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Let's face it being a huge Boy George & Culture Club fan you bound to have a favorite cover that you go to every now and then don't you? We have just recently been given "Where Are We Now?" one of David Bowie's classics just recently covered by "The Twin" a few months ago. It's is beyond words. I sat there gobsmacked thinking how wonderful George sounded on this. I say its time to dust off the back catalog and find the covers that Boy George has covered. It's alot to be found but so worth the read. Please, note all the covers that are listed here are from the actual studio recordings, some were in demo form. Over the last decade, Boy George has covered many songs live including Prince's "Purple Rain" David Bowie's "Let's Dance" and Wham's "I'm Your Man" 

The 80's 1980-1989 This decade George and the boys did very few covers when Culture Club formed. It was later in the 1980s, in 1987 George decided to give it a go! He had a No.1 with "Everything I Own" a cover of the old Bread 1972 track.       

My Funny Valentine, Frank Sinatra, 1983
Melting Pot, 1984, Blue Mink
Fire Boy Meets His Match, Kipp Lennon, 1986 
All Prayers Answered, Kipp Lennon, 1986
Everything I Own, 1987, Bread- Went to No.1 in over 5 countries. 
Little Ghost, 1987, Max 
Let It Be, The Beatles, 1987 
What's Going On, Marvin Gay, 1987 
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted, 1988, Jimmy Ruffin

The 90's-1990-1999 Boy George had a huge come back with a cover hit from Dave Perry with 'The Crying Game" in spring of 1993. This scored him his second No.1 in Canada as a solo artist and became his second solo Top 40 US hit at No.15 on the Billboard Hot 100! 
I Have A Dream (I Believe In Angles) Feat Asha Bhosle, ABBA, 1991 
You Can't Always Get What You Want, The Rolling Stones, 1991
My Sweet Lord, 1992, George Harrison
The Crying Game, 1993, Dave Berry - Went to No.1 in Canada and Top US Top 20
Funtime, 1995, Iggy Pop
Dream, Change And Aska, 1995
Try Not To Be Afraid, Andrew Lyod Weber, 1995
These Boots Are Made for Walkin', 1995, Nancy Sinatra
Get It On, 1996, T. Rex
Police and Thieves Dubversive featuring Boy George, 1998, Junior Murvin
Suffragette City,  1999, David Bowie
Bad Girl James Hardway with Amanda Ghost featuring Boy George, 1999, Madonna
Starman, 1999, David Bowie
Voulez Vous, 1999, ABBA

In the '00s (Nuggies)  2000-2009  Boy George & Culture Club had a collection of covers from "Somebody To Love" to "I Can't Stand The Rain".
In the Ghetto Apache Indian feat. Boy George, 2000, Elvis Presley 
Crystal Blue Persuasion, 2002 Tommy James & The Shondells
Happy Christmas, War Is Over George & Antony2005, John Lennon
Somebody To Love, Jefferson Airplane, 2002
Love Is A Stranger, The Eurythmics, 2002
Sorrow, David Bowie, 2002
I Can't Stand The Rain, Ann Peebles, 2002 
I Think Its Going To Rain, Nina Simone, 2002
In My Life, The Beatles, 2002
Children Of The Revolution, T- Rex, 2002 
White Christmas, Bing, Crosby, 2009
J'Ai Toujours Porté Bonheur Aux Hommes (I Have Always Brought Luck To Men), Regine, 2009
In the teens 10's 2010 -2019 Boy George will be featured with an Italian cover of "Nel Sole" by Al Bano to the classic cover "Video Games" by Lana Del Ray.
River Man, The Nigel Kennedy Quintet ft. Boy George, Nick Drake, 2010
Go Your Own Way, Fleetwood Mac, 2011
I Don't Want to See Myself (Without You) Terry Callier, 2011
Nel Sole, Al Bano, 2012
Io Che Non Vivo , Al Bano, 2012 
I Wanna Be Your Dog B.E.F. featuring Boy George, The Stooges, 2013
Makeup B.E.F. featuring Boy George, Lou Reed, 2013
Death of Samantha, Yoko Ono, 2013
Video Games, Lana Del Ray, 2013,
Make You Feel My Love, Bob Dylan, 2013
It Ain't Me Babe, Bob Dylan, 2013 
Down by the Riverside, Fisk University Jubilee Singers, 2009
Christopher Street - Brian Kennedy, 2016
Girl's (Boy's) Just Wanna Have Fun -Cyndi Lauper, 2017 
YMCA - The Village People, 2017 
Viva La Vegas, Elvis Presley, 2018 
Where Are We Now, David Bowie,  2019