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The Twin: 2002-2008
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It is hard to write something about "The Twin". It was, for George, in a career way, so much an underground project, that we had almost to dig out to find some information. And what kind of information ? Information more like « Yesterday, The Twin made an unplanned performance at… » or « That single has been shelved » or « Apparently there is a demo for that track », « there will be a lot of remixes on the DVD ». So, it is hard to make a complete text with exact dates because there is not so much data about it…

But anyway, The Twin was not a calculated or numbered thing (even not Nine Ki !). The words who could resume the best that project are obviously : art, creation, provocation and expression. So, forget the career-wise moves for that act, if you would have dared to ask the persona about a suggestion to have success, The Twin would probably replied you one of his usual « Fuck You ! ».

Now, that maybe that this project or that this « phase » is over (but who knows ? after all, who could have believe a Jesus Loves You single in 2005 ?), we can assume that this Twin era was mainly between 2002 and 2005.

But what could have been the influences and the motivations, to put George O'Dowd to transform himself in an incarnation like The Twin ? There are many hypothesis, some about his plans musically, and others about his artistic desires and aspirations.

Musically , the musician universally known as Boy George have of course always been into many areas of all kind of music. Few pop singers had adventures into reggae, dub, dance, jazz, acid-house, classical torch songs, glam rock, acoustic authentic songs and many other kinds of experimentation. But few would have predict in 1983 that this man would be into edgier electronic styles like electronica twenty years later.

Being a huge music fan, loving all musical styles, a project involving no musical barriers was probably very « yummy » for the man. And so he did, more than before, collaborate with very different acts such as Roland Faber (aka Kinky Roland) also known in electroclash productions as « The Replicant », Taboo co-writer Kevan Frost, the later's brother, Matt Frost, member of Dark Globe and who had also contributed even with Culture Club, long-time collaborator (almost 20 years) and sometimes drummer Richie Stevens (aka Drumhead from Dubversive), Alex Marsh and David Davis (known together as supalaska), collaborating with many others and even duetting with some very young acts like Avenue D, The Droyds and C33X.

 Artistically speaking, we are talking of a man who has often very outspoken and more than honest into his works, even putting his own sexuality in his texts since about ten years. But it went foward with The Twin. So, in a lyrical way, The Twin was, for George, an opportunity to sing (or to scream in some songs !) the things that could not come from the mouth of Boy George. So, no politically correct things for The Twin. Free and total expression was one of the main purposes of the project.

In that way of seeing things, we could assume that one of the first incarnations of The Twin was in the form of The Real Feminem. Yes, musically, it was a secret collaboration with the guys from Dark Globe (fresh from creating Auto-Erotic) and some other friends. Musically, it was the first track in which we cannot really hear Boy George sings but we can just hear a voice rapping adn shouting, sometimes in a theatrical way. Lyrically, it was very provocating and probably a disturbing affair for many ears, even die-hard Boy George fans. That pattern was used many time in the following years, as The Twin.

There are other similarities between The Real Feminem and The Twin. For the release of the track, it was first aired on the web (maybe at the demand of the artist) and released strictly on a very-limited vinyl-only release. So, forget the commercial desires here. No appearance of the Boy George name anywhere. Also, using a pseudonym as the artist name (although we had seen that in some events (Jesus Loves You, Shallow or Dubversive)

Lyrically also, it was a reaction to a very popular rapper at that time, Eminem. His comments and songs against homosexuals shocked many persons including George O'Dowd. So – in a twisting way – the artist replied to the rapper by some anti-homophobic messages and in reaction to the anti-gays, lyrics that were not just pro-gays but sometimes very-gay, in an sometimes aggressive way. That parody was not as original as The Twin proper recordings, but it was a kind of preface.

Another track that could be associated to Pre-Twin is Radio One. Realizing that his singing-career was blocked in the UK by a boycott by the principal radio of the country, George made a statement-song against the radio channel, proclaiming that someone should burn the building. In that song revealing things that should not be said (another Twin move), a desire for provocation could be perceived. Another « Twin » sign : that track was put on the web and George did announce that an electro remix will be coming very soon (of course, one of the many many shelved and unreleased ideas of The Twin). That track was also released in September 2002 with another pseudonym, The Hampstead Bowie Clone, inspired by bad-mouthed critics to himself. An humoring touch that was found in some Twin-related things.

So, doing that track, George knew his situation commercially. Knowing that, he was now free to do what he wanted, no major media would play him anyway. So, the way for The Twin was clearer… Also, we knew that George was a little more in electronic music than just the dancing music he was playing in his DJ sets... Not just dance-oriented like unreleased tracks at that time that were some collaborations, like You're Not The One with Kinky Roland, When The User Becomes The Loser, with T-Total, Poverty with Hi-Gate ,Who Am I Today, with Eric Morrillo or an unknown track with a band called Sounds From The Ground.

Another way to know that George was into electronic music, especially in electro-clash, an exploding genre in 2001-2002, was his weekly columns in the Daily Express. In some articles, he was showing the great sides of that emergent scene, including the clubs related to it (and we know how much the Nag Nag Nag venue did influence The Twin). Also, George did mention his admiration for such new artists like the group Fischerspooner and especially a girl who called herself Peaches, making addicted-electro mixed with punk attitude and nasty lyrics. If you dig a little that Canadian singer, you will find that in many aspects, The Twin is a masculine version of Peaches.

We also knew that there was recording sessions with George and Adam Sky (also known as Adamski). George said that one of the session went well and : « sounds like Bowie meets Al Green. How's that for a hybrid.» Only God (or G.O'D. !) knows how much tracks were produced in that session and in the entire Twin era, but the only track issued from that period, Don't Go Dragging Me Down, which was issued on a Nag Nag Nag promo cd, and performed with Adam Sky on October 9, 2002. Many fans had the chance to hear it first when George gave the track as a Christmas gift to the fans via the 100 % Boy site, which was probably the most popular George site at the time. One of George's first public comments about The Twin were found on the trustthedj. com site, where George was more involved in 2002. Here are the integral comments while presenting excerpts of Here Come The Girls and Electro Hetero (original versions)

 : « Last week I played at Nag under my Twin guide, with two members of my favorite girl group C33X [Oscar Wilde's prison number]. Becca played guitar and Cheska doubled up as my Kiki Dee on acid. The track 'Here Come The Girls' [below] is sung partly in German and was put together by my chum Kinky Rowland, under his guide of 'The Replicant'.

 'The Twin' is part me and part Leigh Bowery and will be more performance art in it's aspirations. This new guise allows me the freedom to hide behind copious quantities of make-up and to say stuff that wouldn't fit into my solo work or Culture Club get-togethers. and I am working on a handful of tracks to make up the first Twin EP, to be released soon. Other tracks recorded are 'Electro Hetero' , 'Nothing', and 'Bad At Maths'. With love, The Twin x x x »

Now, the story was more official for many of us. Now there was some explanations. Some tracks were named, including the mythical Bad At Maths (that a lot of us have never heard yet, if it is not a track that changed it's name…) We could understand what the goal was for George. We could understand his love for new musical acts. And of course, there was talk of an ep that could be released (If we knew then that the first vinyl would be out a year later, and the Yum Yum cd, more than 27 months later !). Then, we did not know yet that some fans would be disturbed by those edgy soundings, that some other fans would be crying by the lack of his « regular voice » and that some others would be just fascinated again !

Of course, the last influence that we could add here was one influence for the style and the attitude : Leigh Bowery, which George was doing time to time in the London production of Taboo that year. Incarnating a role for the first time, George found some unexpected freedom and pleasures… George could do a show with Taboo, keep his costume and go directly to a club, doing his new tracks, under his new disguise and with the Twin as a new guise. (Most of The Twin's make up was done by George's friend Christine Bateman, the sister of Nicola Bowery (and then future house-mate)). In fact, especially in some Twin performance, George used some of Leigh's classic phrases and even his accent. A text about the beginning of The Twin could not have been complete without Leigh Bowery of course.

In another attempt to put art in front of that project, another George's friend, Mike Nichols, put together video footage that could be used for some of the Twin performances and possibly on the future DVD, which was first mentioned in a press sheet for October 2002, right after the last of the four limited 7 inches singles. Let's not forget that those performances were in small venues, often clubs. It is another era when George did find some « club credibility » without mass appeal, just like around 82 with White Boy, or around 89-90 with Jesus Loves You and More Protein) So, that was, even if it was a little hard, the genesis of our secret phenomenon, The Twin. We could write another text about what happened when it was in it's peak, and another one about the slow and quiet ending of that « phase » if we can call it that way… I cannot assume anything 100 % sure here, I just tried to do my best in an humble way.



More Protein press release for The Twin.
In the summer of 2003 More Protein released a single release date press sheet. It featured the original release dates for all 4 Twin singles. In order by release.
Here Come The Girls  w/ C33x       
A - Replicant Mix -
B - Supalaska Mix -
Electro Hetero
A - Original Mix -
B - Replicant Mix -
A - Dubversive Mix -
B - Replicant Mix -
A - Droids Mix-
B - God Made Me Hardcore -   
The debut single from The Twin.........
Bell from More Protein had used Speedometer to design the artwork for The Twin singles picture sleeves. They created a total of (8) covers. Four covers were used for the commercial "Home Use Only" and released as a special limited edition. The other (4) covers were issued for Promo Use Only  (AP) "Associated Press" that were also created in different picture sleeves with some unique artwork. Boy George fans find these 7' sleeves extremely scarce and hard to come by because on 10 were made total for each release.  
More Protein had only pressed (10) copies per single for promotional use only. The first (3) Twin singles were numbered issued by hand written by a silver marker with an limited edition pressing of 500 copies. The last and final The Twin single was issued to a 520 limited edition pressing.
Here Come The Girls
The Twin
UK 7" ( AP promo limited edition pressing with only 10 copies in existence)
Features girl group C33x who were on tour with "The Twin" during the release for "Here Come The Girls". C33x are known as Becca & Cheska Grover sisters. Here Come The Girls was inspired by a night out at club Nag, Nag, Nag! 
A -  Here Come The Girls (Replicant Remix) (4:37)  
B -  Here Come The Girls (SupaLaska Remix) (4:28) 

UK 7" 

01. Here Come The Girls (Replicant Mix)
02. Here Come The Girls (Supalaska Mix)

The More Protein office also had a (2) track promo only cd-r for The Twin for Here Come The Girls with a unique picture sleeve. This is a promo only   
Here Come The Girls ( Promo Only Cd-r) 2 tracks
01. Here Come The Girls - Replicant Original Mix
02. Here Come The Girls - Supalaska Filthy Mix
01. Here Come The Girls (Replicant Mix)
02. Here Come The Girls (Supalaska Mix)
Electro Hetero
The second single from The Twin was Electro Hetero. An inspiration for this ditty number was from a fabulous one night stand George encounter from a guy named Roderick from Clapham England. Some of the the lyrics to Electro Hetero were taking from an *original postcard* marked from Leigh Bowery to his Wife. This postcard reading scene can be viewed on the new DVD "The Legend of Leigh Bowery."
A -  Electro Hetero (Original Mix) (4:31)
B -  Electro Hetero (Replicant Mix) (4:19)   
UK 7" Picture Sleeve 
A- Electro Hetero (original Mix) (4:31)
B- Electro Hetero (Replicant Mix) (4:19)  
The third single release from the Twin was Sanitised.
A Sanitised (Dubversive Mix) (4:56) Feat Mr. Spee 
B Sanitised (Replicant Mix) (4:57) 

UK 7' single 

A Sanitised (Dubversive Mix) (4:56)
B Sanitised (Replicant Mix) (4:57)

UK CDR Promo Sanitised was also released on promo cdr single for the 12' re mixes. Included the following remixes 
A1 Sanitised (Kinky Roland Remix) (7:05) 
A2 Sanitised (Frosty Boy Remix) (6:48) 
B1 Sanitised (T-Total Remix) (7:05) 
B2 Sanitised (DJ SupaLaska Remix) (5:46) 

Here is the 12' format for the Sanitised remixes.
A1 Sanitised (Kinky Roland Remix) (7:05) 
A2 Sanitised (Frosty Boy Remix) (6:48) 
B1 Sanitised (T-Total Remix) (7:05) 

B2 Sanitised (DJ SupaLaska Remix) (5:46)

UK 12" Promo 

The CDR for Sanitised was also issued on promo. Contained two tracks
1. Sanitised (Dubversive) 4:56
2. Sanitised (Replicant) 4:57  
Human Racing 
The last Twin single released was Human Racing, however this single was not to be released. The original release was to be "Nothing" with the (B) side "God Made Me Hardcore".
Human Racing was also featured on the Twin promo only DVD as a demo media file.
Here is the promo UK 7" for Human Racing.
 photo HUMAN_zps9c975fcc.jpg
A Human Racing (SupaLaska Remix) (4:00) 
B Human Racing (Replicant Remix) (4:55)

Human Racing UK 7" single.

 A Human Racing (SupaLaska Remix) (4:00) 
 B Human Racing (Replicant Remix) (4:55)  
Yum Yum
Released on May 26, 2006 on (i-tunes) worldwide. Yum Yum was The Twins debut album. This album features all four Twin singles, including the duet w Avenue D on "Fire Desire'. The original track listing for Yum Yum was changed back in 2004.  Here are the actual original track listings for Yum Yum.
1. Here Cum The Girls Part 2
2. Yum Yum
3. Never Over You
4. Disco Ugly
5. Size Queen
6. Human Racing
7. So Much Love
8. Sanitised
9. Fire-Desire Featuring - Avenue D
10. Tea with the Guru in Dalston 
11. Who Made U?
12. Electro Hetero 
13. After Dark
Then a slightly different change was made taking off "Tea With The Guru In Dalston" and replacing it with "In The Garden Of Eden".
1. Here Cum The Girls Part 2
2. Yum Yum
3. Electro Hetero
4. Disco Ugly
5. Size Queen
6. Human Racing
7. So Much Love
8. Sanitised
9. Fire-Desire Featuring - Avenue D
10. Garden Of Eden
11. Who Made U?
12. Never Over U
13. After Dark

Yum Yum

Just when you think you have it all on The Twin something else pops up, this however is the rarest The Twin memorabilia.

This Twin DVD features some very rare Twin performances. Including the following clips.
1. The Twin interview from New York
2. Here Come The Girls (Live at the ICA)
3. Electro Hetero (Live at the ICA)
4. Sorrow (Live at the ICA)
5. Nothing (Live at ICA)
6. Who Made You (Live at ICA)
7. Out Of Fashion (Music Video)
8. Radio One (Music Video live Backstage)
9. Here Come The Girls (Music Video)  

The Twin (Live at The Coral Room)
(Promo DVD)

Promo only DVD features 5 The Twin songs performed live. This was the only US performance of The Twin in America. December 7th, 2003. It was a very cold snowy night. 

1. Here Come the Girls
2. Human Racing
3. Electro Hetero
4. Size Queen
5. Who Made You

The Twin had a promo only DVD that released to a limited edition of only 12 copies.  It features 3 Twin gigs plus interviews and and a few rare mp3's.
1. The Twin intro from backstage at Taboo
2. The Twin live at The Cock performing the tracks 1) Nothing 2) Here Come The Girls 3) Children Of The Revolution.
3. The Twin Live at The ICA  performing the tarcks
 1) Here Come The Girls                
 2) Electro Hetero 
 3) Sorrow 
 4) Nothing 
 5) Who Made You
 4. The Twin Live From The Electric Ballroom with Kinky Roland and C33x background has various clips from Culture Club music videos and some movie clips of Devine. The Twin performs 
 1) Here Come The Girls 
 2) Children Of The Revolution 
 3) Disco Ugly 
 4) Electro Hetero 
 5) Human Racing
 5. Interview with The Twin and C33x and Crazy Girl
 6. Atomiser Live at The Electric Ballroom
 7. Avenue D w The Twin Part 1 Do You Think Im A Slut w Here Come The Girls LIVE
 8. Avenue D interview at Nag, Nag, Nag,
 9. The Twin B-Rude fashion shoot
 10. Music Videos 1) Radio One  2) Here Come The Girls (From Soho)   
 11. MP3 files
 1) Human Racing (Demo) 
 2) Disco Ugly 
 3) So Much Love  plays to photo shot from George with almost naked army men.       
 Running time is 98 minutes.
The Twin Promo Only CDR's
At some Twin gigs if you were lucky. George was handing out his promo cdrs that he made for The Twin. Some include some rare Twin tracks like "Children Of The Revolution" "I Don't Hate Everyone". More Protein also issued a (PROMO ONLY CDR) Like this one pictured below.
The Twin PROMO pictured above, was a 9 track CDR called *The Twin* and it is an original mastered CDR.The tracks on this are as follows. 
1) Here Come The Girls - Replicant Mix  (4:37) 
2) Electro Hetero - Original Mix  (4:31)
3) Sanitised - Dubvesive Mix (4:56) 
4) Human Racing - Supalaska Mix (4:00) 
5) Nothing - Droyds Mix ( 5:50)
6) Ugly - Replicant Mix (4:31)
7) Sorrow - Replicant Mix (5:26)
(Promo videos)
8) Here Come The Girls - (Music Video) Directed By Michael Nichols
9) Electro Hetero (Rough Cut) Live @ICA  August 7th 2003

There were a few "The Twin" promo CDR given out at a few Twin gigs one other is called ...."The Twin'  and has gold and blue glittery stars glued to the cover.
1)  Here Come The Girls (Replicant Mix)  (4:37)
2)  Here Come The Girls (Supalaska Mix) (4:28)   
3)  Electro Hetero (Original Mix) (4:31)
4)  Electro Hetero (Replicant Mix) (4:19)
5)  Sanitised (Dubversive Mix) (4:56)
6)  Sanitised (Replicant Mix)  (4:57)
7)  Sorrow (Replicant Mix)  (5:26)
8)  Electro Goth aka Who Made You Instrumnetal (Replicant Instrumental)  (3:17)
9)  I Don't Hate Everyone (Replicant Mix)  (5:14)
 Anothe "The Twin PROMO CDR" that featured 9 tracks by The Twin
1) Here Come The Girls (Supalaska Mix) 4:28
2) Electro Hetero (Original Mix) 4:31 
3) Sanitised (Dubversive Mix) 4:56
4) Human Racing (Replicant Mix) 4:55
5) Children Of The Revoulution  3:55
6) Sorrow (Replicant Mix) 5:26
7) Nothing (Supalaska Mix) 3:07
8) Electro Goth aka  Who Made You (Instrumental) (Replicant Instrumental ) 3:17
9) I Don't Hate Everyone (Replicant Mix ) 5:14

Made to Measure
(Promo Only CDR) 
UK CDR Made To Measure was a limited edition promo cdr that was sent out by More Protein in 2003. It was limited to 40 numbered copies. It has all (4) singles A & B sides of the first 4 Twin singles. There were three different pressings with different color measuring tapes in Red, Blue and Green. Tracks are as follows.
(Made to Measure Blue)
(Made to Measure Red) 
(Made to Measure Green) 
1)  Here Come The Girls (Replicant Mix)  (4:37)
2)  Here Come The Girls (Supalaska Mix) (4:28)   
3)  Electro Hetero (Original Mix) (4:31)
4)  Electro Hetero (Replicant Mix) (4:19)
5)  Sanitised (Dubversive Mix) (4:56)
6)  Sanitised (Replicant Mix)  (4:57)
7) Human Racing (Supalaska Mix) (4:00)
8) Human Racing  (Replicant Mix) (4:55) 
Manhattan Heat

The erotic video clip that every Twin fan is talking about!  Now catch this promo VIDEO clip used to promote the erotic film for "Manhattan Heat"  by "Lucas Films". This is where this Twin track was used in this erotic X-rated clip. Just remember, you were all warned. This may shock some of you. But like the Boy George song it's the same thing in reverse, nothing better nothing worse. Click the link below to see this 1:06 clip used for "Here come the girls" This is X-rated. From Manhattan Heat. 


Albums that The Twin appear on 
UK CD features The Twin "Here Come The Girls" first time The Twin was featured on a compilation album.
Album Kash Point Features an Edited version of Here Come The Girls.  
  1.  Doris Alloy London Broil (3:33) 
  2.  Cantankerous Aka Mc Kinky Night Shift (3:16)
  3.  Kyle Zeto Screaming Donut (3:31) 
  4.  Viktor Dreamy Eyes (2:04)
  5.  White Sport, The Scag Lover (3:05)
  6.  Kino Blah Blah Blah (3:33) 
  7.  Syntax & Turbo Blut Es Im Schoe Featuring  Simon Bookish (3:53) 
  8.  Lil Richard Rainbow (3:26) 
  9.  Baxendale I Built This City (Radio Edit) (3:58)
  10.  The Twin, Introducing C33X Here Come The Girls (3:53)
  11.  Replicant Drama Addict Featuring  Princess Julia  (3:06)
  12.  Superstüdio Fashion Kills (3:29)
  13.  Silence Is Sexy Pioneer 10 (3:16)
  14.  Breakfastaz, The London's Burning (3:42)
  15.  Bishi Uniform & Armour (3:49) 
  16.  Menthol Useless Riff (2:34)
  17.  Most, The (2) Alco-Pop (1:55) 
  18.  DJ Hair Explosion Speak Easy (Mixed Live @ Kash Point) (3:15)

Avenue D:
(CD Album)
UK CD album features The Twin track "Fire Desire". This is an extended version to the song and only on this CD release. 

1. You Love This Ass (6:24) 
2. R2F (Avenue D vs. Fluffy Target) (4:47) Featuring - Fluffy Target
3. Fire, Desire (4:38) Featuring - Boy George aka The Twin Producer - 
4. Just Keep Dancing (3:24) 
5. Stick It In!!! (Punx Soundcheck Remix) (4:34) 

(Compilation Album) 
UK CD Limited edition of 100 numbered copies. Track 6 featured artist listed as "Boy George as The Twin" on release.
This album was initially planned for a release on Beautycase-Records in 2005 but remained unreleased until 2017.
1 Dial Up 04:22
2 X-Posed 05:26
3 The Return Of The Mighty Machine 05:19
4 Self Control 03:40
5 Chant 64 05:10
6 Never Over You 05:29
7 Forbidden 04:41
8 Drama Addict 04:51
9 Ice Cream 05:20
10 Passenger 04:32
11 Fur 05:01
12 Blow 05:01
13 Ritz Chip 04:33
Did you know?
The Twin in 2008 Performed at Nag Nag Nag for the last night of being opened, Featured recently on the "Living with  Boy George" documentary songs that were performed were "Teenage Rampage" and "Turn 2 Dust" WOW!

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