August 30, 2018 @ 7:35 PM · #lifetour2018

Boy George and Culture Club share their inspiring official music video for “Let Somebody Love You,” This is Culture Club's first single from the band’s highly anticipated new album "Life". The music video for "Let Somebody Love You was directed by Howard Greenhalgh, the video presents Boy George’s take on a Speaker’s Corner, turning protesting on its head with the message to “talk about the things that you love rather than the things that you hate.” Boy George and Culture Club will release their first album in twenty years, Life on October 26, after embarking on an impressive U.S. tour, performing for over 500,000 people across the country to critical acclaim. The Life Tour will continue in the U.K. and Europe, kicking off on November 9 in Nottingham through December 5 in Berlin.“Let Somebody Love You”. The video showcases the band’s universal message of love and acceptance, heightened by signature reggae influences.

Speaking in video from behind the scenes of the video shoot, he said: "Well the video is a celebration of protesting but it's like turning protesting on its head. Rather than protesting and complaining, we're gonna be angry but in a productive way so the idea for the video for 'Let Somebody Love You' is to say why don't you actually talk about things you love than talk about things you hate. Go and hold up a banner that says something really positive, tweet that talk about music that excites you don't talk about things you don't like cos you kind of give it oxygen."

The director of the video, Howard Greenhalgh, reveals that Boy George was the brains behind the promo - and that working with the band was like hanging out with "mates down the pub".
He said: "The idea for this came from a phone call with George and he got talking about speaker's corner so it's quite simple we said let's do speakers corner like you've never seen speakers corner. That's it that's just the arc of it form George arriving there setting up his little talking point, like a magnet he draws everybody in and then even stuff that we never planned is happening. These guys are great it's just like your mates down the pub you feel like you've known them for ages and George and the boys they're talking to all the people and I think that that's really created a great vibe so it certainly makes my job a hell of a lot easier."