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Catch The Falling Records Game
Can you help this Elf ?

It's Christmas Eve and a die hard Boy George & Culture Club fan wants some really rare Boy George & Culture Club records for Christmas. Can you help this troubled Elf catch the gifts for this fan?

This is a fun game I made for you crazy fans. The holidays are here once again and to get into the spirit of Christmas I decided to create this game for you. 

Directions: You must click on the Click to help Christmas ball on the tree to start the game. Use your mouse to scroll over the elf to move him back and forth to catch the gifts. When you first hit the orange ball the game begins. You better have your wagon ready because Santa Clause starts throwing the gifts down the chimney fast. 

How to Win. You must catch all 20 gifts. The game gets faster & faster once you catch your first sack of 20 gifts the game moves on to an even faster round.  There is a total of 5 rounds.  Also added is a Mp3 of Boy George from the Don't Mind If I Do interview CD of him Wishing You a Merry Christmas. Enjoy Have a great time.    

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year !

Love Your Web Master 

Jordan Chiarulli



I Just Wanna Be Loved at Xmas MP3

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