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Boy George practically invented the music video. Since his debut video clip with Culture Club in 1982 for “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”, Boy George has penetrated pop music with unforgettable, controversial and iconic music videos. There are enough posts that (rightfully) sing the praises of Culture Club's best music videos, like the heart felt like being at home with the defying “Time (Clock Of The Heart)” and the beautiful “Victims” music video. However, where is the love for Boy George’s solo music videos that aren’t as well-known? These 20 videos, which span 30 years of Boy George’s career, these are just some of his little-hidden gems that deserve applause. Some are funky (“Coming Home”), some are sexy (“Don't Cry”) and some are downright bizarre (“You Are My Heroin”) Let’s feel it, feel it shall we?

# 20 Somebody to Love Me (2012)

The clip basically shows a (simulated) home video depicting Boy George back in the day and the naivety, fun and level of fame he achieved at a young age (he is played by Diane Kruger in the clip). The lyrics to the song are a contrast to that- he is singing about how lonely he is now and how he lost so much due to his fame.

# 19 Generations Of  Love (1990)

The video, filmed in and around Soho’s dark porn cinemas and garish amusement arcades, depicted a clutch of post-Taboo club legends at the height of their powers, including George and fashion icon Leigh Bowery as trans hookers and dearly-departed DJ legend Tallulah as a sleazy trick.

#18 Coming Home (2013) 

The latest single from Dharma Protocol feat artist Boy George 'Coming Home' - this music video was filmed on the Epping Ongar Railway. The music video has a great story with a mystery of who's done it and who's who with a clue the killer that's on board with them. Can you guess who the killer is? With many views you will be trying to guess to who it is on the railway.

#17 Run (2002) 

Very rare and never officially released, does not feature Sash being chased around the city of Barcelona instead, we are alone with Boy George in London in his high rise condo. This music video George is featured wearing two completely different outfits with the video having a a totally different story and ending than the original video! At the time of this video George was dating Julian a lost Boy! Take a look !

#16 Out Of Fashion (2003)

Directed by Mike Nichols, features some back stage moments from Taboo. The video is a story about a runway model who is sporting FUR coats and the protesters are outrage. It also portrays about two young gay guys  sharing an afternoon together. Georges make up is way beyond superb.    

#15 Sold (1987) 

With many extras in this video its such an entertaining music video from Boy George. With bombs and exploded buildings and signs going off everywhere it makes you feel like this is like a Michael Jackson music video. One of Georges best! The video plays with the riots from South Africa from 1987 from at the time P.W Botha was in charge.   

No. 14  Sweet Toxic Love (1992) 

The last and final music video from Georges "Jesus Loves You" days was for "Sweet Toxic Love'. The video features George walking around a hotel and going up and down a staircase with many different rooms in which people are showing there toxic love for one another.  

#13 Don't Cry (1988)

The video’s plot here is a little more complex. George is seen singing with an old 1940's microphone looking sexy as ever telling the story about a love affair that has all gone sour, signifying the end of the romance. 

#12 Nice & Slow (2014)

Music video for "Nice & Slow" was also filmed in George home. Here we have George wearing high heels and carrying around a handbag. Watch out he is wearing his diamond jeweled hat !! 

# 11 Happy (2012) 

A great video that makes you want to get up and dance. This was the last music video George is featured cleaned shaven before he strutted his beard in 2013. 

# 10 I Don't Love You (That Way) (2014) 

Another Great video and song which should have been on the album "This Is What I Do". Watch this closely because you might miss when Boy George sheds a tear for us.

# 09 Love Is Leaving (1996)

A fantastic music video from Boy George from 1996 for "Love Is Leaving" tells the story about two people falling in/out of love. An extended version for this video was also made. 

# 08 Love And Danger (2013)

A very brilliant unofficial music video for the second single off "This Is What I Do" was for "Love & Danger" George liked the video so much he made it official.  

No.7 To Be Reborn (1987)

A beautiful music video by Jean-Baptise Mondino. It opens up like a storybook telling a story about being reborn again. The music video was then copied from "Madonna" for "This Use To Be My Playground" George said as a joke "This use to be my video". Fan favorite. View it now in HD. A Boy George Fever exclusive.

# 06 The Crying Game (1992) 

Boy George is featured up close and tilted at different angles in this simple, electric clip. His black Mia Farrow ’do need a comeback! 

# 05 You Are My Heroin (1988)

Boy George's weirdest video to date, “You Are My Heroin” plays out like a psychedelic–and at times downright disturbing– the dream. Featuring bizarre images of bugs, snakes, spiders, worms,  and the infamous eyes -as-mouths 

Video art by French artist Kiki Picasso (real name Christian Chapiron). First aired in December 1988.

# 04 Love Is Bigger Than War (2016) 

A funky fun clip to an unreleased version of Boy George's 'Bigger Than War' which George Clinton rearranged and had a funk breakdown all over. This is from the yet to be released 'This Is What I Dub Vol One'.

# 03 My God (2013)

The music video for "My God" was filmed in Boy Georges home and directed by Dean Stockings. Features many costume changes from the Boy! George is featured wearing the blue coat from the album "This Is What I Do" 

# 02 Turn 2 Dust (2011) 

Filmed at The Lightbox in London was the music video for "Turn To Dust" a very lavish video for Boy George where he is dancing and showing off his dance moves for us.  

#01 King Of Everything (2013) 

The "King Of Everything" music video tells the story about 3 people, a boxer, a model, and an artist. The video features George in an old boxing ring a place where his brother Gerald use to box and so did George's father. 

The video starts with a boxer who is seen practicing every day to become a champ.

We are next move onto his wife and child where the boxer is trying to come clean with his wife who is arguing every day. 

He passes an artist on the street who is carrying a King's crown that he made ready to show at his art show.

We next see a model who did not win the trophy as No.1 model, she is seen crying her eyes out over the bridge in tears of her loss. 

The video ends up with the boxer mum paying him a visit who is delighted to see him. This music video has had over 3 and half million views on youtube alone.    

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