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News letter > Boy George Fever Is back ! 2021
Boy George Fever Is back ! 2021

Jan 18, 2021

Hello Everyone!
This is our first newsletter for the new year!

We are back yet for another fantastic year! As you know Boy George is always surprising us with new songs and new singles. In fact just last week George presented us a preview of his new album "Cool Karaoke" which is due out later next month! In the meantime expect the new music video for "What Would You Call Unreasonable" " being directed by "Dean Stockings" and will feature many of Georges's fans singing like doing "Karaoke". Hope to see some of you in the video. I for one am extremely excited to see. Another new single coming out will be for "I Feel Like I Won The Lottery" which is scheduled next.

Filming for George's new movie is also starting this year as per George's manager PK told everyone on Instagram last week.

Just been receiving many emails from you all about the website being viewed able on mobile. You can view the site by mobile just make sure you are using google chrome as your web browser for support.

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