11. Darkest Days  Featuring – Shungudzo 4:26
12. Touch Me Featuring – The Kills 4:20
13. Greece 2000 3:43
14. Alright Featuring – Au/Ra 4:55
15. Show Me Love Featuring – Moss Kena 4:30
16. Born Slippy Featuring – Wiley 4:16
17. Adagio For Strings 4:47
18. Every Heartbeat (Full Orchestral Version) Featuring – Zara Larsson
Boy George & Culture Club
Runaway Train (Feat Gladys Knight) 
World Wide DL
A special remix for the Culture Club track "Runaway Train" was released on December 20th 2019 one of many remixes that were made for the single. The DJ Marble an Professor Stretch club remix. BMG decided to release this towards the end of 2019.
01. Runaway Train Feat Gladys Knight (DJ Marble & Professor Stretch Club Remix) 6:56 
Jean Paul Fashion Show
Boy George was asked by fashion designer Jean Paul to open the start of his final fashion show. George performed "Back To Black" and Culture Club's "Church Of The Poison Mind".

Boy George
World Wide DL 
UK CD Boy George released his new single "Clouds" on March 6, 2020 taken from the fourth-coming solo album "Geminis Don't Read The Manual". A special card sleeve one track CD single was released. 
01. Clouds 4:05 
Video Music video for Boy George's "Clouds" was released. Features music video shot on Georges actual I-phone in Australia. 

Free To Kill Again  
World Wide DL
UK Vinyl (Limited Edition)
Adamski release "Free To Kill Again" Features 10 tracks of the song "Killer".  Features Boy George on "Killer" and music video was also made by "Lady Pat". Released on March 20th 2020. 
01. Killer (With Hannah Jane)
02. Killer Virus [Explicit]
03. Ladykiller
04. Killer (With Chi Chi O)
05. Killer Instinct (Featuring Mykki Blanco)
06. Pain Killer 
07. Don't Killer Animals (Feat Nina Hagen)
08. Kill or be Killed
09  Killer (Feat Boy George ) Mixed by Adrian Sherwood
10. Killer (Original 1989 Instrumental) (Bonus Track)     
Music video for Killer feat Boy George mixed by Adrain Sherwood. 

Culture Club 
I'll Tumble 4 Ya 
(Live Album) 
UK DL Culture Club release "Live Album" Features 20 live Culture Club tracks from various tours from the early 1980s . Released on March 31, 2020. Features two different picture sleeves to choose from. 
01. Boy, Boy (I'm The Boy) (Live) 3:46
02. I'll Tumble For You (Live) 2:49
03. Karma Chameleon (Live) 4:44
04. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (Live Version 1) (Live) 4:39
05. Miss Me Blind (Live) 4:48
06. Victims (Live) 5:24
07. Take Control (Live) 4:09
08. Mister Man (Live) 3:43
09. It's a Miracle (Live) 3:27
10. Church of The Poisoned Mind (Live) 4:18
11. Black Money (Live) 5:01
12. Love Twist (Live) 4:25
13. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (Live Version 2) (Live) 5:07
14. I'm Afraid of Me (Live) 3:51
15. Stormkeeper (Live) 3:10
16. Time (Clock Of The Heart)  (Live) 4:25
17. I'll Tumble For You (Live Version 2) (Live) 3:18
18. White Boy (Live) 5:17
19. That's The Way (I'm Only Trying To Help You) (Live) 2:47
20. Melting Pot (Live)
Boy George
World Wide DL 
UK 2 track promo CD single "Isolation" was released on April 6, 2020. Taken from the forth-coming solo album "Geminis Don't Read The Manual". A special card sleeve two- track CD single was released on BGP label.
01. Isolation 4:29
02. Clouds (Spatial Awareness The Boy Uptown Dub) 6:03

Music video for Isolation was also released.  

Boy George
This Is What I Dub Vol.1
World Wide DL
UK CD Gatefold Sleeve   
UK 13 track CD gatefold sleeve album for "This Is What I Dub Vol.1" released on April 6, 2020. A dub album that was created 6 years ago in 2014 was finally released through BGP.  Feature duets with "George Clinton" "Sinead O'Connor and "U Brown" and "General Waste". The album featured 3 exclusive new songs written for the album. "Vanity Project", Original Sin" and "Things Are Gonna Change". There were also 4 music videos done by "Lady Pat" for "Mediation Dub" "Star Dub" and God Is A Dub" and the first single release from the album "Love Is Bigger Than War". 
01.Bigger Than War (George Clinton Edit) 4:57
02.Vanity Project 3:28
03.Things Are Gonna Change 3:13
04.Star Dub 3:37
05.Nice N Dub 4:06
06.Dub Your Life 4:48
07.Original Sin 5:18
08.Vibration Dance Dub 5:12
09.Meditation Dub 4:45
10.Dub N Danger 3:28
11.Play Me Dub 6:49
12.God Is Dub 3:37
13.Death Of Samantha (Feat. Sinead O'Connor) 5:52
Culture Club 
The Royal Albert Hall
(Live Album) 
World Wide DL
UK Double LP Gatefold Sleeve   
UK 17 track black double vinyl gatefold sleeve for "Culture Club Live At The Royal Albert Hall" released on April 10th, 2020. This Anniversary concert is from 2002. The song "Talk Among Yourselves" has been omitted from this vinyl release.  
Side A:
A1 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
A2 Black Comedy / I‘ll Tumble For You
A3 It‘s A Miracle
A4 Everything I Own
A5 Gimme A Sign
Side B:
B6 I Just Wanna Be Loved
B7 That‘s The Way
B8 Black Money
B9 Cold Shoulder
Side C: 
C10 Move Away
C11 Strange Voodoo
C12 Church Of The Poisoned Mind
C13 Miss Me Blind
Side D:
D14 Victims
D15 Starman
D16 Karma Chameleon
D17 Bow Down Mister

Boy George
World Wide DL 
1 track download single "Frantic" released on May 29, 2020. Taken from the forth-coming solo album "Geminis Don't Read The Manual". "Frantic" was not issued on a CD single as to the previous two singles "Clouds" and Isolation" released on BGP label.

01. Frantic 4:01

A Music video for "Frantic" directed by "Dean Stockings" 


Boy George
In My Room, from "Rolling Stone Magazine features Boy George sharing an intimate performance — accompanied by guitarist Kevan Frost — from a private spot in London. George performs an acoustic version to “Frantic,” as well as an acoustic version of his song “Isolation,” followed by “Mercy Now.”

Hot Since 82'
UK Double Vinyl Hot Since 82' releases his new album "Recovery" featuring the single "Body Control" (Feat Boy George) which has already been a No.1 hit in the UK through "Cool Cuts" dance charts. A Music video was also made.   
01. Nightfall 8:06
02. Eye Of The Storm 4:10
03. Naboo 5:13
04. Rules 6:46
05. Body Control (Feat Boy George) 3:40
06. Hide 6:06
07. Loverdose 4:53
08. Be Strong 5:55
09. Sinnerman 4:33
10. Barefoot 6:59
11. Mesmerize 7:02
12. Want You 6:10
13. Black & White 5:28
14. Nightfall (Dub) 7:48
Music Video for "Body Control" (Feat Boy George)

Spatial Awareness
Remixes 2020 
UK CD album limited edition to only 100 copies "Spatial Awareness" releases his new remix album "Remixes 2020" Released on December 4, 2020. Featuring the single "Clouds" (Feat Boy George) and "Isolation" (Spatial Awareness Remix)    
01. Boy George - Clouds (Spatial Awareness Meets The Boy Uptown Dub) 
02. Vix 20 - Tron Takes The Train 
03. Kinky Rolland - Bandwagon 
04. Wes Baggaley - Murder 
05. Spatial Awareness - Can't Hold Back 
06. Greg May - Take Me 
07. Northdown - Dancing Alone 
08. Alien - Follow The Trail of Dead Bodies 
09. Buskr- Back In This Place 
10. Boy George - Isolation Spatial Awareness Remix) 

Boy George (Feat Asaf Goren)
Rainbow In The Dark 
World Wide DL
World-wide 3 track download single for Boy George (Feat Asaf Goren) for Rainbow in The Dark which is features remixes by Kinky Rolland. Single will be featured on the new Boy George solo album "Cool Karaoke". The song contains a small rap by Asaf Goren. George & Asaf performed this song during the Culture Club "Rainbow In The Dark' Live Stream.
01. Rainbow In The Dark (Album Version) 4:15
02. Rainbow In The Dark (Kinky Rolland Remix with Asaf Goren Rap) 4:43 
03. Rainbow In The Dark (Kinky Rolland Remix without Rap) 4:43 
Music video Directed By Dean Stockings  Rainbow In The Dark (Album Version)

Music Video Directed By Dean Stockings Rainbow In The Dark (Kinky Rolland Remix With Rap)  

Culture Club  
Rainbow In The Dark  
(Live Stream)
World Wide 
World-wide live stream from the SSE Arena in London at Wembley Stadium. Culture performed a 70-minute set featuring all the hits including "Miss Me Blind", "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" and two new songs "We Are Gathered Here Today" and "Poster Child (A Girl Gone Bad) Boy George also brought Asaf Goren in for a performance of "Rainbow in The Dark".  The show was filmed and is expected to be released on DVD sometime in 2021. 
Boy George 
Mercy Now 
World Wide DL
World-wide 1 track download single for Boy George for "Mercy Now" which is released as a separate single and is not on the forthcoming solo album "Cool Karaoke Vol.1" 
01. Mercy Now 5:45
Boy George 
What Would You Call Unreasonable  
World Wide DL
World wide 1 track download single for Boy George for "What Would You Call Unreasonable". This is his second single taken off the new forth-coming solo album "Cool Karaoke Vol.1" Music video was created by Dean Stockings who had a few of Boy Georges fans join in for the music video. 
01. What Would You Call Unreasonable 3:34
A Music video for "What Would You Call Unreasonable" Directed by Dean Stockings and features an appearance by your webmaster "Jordan Chiarulli" and "Cyber Chameleon's "Adrian Prosen"  

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