October 4, 2018 @ 8:28 PM

Boy George & Culture Club lit up The Late Late Show on Thursday night (Oct. 4) with a moving performance of “Life” from their upcoming album of the same name, which is due out on Oct. 26.   

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The set resembled a church, with flickering candles, stained glass windows and a vibrant gospel choir in colorful robes backing up the '80s pop icons. George wore a white fedora and matching fringed jacket, which contrasted the choir’s neon robes and his band's dark outfits.   
“There’s a train at the station that’s ready to leave/ And a perfect future just made for me,” George sang in a soulful croon, setting a heartening tone for the performance as the choir hummed behind him.   
The stained glass windows shifted from dark colors to more vivid greens and yellows as the band transitioned to the chorus. “You give me hope/ When I wake up/ To lift my head high/ And take what’s mine/ We look for laughter in the madness/ You give me hope/ And you give me life,” George sang as he captivated the room.
The song concluded with the entire venue clapping their hands along with the choir as George smiled and took a bow.
The pop pioneers’ first studio album since 1999, Life, is out in a few weeks and George recently told Billboard, "I just feel that we've made an album that we've been trying to make maybe since (1983's quadruple-platinum) Colour By Numbers. It's funny when you say it sounds very Culture Club; We do often say that about tracks. But it just feels looser. It's very catchy. The songs are really strong, really melodic. It just has an ease about it that I really like."
Watch the band's uplifting Late Late Show performance below.