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Discography Page Part 11

Feb 23, 2021

An update to Boy George Fever!
Hello Everyone!
It's great to be emailing you all with the latest update on the website, We've just added the long-awaited Discography Page which is part 11 of the growing releases from George & Culture Club. This page is filled with the latest releases up to W"What Would You Call Unreasonable"

The lyrics page added more lyrics scans for "Do you really want to hurt me", "Karma Chameleon" and Marilyn's "Calling Your Name". Helen Terry's "Love Lies Lost".

Record ads have slightly updated with some very cool record ads from the UK, Germany, and Australia and a very cool one for Move Away from the USA. Check out the page you do want to miss out on seeing them.

The delay with the Top 39 Culture Club song should be out next month.
We are all very much excited for the release of Boy Georges new solo album "Cool Karaoke Volume 1"

Until next time
KEEP the Culture
Jordan xoxoxo

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